Home Remedies for Pneumonia Treatment

Pneumonia is a very serious disease, do consult the doctor at a very first stage. Treatment includes medication that needs certain home remedies for pneumonia, when both are combined it will help you to heal this disease very fast.  This problem occurs when the immune system of a person, fail to defeat the bacterial infection of the lungs. This disease mainly attacks children, a research from the W.H.O says in a year, more the million children dies due to pneumonia. A person with weak immune system and old age people. It takes proper treatment  and home remedies for pneumonia to cure this disease. The Immune system is a natural guard for our body that protects it from getting different diseases.  So try to prevent this by making your immune system strong. This disease is related to respiratory system, it shows a very dominant symptom like breathing problem, shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing deeply and dust allergies. Others are coughing, headache, loss of appetite, vomiting. Regular muscel pain is also the symptoms of pneumonia. Go for the regular health check-ups after every 3 months. We have some the effective home remedies for pneumonia. Try to detect pneumonia from its symptoms at home, some of them are given below.

Pneumonia Symptoms:

  • Breathing problem, like shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing deeply. Frequent dust allergy
  • Headache, muscle and body pain
  • Frequent Cold and cough or for long duration (more than 3 weeks)
  • Sweating after a normal walk
  • Vomiting after the meal

Home Remedies for Pneumonia Treatment:

1.) Gargle to Cure Pneumonia

This practice can be done from day 1 to till it last. Gargle with a lukewarm  glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt for 4-5 times a day. This will help you to get rid of throat pain, bacterial infection and also it will give a relief from cough. It is so effective in the early days, that it can cure the problem in a week.

home remedies for pneumonia

2.) Honey and Ginger Juice to Treat Pneumonia

Honey is the best natural home remedy for pneumonia because it has an antibacterial agent and is very helpful in enhancing the immune system. Ginger with its bitter and spicy flavor will help to remove mucus from the respiratory system. Once cough and the fungal infection are cured, you are rid of pneumonia. Take 1 teaspoon of honey mix it with a spoon of ginger juice or graded ginger. Have it 4 times a day.  Specially before going to bed. This will help you to get rid of cough and bacterial infection within a week.

3.) Turmeric to Treat Pneumonia

Turmeric is the best known antibacterial agent with antiseptic property. It is the best home remedy for pneumonia. It will show a drastic change in reducing cough and breathing problem. Boil a glass of milk mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and sugar, stir it well on medium flame, boil it again and pour it in a cup and drink it like a tea.  Do it before going to bed for a week.

4.) Steam Bath to Treat Pneumonia

Steam or sauna bath will help you to reduce the cough, this will allow you to breath properly and  also it will kill the bacteria which causes infections. Try to take it for 10 minutes a day. Or the best home remedy for pneumonia is taking steam inhalation. Take hot water in a container with wide opening dip and a few drops of mint oil and cover your face with a towel to take the steam. This will allow the cough to come out of the body.

5.) Lots of Vegetables to Treat Pneumonia

Try to intake lots of vegetable this will boost the immune system. The person suffering with pneumonia  loses his or her appetite so it will develop the deficiency so go for vegetable juices. Like carrot. Beetroots, spinach, lemon, ginger.  Try this healthy and tasty juice recipe.Take 8 to 9 red carrots, 4 to 5 spinach leaves, Ginger, 1 beet roots and half lemon. Make a juice and strain it add a pinch of rock salt for a taste.

6.) Lemon or Orange Juice to Treat Pneumonia

Lemon and orange are the richest source of vitamin c that rebuild the immune system and make it stronger. It is the best home remedy for pneumonia because this also helps to kill the bacteria. Orange is also rich in vitamin C. In a juicer take 3 to 4 oranges make a juice, add a pinch of salt for a taste.

7.) Water to Treat Pneumonia

Drink lots of water.water helps to remove toxins from the body, it also helps to flush out the bacteria and impurities from the body. Take lukewarm water when suffering with pneumonia, this will also remove the cough from the body and  allow the respiratory system to work properly.

8.) Home Made Cough to Treat Pneumonia

This cough is the best home remedy for pneumonia because it will not harm the patient. It will bring out the mucus out of the body.


  • Cinnamon powder (2 tbs)
  • Cayenne pepper (a  pinch)
  • Water 150 ml
  • Honey 130 ml
  • Ginger juice (2 tbs)
  • Rosemary leaves- 2 tsp (dried)
  • Mullein leaves- 2 tsp (dried)

Method to Follow:

Take water in a saucepan, followed by all the other ingredients. Boil the mixture and then simmer until it becomes half. Remove it from the flame and strain it. Allow it to cool and take half a teaspoon at two-hour intervals.

9.) Turpentine Oil and Camphor Massage to Treat Pneumonia

Turpentine oil will help to get rid of the cough, on the other hand camphor is antibacterial that will help to kill the bacteria and reduce the infection. this massage can work magically and it is the effective home remedies for pneumonia.

10.) Cayenne Pepper to Treat Pneumonia

Cayenne pepper helps to control the release of mucus in respiratory passage and hence it is a best amongst all home remedies for pneumonia. This is one of the best home remedy for pneumonia because it will clear the respiratory system and it will allow to breath properly. Once the respiratory system starts working properly, the infection can be cured very easily.

Some Do’s and Don’t, Pneumonia Patient Should Know

  • Take rest as much as you can
  • Drink plenty of water this will reduce fungal infection in the respiratory system.
  • Include diet, which is rich in vitamin A and C
  • Take care about your hygiene, wash your hand before the meal this will protect you from further infection.
  • Always cover your mouth while you snooze, it can be spread.
  • Do  not intake any cough syrup because this does not allow the mucus to out of the body. Do not have anything, instead cough and sneeze loudly so that all the cough comes out of the chest.
  • Do not smoke when you are suffering from pneumonia.
  • Do not take chilled items like chilled water, ice-creams. It will produce more cough.
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