Home Remedies for Heartburn Treatment

Yes heartburn! I tell you man its not because of jealousy. It’s only because of your untimely diet habit and because of your improper sleep. Heartburn is a common problem suffered by many people. Anything that makes your night hell after a great appetite is a heart burn. It’s really hard to go through these non sleepy nights. Roaming like a network from one place to another. This heartburn not only disturbs your real life, but it also makes your loved ones pay for it. This experience is totally intolerable. Heartburn is a kind of disease which make you feel uneasy.

Heartburn can attack you at any place at any time, mainly in the middle of the night.  At the time when you go for large meals, then the stomach acids, which are known as acid reflux, goes upwards from the stomach to the heart into your esophagus, then the pain you feel is to be known as heartburn. Sometimes it is also caused during pregnancy period. Anyway for rare cases when it is worse you can take medical help or antibiotics. You  should try some of these home remedies to get instant relief. It is a type of disorder mainly occurs because of indigestion, so for this, always remember the very first step –  straight walk to your kitchen to find some easy available products to use them as a home remedy for heartburn. Read more, to know about home remedies of heartburn treatment.

Causes of Heartburn:

  • Overeating
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep disorder
  • Stress

home remedies for heartburn

Home Remedies For Heartburn Treatment:

1)Water the Best Home Remedy for Heartburn

Water always prove to be the most effective medicine than any of acid soluble medicines. So drinking water should be the first . So whenever you wake up in the night due to heartburn pain just stand up and get a glass of water. Drinking adequate water can prevent you from this heartburn. So we need to drink as much water as we can.

2) Water and Baking Soda to Heal Heartburn

You can also go for water with the mixture of one tablespoon baking soda in half glass of water. The taste of this mixture is quite annoying anyway, but I tell you it is an effective remedy. It gives you a quick relief from the pain.

3) Luke Warm Water to Cure Heartburn

Whenever you feel a little heavy  after having food. Drink some amount of lukewarm water because warm water stimulate pressure in the stomach and gives you relaxation. Lukewarm water after every meal can make you safe from this heartburn. Lukewarm water helps our digestive system to work well.

 4) Lemon Water  to Avoid Heartburn

Squeeze a half cut lemon in one glass of lukewarm water.Then you drink that mixture so that you get relief from this heartburn either you  start your day with a cup of warm water and fresh lemon juice you need to drink this after after heavy meal this will naturally balance the acid level of our body.

5) Aloe Juice and Water Remedy for Heartburn

The combination of aloe juice and water is also a beneficial remedy to deal with this problem. You need to mix them in a same proportion and drink the mixture empty stomach in the morning and also at night before sleeping, this remedy is really useful to get rid of heartburn.

6.) Take a Walk After Having a Heavy Meal

Walking is the best exercise to perform daily after your meal, it  helps you to digest your food and also keep you fit. Everyday walk after your meal, specially after dinner, and it will prevent you from heartburn.

Avoid foods that can lead to heartburn–some foods are proving like a  trigger for your heartburn. It can  differ from person to person. So here are some common food that can cause to heartburn and interrupt you in the middle of your dreams, such as drinks like colas, coffee, tea cocoa and chocolate. We must also avoid the larger intakes of ginger, onions, spicy and greasy foods and acidic foods such as tomato oriented products.

7.) Quit Smoking to Prevent Heartburn

Smoking is very dangerous when it comes to heartburn. It can set you up for terrible reflux. Smoking can  harm your digestive system and this results in the production of harmful gases which can lead to heartburn.

9.) Chew Your Food  to Avoid Heartburn

Never eat in a rush. Just start loving your food and chew it fully. Try eating smaller meals  because heavy meals put pressure on our stomach and it will lead to the formation of gaseous substance in your stomach.

9.) Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Clothes clinched tightly on stomach area can step to worsen the heart burn. If you are wearing super tight jeans or any other trousers, then it may create a problem by increasing the amount of reflux acid and it can lead to heartburn.

10.) Have a Teaspoon Of Vinegar

Taking One Tablespoon Of Vinegar can lessen the acid content of your stomach and you escapes from heart burn. Drink one tablespoon of vinegar and then drink a glads of water. This, remedy gives you relief from heartburn.

11.) Perform Little Exercise in Your Daily Life

little exercise helps you maintain your health and it has also proved to be highly beneficial in order to increase the capacity of your digestive system. So add the flavor of exercise in your daily life. This, will help you to be more active and healthy.

Common Recommendations to Get Rid of Heartburn

Be sincere about your meal timings  so watch out when you drink, watch out what you eat and also watch out how you eat. Love your body and love yourself. Don’t ever skip your breakfast. Have regular intakes of fluids and water drinking water at regular interval  keeps the acid in our body balanced.

Cases When You Need to See a Doctor To Cure Heartburn

  • When a heartburn leads to vomiting
  • When you face trouble while swallowing
  • When it doesn’t go away easily
  • Even heartburn remains after having antibiotics

Medication Can do harm in heartburn to much use of medicines or drugs cure heartburn can also damage the work capacity of your digestive system. These drugs may prove to be harmful even though it gives you quick relief from your heartburn, but some or the other way it damages your digestive system so it’s better for you to go for these natural remedies so that you can get cured in a better way.

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