Foods For Hair Growth (Grow Hair Faster With Foods)

This article will tell you about various foods for hair growth. In today’s world, our diet and lifestyle have changed so severely that beauty and health have become constant points of worry. Skin and hair problems are plenty and demand attention. This article concentrates on one of the most prominent hair related problem i.e. hair growth. Not a many people know that eating healthy can also speed up hair growth. In this article, we will discuss the foods to speed up hair growth naturally.

We have a number of chemical products and creams, but all are a waste of time and money. Proper diet and nutrition are some factors that treat one from the inside. When you are internally good, it is reflected in your external appearance. So, it is really important to eat healthy in order to make your hair appear more beautiful and healthy. To care for your hair inside and out, eat a healthy and balanced diet that is well-known to develop hair health. Eating correct foods for healthy hair is the way to go. Read the article, to grow hair faster with foods. Read this related article How to Grow Long Thick Hair? on our website.

Best Foods For Hair Growth (Speed Up Hair Growth With Foods):

1.) Green Leafy Vegetables For Hair Growth

Green leafy Vegetables are among the best foods for hair growth. Lettuce, spinach, leafy greens, broccoli, turnip greens, beans and green peppers are loaded with nutrients that help and promote hair growth. Regular consumption of Green leafy vegetables will ensure the growth of hair. It will also help strengthen the hair roots. Green leafy vegetables diminish hair fall very efficiently.

foods for hair growth

2.) Sprouts For Hair Growth

Sprouts are counted among the most effective foods for hair growth. Green gram sprout is the best one for the hair growth. There are other sprouts as well that promote hair growth. These sprouts also treat the hair fall. It’s easy to prepare. In the morning, soak some green gram in water in an airtight jar. Then strain the water in the afternoon and close the box. Place the box in a dark place. Next Morning, sprouts are ready. Include it in your breakfast to get the best of it.

3.) Nuts and Dry Fruits For Hair Growth

Nuts and Dry fruits are beneficial foods for hair growth and thickness. Dates, Walnuts, Almonds, Prunes, and Fig are the best for this purpose. Dates and Figs are great sources of iron content that help promotes hair growth. Almonds are rich in nutrients that make hair stronger and shinier.

4.) Fish For Hair Growth

Fish contains nutrients like omega-3 and other fatty acids that will make hair shiny and strong while promoting hair growth and clear skin. It also helps nourish hair very well. Those who do not eat fish can take Sea cod Tablets. These supplements have a great potential. This is one of the most effective foods for hair growth.

5.) Citrus Fruit For Hair Growth

If you’re looking for healthy hair growth, then iron is an essential element. But consuming foods rich in iron is not sufficient. Iron requires vitamin C to get absorbed in the body. It makes vitamin C a vital content for hair growth. Vitamin C is a totally must for hair growth. It helps absorb the iron in our body. And, this is the reason why Vitamin C should be a part of your daily diet. Oranges contain citrus in a high amount so include oranges in your diet. This is one of the great foods for hair growth and skin care.

6.) Soy Bean For Hair Growth

Soybeans are also counted among the most beneficial foods for hair growth and skin. Soybeans have 40% of proteins and have a great content of good fats which are needed for hair growth. So, including soybean to your diet will be an additional benefit to overall health. Take 20 g of soybeans daily to promote good hair growth.

7.) Sweet Potatoes For Hair Growth

Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. It not only encourage a healthy scalp but  promotes hair growth also. But choose foods rich in beta carotene than supplementing with high doses — like over 2500 milligrams — of vitamin A from retinol. It can be very harmful to health. This is one of the beneficial remedy to get rid 0f hair loss fast and naturally.

8.) Water For Hair Growth

Water is one of the best foods for hair growth and thick hair. Yes, you need to consume it as a food to make hair grow. The hydrated system helps in better hair growth. So try drinking enough water. Moreover, add fresh juices to keep your body hydrated. One should  drink at least 7-8 glasses of water to balance your body. This not only helps you keep hydrated but also remove all the toxins from your body.

9.) Avocados For Hair Growth

Avocado is an old-age beauty secret. They are great for treating the hair problems. When directly applied to the hair and scalp, they have the added properties that stimulate elastin and collagen production. Grind an avocado to paste. Mix it with tart cream. Apply to your hair and scalp for about 10 mins. Wash it off using normal water. This helps promote hair growth fast. You can also consume it daily to allow it to work from inside. Try this food for better hair growth and general health.

10.) Flax Seeds For Hair Growth

Flax seeds are also among the most beneficial foods for hair growth naturally. Flax seeds are rich in iron and omega 3 fatty acids which support scalp health and promotes hair growth. One tablespoon of whole flax seeds includes 2.3 mg of omega 3 while 1 tablespoon of flax seeds oil offers 7.2 grams. So try including flax seeds in your meal, especially after meals. You can directly chew flax seeds as it tastes good. It is not only good for hair growth but also have health benefits, skin benefits and improves immune system as well.

11.) Eggs for Hair Growth

It’s necessary to eat eggs. One must eat at least one egg daily to get enough protein. Eggs are loaded with a Vitamin B called biotin. It also helps strong nails and boost hair growth and thickness. Lack of this protein and vitamin can be the reason behind hair loss. Other good sources of biotin are avocados, almonds and salmon. Try to have one egg daily to avoid further hair loss.

12.) Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth

Yogurt is another beneficial food for hair growth naturally. It is not only good for hair, but also helps treat several health problems as well. It is full of protein, to keep your locks strong and healthy. Greek yogurt also has an element that helps encourage blood flow to your scalp and increase hair growth fast. It’s known as vitamin B5. It also helps prevent hair thinning and loss. You may find pantothenic acid as an ingredient in your skin care and hair care product labels. So try to consume greek yogurt daily to make your hair stronger and healthy.

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