How to Get Rid of Flying Termites? (Winged Termites)

After writing How to get rid of ants?how to get rid fruit flies?, how to get rid of bed bugs?, and how to get rid of cockroaches?, now we are writing the best ways to get rid of flying termites or winged termites. Flying termites are normal termites, which have reached the winged stage of their life. These winged creatures are not only destructive but can also scare the shit out of you. The most common termite noticed is the flying termite. They come in groups and look much like normal termites. They go directly to light sources and will enter your home through windows or cracks. These fliers are not a normal termite but are a certain class in the termite category called breeders.

Seeing them usually means that there is a colony anywhere close. If you see them coming out from your house and moving to other locality then it’s a bad indication, that usually means your home is diseased.These breeders generally leave their colony seasonally. Spring, during the fall and warmer temperature, are their major termite attack seasons. During this time, they look for a new place to start a colony. Male and female termites will start with the mating process and also peel their wings. Peeled wings on the ground are also another indication of their existence at your place. It takes few of them to start a new colony.

How to Identify Flying Termites?

It is easy to identify flying termites but, sometimes these winged termites are confused with other flying insects. You can also mistake it with flying ants and other creepy flies. Thus, now we will tell you some of the signs that will make you identify these small flying beasts easily. These winged termites have a two-segmented body with a pair of large wings. On the other hand, ants have three segmented bodies with wings. This is the basic difference between the two. In this way, you can differentiate termites from others. If you cannot differentiate the termites from other flying insects, you simply cannot get rid of them.

Signs of Termites Infestation:

The question arises is, How can you identify that your house is infested with termites or not? If you have never encountered these creatures before, then this means that you cannot really be sure if the flying beasts around your house are really termites or not. Thus, we are going to help you with the signs and symptoms that will help you recognize a termite infestation. Termites make their colonies in your house and live there with their community. Here are the signs of a termites infestation:

  • Search for mud tubes. If you find mud tubes in your garden area and near your wooden furniture, along with flying insects, then this means that your house is infested with termites.
  • You can find the bodies of some dead termites. Identify them with their two-segmented body and a large pair of wings.
  • Sometimes you can only find the wings lying here and there. This is because of the reason that they drop their wings after mating.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Flying Termites Or Winged Termites:

1.) Use The Peppermint Spray

Peppermint oil helps to kill flying termites by suffocating them. This makes it the best natural remedy to get rid of flying termites or winged termites. You can mix peppermint oil with water and soap. It is your own natural homemade aerosol insecticide.

  • Mix one part of liquid soap with two parts water in a spray bottle.
  • Add few drops of peppermint essential oil to the bottle. Mix all the elements together.
  • Spray this solution on any flying termites you see, while they are flying or resting.
  • This is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of flying termites naturally.


2.) Use The Commercial Aerosol

The aerosol is a tried and tested method that helps in killing the flying termites naturally. There is a range of commercial bug toxins that can be utilized against termites of all types, and any ant spray should be effective against flying termite as well.

  • Take the spray and spray on termites while they are hanging around in your house.
  • Choose an aerosol type with an easy-to-direct spray.
  • Always read the label instructions to avoid accidental and potentially hazardous.


3.) Make Dish Soap Spray

This is another beneficial home remedy to get rid of flying termites naturally and fast. Dish soap on its own is efficient against winged termites since it gets attached to the termite’s bodies and dehydrates them to death.

  • To make this solution, simply dilute the dish soap with water and put it in a standard spray bottle to attack flying termites.
  • You can also fill a bottle with water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  • Mix them well so that the soap is equally distributed throughout the water.
  • Spray it on winged termites while flying or at rest when you spot them.

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4.) Make Use Of Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is very helpful in solving the various pest problems. it is a powerful pest killer. It works great against termites by dehydrating them to death. You need to arrange a perimeter around the possible food sources. If the termite steps into it or flies into it, their bodies will be sliced by the small, jagged granules. The termite will finally die after getting these wounds. The best way is when you keep it near to food source, the better the rap is. This is because of the reason that flying termites are possible to land at a spot directly next to the food than a spot further away.

  • Just sprinkle this substance everywhere possible, where termites are present.
  • You just have to sprinkle a thin layer of DE and monitor the situation.
  • It will be a slow and steady process that should be repeated in every few days.

5.) Invest In a Bug Zapper

An electric bug zapper also works great against many types of flying insects and flying termites. As these insects love light and light easily attract them and kill them if it’s a bug zapper. You can order a bug zapper through online or you can purchase it from a hardware shop. This makes it as one of the best remedies to get rid of flying termites.

  • Hang up the bug zapper at the infested area. Wait for the machine to take care of the trouble for you.
  • When hanging bug zappers, hang them in open areas, so that insects can fly into it effortlessly.
  • For better result, switch off the all lights from the inside and outside, so more insects will get attract to a bug zapper.

6.) Track Down The Nest of Flying Termites

In order to get rid of the flying termites, you need to follow them back to their nest liable for sending them out. Killing the colony of termites will give you a more long-lasting solution. If you want to kill the flying termites, you need to kill all the wingless and winged termites colony they come from.

  • All you need to do is keep a check in these pesky flies.
  • As soon as you witness a group or even a single fly, follow it. This way you will easily discover their nest.
  • Now, simply use some disinfectant or other chemical sprays to clean the area.
  • This will kill the present termites at home and the other passersby will be left with no option but to relocate.

7.) Make a Borax and Sugar Trap

Borax is an effective method to get rid of flying termites fast. It is extremely toxic to termites, and when combined with sweeteners, the termites will not notice the poisonous smell and will carry the bait food back to their colony. When the ruler and the rest of the colony have the borax they will die.

  • Mix equal parts sugar and borax. Add water to it and keep mixing it constantly until you get a paste consistency. Apply this paste to a portion of cardboard.
  • Place the cardboard in an area where termites are known to hang out.
  • Repeat the remedy for at least a week to get effective results.

8.) Use The Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners also work great to get rid of flying termites. Certain types of artificial sweeteners are really toxic to termites, yet the sweet smell is often enough to tempt them for a merry death.The artificial sweetener took by the insects and rest of the colony, ending up in their stomachs as a result they die.

  • Mix some amount of artificial sweetener with some apple juice and mix until you get a thick paste. Place it on a cardboard and place it at the infested area.
  • The termites will eat some of this paste and carry some back to the rest of the colony. Once consumed, all the population will decrease.
  • Repeat the remedy for a couple of days or a whole week to get effective results.

9.) Use The Sunlight Effectively

Termites are very vulnerable to sun-rays and actually die when they are exposed. So uncover all the infestation around your house. It is one of the most effective methods to target a particular area being exposed to direct sunlight.

  • If you have some infested furniture, keep it outside under the sun, during the hottest time of the day.
  • Following this method will help you get rid of flying termites fast that may be hiding inside the furniture or away from your eyes.

10.) Eliminating Moisture From Area

It is known that termites multiply and increase in areas that are damp and humid. Make sure that your place or the building is dry. Repair any moisture prone areas. It will also be useful by looking around your house and make sure that there is no water leakage or water pools in contact with the grounds.

  • All you need to do is simply keep your place dry and clean especially during the summers and spring time.
  • Regular cleaning is also necessary to keep these pests away.

11.) Do Some Deep Digging

Deep digging is one of the best ways to get rid of flying termites completely. This is because of the reason that the remedy targets these termites colonies and thus removes them quickly and completely.

  • Deep digging will help eliminate the underground colonies of the flying termites completely.
  • Along with digging, what else you can do is flood the soil with water.
  • Flooding the soil means the water level will increase and thus the termites will be drowned.

12.) Destroy The Wooden Mulch

Destroy all wooden mulch and you will be able to get rid of flying termites fast and naturally. Wooden mulch is often infested with termites because that is what actually attracts these pesky mites. They tend to love eating up the wooden mulch.

  • In order to eliminate them from the house completely, destroy all wooden mulch.
  • This way you will be destroying their home.
  • When they find no place to live, they will leave.

13.) Neem Oil Will Help

The method is not quick but safe and effective method to get rid of flying termites easily. Neem oil is a highly effective method to get rid of termites naturally in-house. It works as a growth regulator of the insects and wards off them to molting that will result in death. It can even make the termites stop eating as well as laying eggs.

  • Take a cotton ball and put some drops of neem oil on it.
  • Apply the oil with a cotton ball on infested furniture and some other infected area. These termites will ingest and ultimately die.
  • Keep applying the oil several times and until they vanished completely.

14.) Use Some Orange Oil

Orange oil contains d-limonene which is an active compound that kills the dry-wood termites when they come in contact. It is very effective method to get rid of termites that infested limited region. 

  • Just apply the orange oil on the surface where you find out the dry-wood termites.
  • Keep applying it for few days.
  • You can drill small holes on the infested surface and inject the oil in hollow space.

Get Rid of Flying Termites Chemically:

You can also try different chemicals to get rid of flying termites fast at home. Some of the best ways to get rid of flying termites are given below:

1.) Use The Arsenic Dust

Sprinkling trioxide is one the best ways that will help you get rid of flying termites. You can also sprinkle it on the area where these termites are found the most. When you sprinkle arsenic dust on the flying termites, they will die. When the other termites will come in contact with the dead termites, they will be killed. But, you have to be careful as there might be different laws related to the use of arsenic, according to the area where you live.

2.) Spread Some Permethrin Dust

You can also use the permethrin dust. The way of using the dust is same as the above. This dust is great for immediate effects. So, whenever you want to get rid of termites immediately then you can go for this dust. This remedy is highly beneficial if you are expecting guests at home.

3.) Use The Bio-Blast 

Bio-blast use means the use of fungus that kills the termites with fungal spore. If it does not kill them then it will affect them badly for sure. While using the chemical, you might be really careful. Extra care should be taken because these chemicals are not at all good for your health. You are advised to call a professional for this purpose. Hiring a professional is always a better option than performing it yourself.

How To Prevent Flying Termites Infestation?

Preventing the flying termites is one of the best ways to keep them away. If you are able to prevent the flying termites from infesting your house then nothing can be better. Let us discuss some of the best ways to prevent flying termites infestation:

1.) Keep Drainage and Gutter Clean

It is very important to clean all the drainage and gutter near the house. You should also make sure that they are covered as well. This is the source from where these termites enter your house. If you block their way towards your home then you will be able to keep them at bay. Also, you should cover the windows of the house with a net.

2.) Clean the Wooden Furniture

You should always keep the furniture of your house dry and clean. Make sure that they are kept in places exposed to indirect sunlight. Termites cannot stay in sunlight and thus they die. So, keep your house clean and dry. Make sure that you do not place the furniture in the moist places and choose the dry areas of the house to settle your wooden furniture.

3.) Clean Your Garden 

This is also an important way to keep termites away from the house. You are advised to keep your garden always clean and tidy. Do not let the debris like fallen leaves and twigs accumulate. Pay attention to your garden every week.

4.) The Exterior of the House

Make sure that roof and tiles of your house are not broken. Broken titles create moisture which attracts termites. Dehumidify the roof if you find any dampness. The air conditioner units create a moist environment which invites termites.

5.) Storage Units

They are a great source for inviting termites. They also get an easy access to shelves. Make sure that storage units are kept away from walls. Don’t use a wood stand, instead use a metal stand.

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