How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast, Naturally and Permanently?

After writing How to get rid of ants?how to get rid fruit flies?, how to get rid of bed bugs?, and how to get rid of fleas?, now we are writing the best remedies to get rid of cockroaches fast, naturally and permanently. Cockroach is one of the most common pest, found in the households. They generally look for the warm environment with water and food. Once a cockroach enters into the home, it will give way to roach infestation and soon your home will become the shelter for hundreds of cockroaches. Roaches are a nocturnal insect and commonly active only at the night. Therefore, people living in the house do not come to know about the presence of roaches until they find cockroach egg or their favorite things like clothes, food and papers spoiled.

In this article, we are going to tell the best remedies to get rid of cockroaches fast, naturally and permanently from your house. Cockroaches hunt for the warm, dark and moist place, therefore, wall ceilings, dust bins, water pipes, storage areas, inside the drainage system are the ideal places for them. They not only destroy our valuable articles but also have the power to spread acute diseases such as food poisoning, diarrhea and etc. To find out more about cockroaches and fast remedies to get rid of them keep reading the article.

Types of Cockroaches:

There are many types of cockroaches found in the world. Broadly they are divided into four types that are German, American, Brown-Banded and Oriental Cockroach.

  • German Cockroaches: These are the most common types of cockroaches. They are pale brown in color with dark brown stripes behind the head. Their life span is of 12 months and lay more eggs than the other species. They are commonly found in kitchen areas, storage rooms, food and bathrooms.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: These glossy dark brown creatures feed on decaying organic matter. They live up to 6 months and are capable of flight. They love to live in darkness and loves damp spots and moist areas. These creatures enter the house through sewer systems, basement windows and garages. You need professional help and good pesticides to get rid of these cockroaches.
  • American Cockroaches: These are one of the largest cockroaches that you can spot in your home. They are reddish brown in color with yellow bands behind the head. They have a life span of 2 years and both male and female can fly. You will spot them in damp areas such as kitchen, drains, sewers, laundry rooms, basements and bathrooms.
  • Brown-banded Cockroaches: These reddish brown creatures love warm and dry areas such as inside the electronics, refrigerator, television etc. They prefer to stay away from water. Their life span is of 11 months and have two yellow bands across their bodies.They enter the house through packages, furniture, clothing etc. You will generally find them in picture frames, ceilings, wood, dry indoor areas etc.

Causes that Lead to Roach Infestation:

  • Unhygienic environment, food falling out of the dustbins, and cracks in drain pipes. They can also enter through small crevices.
  • Cockroaches multiply at a very fast rate. They can even survive with minimum requirements, hence once they enter, it is difficult to get them out.
  • Their flattening body makes them fit in any small hole or crevices.

Problems Caused by Cockroaches:

  • Contaminate Food: Cockroaches are attracted towards the scent of the food. When they are active they contaminate the uncovered food. While eating the food they tend to leave their hairs, dead skin and empty egg shell which adulterate the food. Food contamination further leads to food poisoning.
  • Cockroaches Carry Bacteria: The saliva of the cockroach bacteria. which leads to serious diseases like urinary tract infection, sepsis and digestive problems.
  • Cockroach Bites:  Yes, you read it right cockroaches also bite. However, there are few species only which bites. But the species which bite, they tend to leave wounds at fingernails, toe and soft parts of the skin.
  • Allergies: Cockroaches are a shelter of hundred allergens which causes allergies. Skin rashes, sneezing and watery eyes are the most common allergies. Moreover, it also triggers asthma problem.

Different Ways to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast:

1.) Cockroach Bait to Get Rid of  Cockroaches Fast

Cockroach bait has a chemical gel which acts as a slow poison for cockroaches. The chemical allures the roaches. A big number of roaches will be attracted towards the chemical. In this way, the entire population of roaches will be killed. If not, then the cockroaches who have consumed this bait will take it back to the nest and feed  it to the eggs. Place the bait in the infected area. Places such as vents, bathroom, kitchen, water pipes are mostly visited by the cockroaches.

2.) Insecticide Spray to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Insecticide or chemical spray helps to get rid of cockroaches fast and permanently. A chemical known as Cyfluthrin is present in the spray. It kills cockroaches instantly and does not allow them to multiply. Spray the insecticide at the suspected place or where shell casings are visible. Before spraying, go through the safety instructions and keep it away from the children and pets.

3.) Roach Trap to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

This is another effective way to get rid of cockroaches fast. The trap is available in the market easily. It has material which works as  bait to attract the roaches. Once the cockroach enters in the trap to get the bait, it will be trapped. Place the trap properly in the infested areas. Follow the procedure for one week and in case, you still find roaches use it for another week also.

4.) Liquid Concentrates to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Liquid concentrates also act as a slow poison. Mix the dilute liquid concentrates  with water and spray it near the water sources, into the walls and other areas where cockroaches are frequent. If you don’t identify the exact place, then you can also use the dilute mixture to wipe the floors and racks. But do it regularly. This will prevent re-infestation and help you to get rid of cockroaches fast. It is not only the fastest remedy to get rid of the cockroaches, but a solution that kills the root cause of the infestation.

5.) Bleach and Pinesol to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

The mixture of pine sol and bleach has a pungent smell which is not liked by the cockroaches. Mix two cups of Pinesol and bleach in the lukewarm water. Pour the solution in the infested area. While pouring the mixture, keep the windows open since it has a pungent smell. The mixture will help you to get rid of cockroaches fast. Keep this mixture out of pets and children reach.

6.) Moth Balls to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Moth balls work as a repellent because cockroaches do not find the smell of the moth pleasant. Place the moth ball around the kitchen, bathroom, toilets and in the furniture and water source, since these are key areas of a roach infestation. But do keep these balls away from the food, kids as they are harmful to humans. Moth balls are easy to get and easy way to get rid of cockroaches fast. Do keep it away from pets and children.

7.) Cedar Helps to Get Rid of the Cockroaches Fast

Cedar is available in different forms such as blocks, balls, and chips. It can be used to kill other bugs and insects as well. Cedar is a natural repellent, but it is used to get rid of cockroaches fast because it kills the eggs of cockroaches as well.

8.) Roach Motels to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Roach motels are a type of baits which tempts roaches. The bait is mixed with the poison. There is plastic holding which contains both bait and the poison. The bait allure roaches and when the pest enters inside, they eat the poison as a food and eventually dies.

9.) Cockroach Gels to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Gels are similar to motels. However, it comes in a tube, unlike roach motels. The gel is easy to use. Apply it in the infested area and other places which are dark, warm and moist. Keep them away from the children and pets as it is poisonous to  humans as well.

10.) Pesticides to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Fast

It is the last resort to get rid of cockroaches fast. If other remedies  do not have any effect, then you should go for pest control treatment. Pesticides contain a chemical known as cypermethrin which vanishes the root cause of the infestation. The effect of this pesticide lasts up to  three months. The chemical keeps other bugs and insects at bay. Use it as a last resort because it contains chemicals which are harmful.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches

1.) Coffee Grounds to Get Rid of Cockroaches

This is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of cockroaches. The smell of coffee grounds attracts cockroaches very much. It drives them out from the dark and quiet corners of the house. Follow the steps given below and see the results yourself.

  • Take a few glass jars and fill them with water.
  • Put some coffee grounds in paper cups and keep these cups inside the glass jars.
  • Place the jars in different areas of the house.
  • The aroma of coffee grounds attracts the cockroaches and once they enter the jar, they are unable to escape.
  • Do this process for a few days to see positive results.

2.) Lilac to Deter Cockroaches

Lilac is a natural insect deterrent because of the presence of highly volatile components in it. It is a non-toxic remedy and is much cheaper than other chemical repellents. So, if you don’t want to go for any synthetic or biological method, then this is a great option for you. Follow the steps given below to see effective results.

  • Fill a regular sized spray bottle with water.
  • Add one tablespoon of lilac oil and shake the bottle well.
  • Spray this liquid in the affected areas of the house such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Alternatively, you can sprinkle lilac powder around the affected areas.

3.) Catnip to Kill Cockroaches

Catnip contains an active ingredient nepetalactone that repels cockroaches. It is a great option because of its non toxic nature. It does not harm humans and pets. Follow the steps given below for best results.

  • Take fresh catnip leaves and put them in small porous bags.
  • Keep these bags in the most infested areas of the house.
  • Make sure you change the leaves in every few days.
  • Repeat this remedy daily until you get rid of cockroaches.

4.) Baking Soda and Sugar to Kill Cockroaches

This is an effective mixture to kill cockroaches and soon you will notice a quick decline in the population of cockroaches. Baking soda dehydrates the exoskeleton of cockroaches and damages their digestive system. Sugar will help to attract the cockroaches towards the bait. Follow the steps given below to get effective results.

  • Take 3 parts of baking powder and mix one part of sugar.
  • Spread this mixture in the roach infested areas.
  • Make sure you wear gloves while spreading the mixture.
  • Next morning, discard the dead roaches.
  • Do this daily to kill cockroaches completely.

5.) Fabric Softener to Get Rid of Cockroaches

This is one of the most effective remedies to kill cockroaches. Cockroaches breathe through the skin and when they are revealed to a soapy solution, they are unable to breathe and ultimately die. Follow the steps given below to get best results

  • Mix equal amount of water and fabric softener.
  • Fill a spray bottle with this liquid and shake it well.
  • Spray this liquid directly on the cockroaches whenever you spot them.
  • Repeat this remedy until you get rid of cockroaches completely.

6.) Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Cockroaches

This is one of the most effective non toxic remedy to get rid of cockroaches. The sharp tiny particles of diatomaceous earth damage the exoskeletons of cockroaches due to which they die. It is also a great option for repelling bed bugs. All you need to do is spread diatomaceous earth in the infested areas. Do this daily until you find no sign of cockraoch infestation.

Tips to Prevent Cockroach Infestation

  • Make sure you keep all the food items in sealed containers and plastic bags.
  • Clean up the food debris from the slab, under sinks and other appliances.
  • Throw the garbage daily. Make sure you keep all the garbage in sealed bins.
  • Vacuum your house regularly.
  • Seal all the drain pipes and other sink outlets.
  • Clean your house daily with non toxic disinfectants.
  • Make sure there are no cracks in doors, cupboards, cabinets and walls.
  • Remove pet food and clean the litter trays daily.
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