How to Get Rid of a Charley Horse?

This article deals with the ways to get rid of a Charley Horse. How would you feel waking up in the middle of the night in a sudden? Severe cramps in the calf that just won’t let you go. It is also known as “Charley Horse”. In this article, we will discuss that how you can get rid of a Charley Horse. The pain is so severe that it can make you even cry out that awakens your partners sleep too. Sometimes, the pain lasts for 1 minute but it might last for 2-3 minutes depends upon person to person.It happens with everyone. Studies says that 1/3 to 1/2 of people over 60 get these unconscious muscle contractions on a regular basis. The frequency of Charley horse may increase with age. It happens when irritated nerves send a message to muscles a signal. There are no particular causes of these cramps. But yes due to some problems like nutrition and lack of body content it causes Charley Horse. There are some causes mentioned below.

Causes of Charley Horse:

  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes
  • Electrolyte imbalances.
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Problems with the nerves.
  • Peripheral vascular disease.
  • Spinal stenosis in the lower back.
  • Hemodialysis (for those with kidney failure)
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Pregnancy
  • Medication side effects

Remedies to Get Rid of a Charley Horse:

1.) Massage the Muscle to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

Charley horse is a distinctive experience in the calf, thighs and feet. Massage these calf areas to help reduce the pressure and the pain. Using fingertips and thumbs massage in a circular motion in the affected area and the area around your calf to improve blood circulation. Continue to do this for a few minutes until the pain reduces.

2.) Stretch to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

Your muscles become constricted because of contraction of the muscles, so stretching will help soften and relax the calf muscles.

  • Stand up straight, and afterwards get into a jumping position, with your back leg being the one encountering the dead leg. Correct your back leg while keeping your front leg bowed. This will constrain your weight onto the toes of your back leg. You can incline forward onto your bowed knee somewhat in the event that it is more agreeable.
  • Take a seat on your bed or the floor, and put your legs straight before you. Lock your knees, and point your toes back towards your face. Get the toes and draw your foot in reverse somewhat on the leg you’re encountering the corky on.
  • Stand up straight on your tippy toes and hold it for whatever length of time that you can oversee. This will extend the calf muscles and lessen the spasm. Enjoy a reprieve at regular intervals and after that keep extending.

3.) Take a Warm Bath to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

Taking a warm bath also help reduce the pain and loose the contraction of the calf muscles. Fill your tub with warm water and put some Epsom salt and soak yourself for 10-20 minutes. The heat and salt will do the work it will lose your tight muscles and helps diminish the pain.

how to get rid of a charley horse

4.) Elevate the Area to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

Elevating the area will help improve the blood circulation of the body. Raise your affected area, putting your pillow under your leg using a chair, couch or pillow. It is more effective which helps move blood from calf easily.

5.) Use Ice to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

The Ice pack is good for the treatment of cramps. It is also useful for the treatment of Charley Horse. To calm down calf muscles, use a cool compress or an ice pack on the affected area to treat a Charley Horse. Never apply ice directly to the calf, but try wrapping it in a towel or in a piece of a cloth before placing it on the skin. Do this process for 10-15 minutes for better results.

6.) Stretch Regularly to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

To perform a quad stretch, stand straight up and twist one knee. Keep bowing your knee to the extent you can, and after that snatch your foot behind you and hold it for ten seconds.

To do a rush, get in a stooping position on the ground so that one leg is twisted at the knee and you are laying totally on the other calf. At that point, raise yourself off the ground so that both of your legs are bowed. Do different lurches by strolling around the room in that position, doing a reversal and forward between legs.

7.) Consume More Potassium to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

The increase in muscle spasms and cramps are due to the low level of potassium. Eat potassium containing food at least once in a day. Oranges, avocados and bananas are rich sources of potassium. You can also take potassium supplements from a medical store, but before taking consult your doctor.

8.) Consume More Calcium and Magnesium to Prevent Charley Horse

The vitamin and minerals go hand in hand when it comes to keeping your body fit and healthy. It helps prevent from muscles cramp and Charley Horse. Try to consume calcium and magnesium to the max. In the form of food or tablet. You can add all the dairy products and nuts which are rich in calcium and magnesium content.

9.) Keep Yourself Hydrated to Get Rid of a Charley Horse

When you are high in sodium content, it affects your muscles and blood circulation. So in order to avoid such muscle cramps keep your sodium level low by drinking more and more water daily. One should drink 7-8 Lt. of water a day to balance the water level in the body. Drink sports water while working out, that adds more electrolytes to the water.

10.) Wear Comfortable Shoes to Avoid Charley Horse

People those who have flat feet are more vulnerable to leg and foot cramps. Always wear shoes with good arch supports is essential for prevention of Charley Horse. Especially women, Avoid wearing high heels, which leads to stress foot and calf muscles. Avoid keeping feet in shortened and tightened position for a longer period of time.

11.) Natural Vinegar to Get Rid of a Charley Horse Naturally

Natural vinegar is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. Taking 1-2 tea spoon of vinegar or Apple cider vinegar can help treat Charlie horse fast. People who experience Charlie horse or leg spasms very frequent can easily get relief from this condition within 20 minutes after drinking vinegar. Try this remedy to get rid of a Charley Horse fast.

12.) Vitamin E to Get Rid of a Charley Horse Fast

People who have a deficiency of vitamins are more prone to suffer from Charlie horse and muscle spasm at night. People who take enough doses of vitamin E can easily get rid of Charley Horse fast. Taking a daily supplement of vitamin E is vital in treating this condition. Also, Charlie horse which happens repeatedly could be due to poor circulatory problems and consuming a good amount of vitamin E can help prevent a Charley Horse naturally.

Some Additional Useful Tips:

  • Stretching exercises and massage before bedtime.
  • Mild exercise before bedtime.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Magnesium supplements.
  • Vitamin B12 (only if you are low).
  • Neuropathic pain medications.
  • Prescription muscle relaxants.
  • Calcium channel blockers (often used for the treatment of hypertension and migraines).
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