How to Heal Cold Sores Naturally?

After writing home remedies for fever blister treatment, how to get rid of canker sores fast? and home remedies for sore tongue treatment, now we are writing how to heal cold sores naturally? Cold sores are unappealing sores that steal the beauty of lips. A cold sore is a type of infection in which small wound or blisters appear on or around the mouth or lips area. It is caused by illness or a kind of virus, named herpes simplex virus (HSV). Cold sores are commonly known as a fever blisters. They usually go away within 1-2 weeks. Cold sores are caused when the Herpes Simplex Virus come in contact with abraded skin of the mouth.

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, which enters the body and reaches the ganglion after travelling through your nerves. They remain in your body and they come up when some factors trigger them up. Factors which are responsible for their outbreak are – weak immune system, mental stress, fatigue and physical stress, menstruation cycle, prolong exposure to sunlight, having spicy food, damage to the lips and cosmetic surgery. In children it gets transferred by kissing. Sharing utensils, towel, razor, etc. with the affected person invites cold sores. There are mainly two types of cold sores – HSV- 1 and HSV-2. Both the viruses cause two types of cold sore – oral herpes and genital herpes. Oral herpes outbreaks on the lips and area around the mouth while the genital herpes outbreaks in genital parts or on the parts below the waist. There is a third type of cold sore which is found in kids from age group 1-3. This virus is known as primary herpes stomatitis.

how to heal cold sores naturally

Best Remedies to Heal Cold Sores Naturally:

1.) Apply The Ice Pack

One of the fastest and simplest method to heal cold sores pain is to apply an ice pack over the affected area. Take a packet of ice cubes. Rub them directly on the cold sores for some time. Ice will give immediate relief on the swelling. Hold it as long as you can. For best results, practice the method twice or thrice a day. Ice is a natural medicine and efficient for preventing lip swelling and mouth pain basically caused by cold sores. Take one ice-cube and hold them on the infected area as long as possible or as long as you can feel the cold. Apply it particularly, when you are relaxing and free from any form of work. This practice eliminates pain and swelling and helps to heal cold sores naturally.

2.) Use The Garlic

Garlic contains many essential compounds, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin A. All these ingredients make it an effective natural tropical medicine that is anti-fungal and antibiotic in nature, which is important for healing any cold sore or fever blister naturally. Crash three garlic cloves with the help of pedestal and make a paste. Apply this mixture on the cold sores and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Keeping it more than 20 minutes might make your skin dry and rough. Repeat this practice for two days three times a day.

3.) Apply The Vanilla Extract

Applying pure vanilla extract will help you to heal cold sore. Try to get it organic. Soak a cotton pad or swab in vanilla till it is thoroughly saturated. Apply the soaked cotton directly to the sore 3-4 times a day will do its job. Applying vanilla on the cold sore directly can give you much relief. It reduces the risk of getting harmed.

4.) Use Basil Leaves Paste

It contains the anti-viral and antibacterial properties. Basil leaves paste is good for cold sore. So, just make the paste of basil leaves and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. You can also make tea just by adding five to four basil leaves in your tea it is the best way to treat a cold sore. Drink this warm tea in order to heal cold sores or fever blister.

5.) Use The Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly acts as a shield against the microbes. It helps in softening the aggravated skin. Spread the tainted range with some petroleum jelly keeping in mind the end goal to decrease the seriousness of mouth blisters. It is the quick approach to disposing of mouth blisters overnight.

6.) Use The Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a type of non-supplement herb that contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. Soak a cotton ball in tea tree oil and apply it on the affected area directly. The cold sores are expected to dry this painful blister within a very short time and it disappears completely. Repeat this practice for about three days. This remedy will help to heal cold sore naturally.

7.) Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is good as a healing and cooling agent. It is helpful to treat a cold sore and other skin infections. Cut one flesh Aloe Vera leaf. Apply the gel directly on the sores. If Aloe Vera plant is not available, you can also use packaged or ready-made Aloe Vera gel. Dip a cotton ball in Aloe Vera gel. Place the cotton on the cold sore or you can also apply the Aloe-Vera gel directly on your cold sore and leave it overnight. It is the quick way to heal cold sores naturally.

8.) Take The Help From Honey

Honey is known as a natural wound healer. It is also useful to heal cold sores and fever blisters. Apply some honey directly on the cold sore twice or thrice a day. Honey is one of the most common natural medicine for fever blisters and cold sores and is even more powerful anti-biotic far than any other natural antibiotics. Apply the honey directly on the cold sore or fever blister about two to three times everyday. This is also a good remedy for kids.

9.) Use Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a very underestimated natural remedy to treat a cold sore. It has great antiviral qualities, which counters the bacteria of cold sores. Lemon is to be applied on the lips at regular intervals. The process is to be repeated daily and the cold sore will go away.

10.) Add Vitamin C and E to DIet

These two vitamins have proven to be effective on cold sores. Vitamin C & E boosts white blood cells (WBC) and thus improves your immune system which helps fight the sores. Direct use of Vitamin E will help you get rid of the redness and itching and it also tends to minimize scarring after the sores are gone. Improve your diet by adding Vitamin C and E and get rid of cold sores and other skin problems. You can also read foods high in vitamin C and foods high in vitamin E.

11.) Use The Salt Water

When it comes to natural remedies to battle the skin problems, salt water doesn’t lag behind. Though people don’t take it seriously, it is also very effective on cold sores. Clean your face with the salt water and kill the blisters almost instantly. Take a bowl of salt water and soak some cotton pads in it. Now clean your face with it for 6-7 minutes. Repeat it twice a day daily and your sore will be gone.

12.) Use The Milk

Milk contains L-lysine, which is an essential amino acid vital for treating any injury. So, to speed up the recovery of your cold sore and prevent their outbreak in the future try applying milk. Soak or dip a cotton ball in about 2 teaspoons of milk and apply it on the infected area directly. Leave it for some hours, and then wipe it clean using a soft towel. This will help to heal cold sores naturally.

13.) Wear Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is the simplest way to heal cold sores naturally. If the cold sores are running towards you as fast as you are running away from them, then just protect yourself from harmful UV rays of the sun. Some people are more favorite of these cold sores and thus they come to them again and again. If you are one of them, protect yourself from the prolonged exposure to sunlight and wear sunscreen even on your lips.

14.) Medication For Cold Sores

Till now discussed are mostly the natural and home based remedies for cold sore. Though, they might be a little slow in the treatment, but they are very effective. But if you still don’t believe in going for these measures and have more faith in medication, then there are medicines available in the market which will help you get rid of your painful sore. Acyclovir, valacyclovir, and acyclovir are easily available in the market, which reduces the impact of sores.

Precautions to Avoid Cold Sores:

Given above are the remedies for cold sores. Following precautions will keep you away from the re-occurrence:

  • Do not touch your sores again and again and wash your hands properly after touching them.
  • Cover your skin properly before going into the sunlight as direct UV rays may damage the skin. For the purpose, change your lip balm and lipstick.
  • Don’t kiss anyone with a cold sore. Avoid sharing towels, razors and utensils with an affected person.
  • Be hygienic. Wash your hands properly after visiting different places like parks, trains, clubs etc. Wash your clothes and utensils properly.
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