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Homemade Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This article is about homemade house trap to catch a mouse. The mouse is one common problem everyone might face it in our daily life. Well, it is a rodent that bothers you the most if found at home, factory or any other work place. A mouse lives in unhygienic conditions and on waste foods. So, in particular, it mostly depends on the type of atmosphere you are surrounded with. But in some cases it does appear in clean and hygiene surroundings. So, in order to get rid of those unwanted creatures, you end up looking for some remedies. Well, there are many objects and varieties of mouse trap to catch a mouse. If going to a supermarket to buy a mouse trap, then sometimes it gets too costly. That is because one mouse trap can be used at once. And, after that you won’t be able to reuse it. In case you see these nasty rodents hanging around very often, it will be good to go for homemade mouse traps. A homemade mouse trap to catch a mouse is easy and simple to apply it more than once. This article will help you with the simple and best homemade mouse trap to catch a mouse.

Different Homemade Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

mouse trap to catch a mouse

1.) Bucket and spoons Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This trap is one of the easiest traps for you to use it. For this, you will only need a bucket, 2 spoons and peanut butter. All you will need to do is place the bucket underneath your kitchen slab. And apply some peanut butter on both the edges of the spoons. Now try to balance it over the kitchen slab where the bucket is placed underneath. Balance it in a way that the spoon is half placed over the shelf and the other half in mid air. In this way the mouse will approach  the peanut butter applied spoon. While the mouse will try to eat the peanut butter it will fall off from the kitchen slab.

2.) Bucket and Cardboard Tube Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

There is even a similar trap as that of the one mentioned in the first point. For this trap you will require a bucket, toilet paper (tissue) roll and some kind of sticky eatables. The mouse is always in search of food particles. And they will be definitely get attracted towards such kind of traps. Therefore, place the bucket in a particular place where you mostly notice the mouse. Make sure to have some kind of shelf or slab above the bucket. This will help you to place the trap on it. Take the toilet paper roll and stick it with a tap on the slab. Then put some sticky eatable on the edge of the roll that is facing the bucket. When the mouse will enter the hole of the toilet paper roll, it will end up falling off into the bucket in order to eat the food.

3.) Marble Ball and Glass Mouse Trap to Catch a Mouse

This remedy may sound a bit tricky and amusing. But it is very effective once you try to implement it to catch a mouse. For this homemade remedy, you will need a coin and a normal drinking glass. Now you will need to place the glass upside down position with the peanut butter stick to its bottom. Then place the marble ball in such a position that the opening of the glass is in half mid air. When the mouse will try to approach the peanut butter struck into the glass, the opening of the glass will fall down trapping the mouse inside it. And the marble ball will move away when it is disturbed.

4.) Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap to Catch Mouse

This is another simple remedy that can be applied in your home. For this trap you will need a plastic water bottle, paper cutter, some left out food. Firstly cut half of the upper portion of the bottle and then pour some leftover food in it. Tie a rubber band from the half cut portion of the bottle to its cap by leaving some that will be enough for the mouse to enter. When the mouse will move towards the leftover food to eat, it will enter the bottle, leaving the rubber band of the bottle to fall off. This is will only happen if tie the band little loose in order to fall off. In this way you catch the mouse without killing it. And later you can leave it far off from your house.

5.) Keep a Cat as a Pet to Catch a Mouse

Well, it is a universally proven theory that a cat and a mouse can never be friends. Just like the famous  Tom and Jerry show. Thereby, if you are not allergic to cats, then it will be very convenient for you to own a new friend. You can keep a cat as a pet. When the mouse will be aware of the fact that there is a cat in your house, it will move away automatically. And you will not find a single rat inside or nearby your house.


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