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Treatment for pink eyes

Treatment for Pink Eyes (Conjuctivitis)

This article is about natural treatment for pink eyes. Commonly known as conjunctivitis, pink eyes is a common eye infection. This condition is caused due to a bacterial infection. The person feels inflammation, itching,...
How to Cure Pink Eye

Home Remedies to Cure Pink Eye at Home

One of the very common questions that people wants to know is the ways cure pink eye. Pink eye which is also known as conjunctivitis which literally means inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva which is...

Home Remedies to Treat Pink Eye Naturally

In this article, we will discuss about pink eye and ways to treat pink eye. Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis is a well-known contagious disease. At some point of life we all have suffered from...
how to cure pink eye

How to Cure Pink Eye?

Pink Eye, which is also called conjunctivitis is a thin bacterial infection in the white part of the eye and the inner eyelid which is also called conjunctiva. There are various ways to cure pink...