Home Remedies to Cure Pink Eye at Home

One of the very common questions that people wants to know is the ways cure pink eye. Pink eye which is also known as conjunctivitis which literally means inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva which is a clear tissue and it lies over the white part of the eye. Pink Eye is a very common disease found in every age and gets cured within 7 to 10 days. Pink eye or Conjunctivitis can affect one or both eyes. Most often it can be diagnosed by the symptoms of having red eyes and discharge i.e, fluid coming out of eyes. The affected eye often gets “stuck shut” and difficult to open in the morning. This is a highly contagious disease and can be transmitted by getting in contact with the discharged fluid. But, it is not a serious problem to worry about, its cure is available and even if medications are not done then also, it goes away on its own and possess no serious health risk. Still, you can visit the doctor if you want to reduce pain and want to get away with it as soon as possible. We have detailed information given here, which will help and guide you for the cure pink eye.

How to Cure Pink Eye

Types of Pink Eye:

Pink eye types differ on the basis of their cause of arrival. Similarly how to cure Pink Eye of different types also differs due to the arrival cause. It can be caused by bacteria, virus or could be the result of any allergy. Let’s look how to cure pink eye of all types.

Infective Conjunctivitis:

  • Caused by bacteria, to stop the growth of bacteria, bacteria caused pink eye is generally treated with antibiotics.
  • The virus caused Pink Eyes are often caused by the viruses that cause the common cold.
  • Sexually transmitted infections: STI’s such as chlamydia and gonorrhea also cause infective conjunctivitis.

Allergic Conjunctivitis:

This type of conjunctivitis occurs when your eyes come into contact with the allergen. It is a substance which causes your immune system to function abnormally.

  • Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is usually caused by pollen from grass, flowers or trees, dust mites and flakes of dead and animal skin.
  • Perennial conjunctivitis it also has the same causes as of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis is conjunctivitis which is caused by contact lenses, stitches used in surgery, or any artificial part of the eye which is fitted during surgery.
  • Contact dermatoconjunctivitis, it is caused by eye drops or makeup or chemicals.

Irritant conjunctivitis: It can be caused by many things it has a wide range of causes and few of the common causes are shampoo, smokes or fumes, chlorinated water etc.

Symptoms of Pink Eye:

The symptoms of this disease are very much visible, which helps to identify the disease very easily. The symptoms of different caused pink eye are different, but the general causes are;

  • Redness in the white part of the eye or inside the eyelid
  • Increased amount of tears.
  • Thick yellow discharge that forms over the eyelashes.
  • Itchy eyes
  • Burning eyes
  • Blurred  vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light.
  • Green or white discharge from the eye.

Go to your doctor to know the cause of your conjunctivitis it can be diagnosed easily by analyzing the fluid discharge from the eye.

Who are at Greater Risk?

  • Children or older people are at greater risk than others because children come more often to infections than others and older people have a weaker immune system.
  • If you have an upper respiratory tract infection such as the cold.
  • If one is taking steroids as it weakens the immune system.

Home Remedies to Cure Pink Eye:

Nothing can be better than using home remedies to cure pink eye. You would only have to use the ingredients available at your home plus home remedies are organic which reduces the chances of having any harm to zero. You also do not have to go out with the pain in the eye and can get relief in your home only and it is also free no charges at all.

1.) Warm Water to Cure Pink Eye

To cure pink eye bathe the eyes with either warm water  a pinch of salt added to it, do this several times during the day. Apply  cotton pads dipped in warm water to the affected eye for 5-10 minutes in a day. Chamomile compresses are particularly soothing, simply dip a tea bag in warm water and place over the eye.

2.) Honey to Treat Pink Eye Fast

Honey has millions of antibacterial and antibiotic properties which make it a great remedy for pink eye. You can also use raw potato and place it on the eye. The potato can reduce the swelling due to its astringent properties, keep it several times over the eyes, repeat in few intervals throughout the day.

3.) Black & Green Teas to Get Rid of Pink Eye

Black and green teas contain bioflavonoids that fight viral and bacterial infections and reduce inflammation. A moist tea bag on the affected eye for several minutes, 3-4 times a day, will help ease the infection. If possible, use black tea due to the tannins that can reduce inflammation more quickly. For an eyewash, use a weak solution of tea.

4.) Probiotics to Treat Pink Eye

Probiotic are powerful because they fight and kill “bad” bacteria that cause the infection, by increasing the number of “good” bacteria in the infected area. Popular probiotics are colostrum (breast milk) and kefir. Hot compresses can help with drainage and dry secretions. For this purpose, take a washcloth, run it under warm water and apply to the eye for 5 minutes. A cold compress will help with itching, swelling, and burning sensation. Sterile gauze soaked in water and placed in the freezer for 30 minutes will have an incredibly soothing effect.

5.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Cure Pink Eye

Apple cider vinegar is no less than a miracle when it comes to treating pink eye. Apple cider vinegar is one extremely intense bacterial, viral and contagious executioner. The extent that home solutions for conjunctivitis go, this is up there with the best of them. Taking apple cider vinegar inside will kill any microbes, infections or protozoa’s that may be sneaking in your inner parts. It will likewise help to recharge the supply of great microbes in the stomach and colon so irritating issues, for example, pink eye, never return. Take 1 tablespoon of vinegar and mix them with one cup of water. Now take a clean towel and immerse it in the mixture, then apply gently around the nearby eye surface.

6.) Jasmine Flower to Get Rid of Pink Eye

Jasmine flower is not only effective to reduce pain, but also perfect to reduce the yellow color of your eye.  In order to use jasmine flower, you have to soak some flowers in distilled water overnight. Take the flower from water in the morning, then press tightly. Make some drops and put them on your eye.

7.) Get Relief with Aloe Vera in Pink Eye

Aloe Vera is unquestionably one of the nature’s best cure for many of the things. It contains some effective antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and works astoundingly well for conjunctivitis. On the off chance that you have an aloe Vera plant in your back yard basically cut off a little piece and apply a few drops of the juice or gel into each one eye. Apply this several times a day. You have to use fresh and natural aloe Vera juice as it is good for your ice.

8.) Castor Oil Cures Pink Eye

It is an effective remedy for pink eye. With the help of a dropper put a drop of castor oil in the affected eye. Also. repeat this method three to four times in a day. This is indeed one of the best and most easy ways to cure pink eye. You can also apply castor oil at the first hint of pink eye to occur. Even if there is any chance that you get it early, this cures it all overnight. To apply, spread castor oil over the upper and lower eyelids generously.

Precaution to Stop Getting Pink Eye:

It is always better to take precautions than to treat it later, precautions to take to prevent pink eye are as follows:

  • Do not share your personal items such as washcloth or tissues.
  • Never even think of sharing your contact lenses with anyone else.
  • Wash your hands frequently, especially when you go out or in public places.
  • Use a sanitizer or hand disinfectant.
  • Take care of your allergies and take medicines to avoid it.
  • While swimming wear goggles to protect yourself from the bacteria in the water.
  • Wear contact lens with the instructions as per given by your doctor.
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