How to Get Rid of Rats Fast?

After writing, how to get rid of fleas?, how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, and how to get rid of ants?, we are now writing the remedies to get rid of rats. Looking for ways to save your home from the rat infestation? Well, if yes then you are at right place. This article will help you to deal with the rat infestation. Rats are the type of rodents who tend to enter the premises in search of food. They can eat anything, right from the grains, garbage to leftover food. If they are not dealt timely they could spread serious infections. They enter in the premises through the holes and other places which you can’t even think of. So, before starting with the remedies, look for all the places that provide the path to these rodents. Once you find these areas you can easily start with below-listed remedies to get rid of rats.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Rats Fast:

1.) Peanut Butter With Boric Acid For Rats

People usually ask this question does boric acid kill mice or rats? So the answer is yes boric acid will kill mice or rats but you need to use it something, which attracts rats. Well, it might sound weird but yes you can also use peanut butter with boric acid to get rid of rats. It can prove a to be an effective bait, peanut butter attracts the rats to eat the bait. On the other hand, boric acid will kill the rats. All you have to do is:

  • Take peanut butter and boric acid in equal quantity and mix them together to make a bait. Use gloves while mixing them. Mow make small round or divide the mixture in very small portion so that rats can carry them to their hole. After eating the mixture, boric acid will kill rats.
  • You can also sprinkle some boric acid near to the holes or the places it near to the area from where rats enter inside. Place peanut butter along with the boric acid. It will attract them and boric acid will kill the rats. However, keep it out of children’s reach. Rats love peanut butter, therefore, they will eat it in the mousetrap and you can kill them.

2.) Bay Leaves For Rats

Another question come from people that do bay leaves or are bay leaves poisonous to rats?Answer of these question is that bay leaves won’t kill rats, but bay leaves are one of the best rat repellent. If you don’t want to kill rats and want they leave you house then you can use bay leaves to repel the rats and they will soon leave your house. It is simple kitchen remedy that can help you to fight with rat infestation. The strong scent of the bay leaves is not liked by the mice and therefore, they will leave your house. To get rid of rats fast all you have to place a few bay leaves at the place such as kitchen, pantry and other places, which are often visited by the rats. Make sure that you change the bay leaves, when their smell fade away.

3.) Make Use Of Peppermint Oil

Another very popular home remedy while dealing with rats infestation is peppermint oil. As we said in previous remedy that rats cannot stand the strong smell. So therefore peppermint oil can help you to get rid of the rats fast.  All you have to do is dip some cotton ball into the peppermint oil and place it at the places, where rats often come. Alternatively, you can place peppermint leaves at the place, which is more infested by the rats. Do this regularly to get rid of rats fast.

How to get rid of rats

4.) Use The Mothballs

Another effective remedy for treating rats infestation are mothballs. They are rats deterrents. It is a good repellent to get rid of rats. Rats do not like the strong smell of the mothballs. Moreover, it helps to kill the rats. All you need to do is, place some mothballs at the infested place. Make sure that you keep these mothballs out of children and pets reach. It can be harmful to them or if  you have kids at home then avoid this remedy.

5.) Onions to Get Rid of Rats

Rats also not stand the strong smell of the onions. When rats will smell the strong odor of the onion they will leave the place. Do the following to treat rat infestation. Cut onion into two slices and place it at the place, which is infested by the rats. Keep changing the onions regularly and dispose the used onions.

6.) Grow The Mint Plant

If you do not get a peppermint then you can also use mint to control rats infestation. You can grow a mint plant in your garden to deter the rats. It is also good repellent. You can also, sprinkle mint leaves at the places, which are often infested by the rats. Make sure that you replace the old mint leaves regularly.

7.) Block With Steel Wool

Steel can also help you a lot in treating the rat infestation. Rats enter the house or premises through the holes or such places where you cannot think off. So before starting with methods to get rid of the rats, search for the places from where the mice enter into your homes. Once you find all the holes and the key areas block them. You can use steel wool to block those areas.

8.) Use The Ammonia

Ammonia has a pungent smell, which rats cannot stand therefore, it can be used to get rid of rats. It is also a good repellent. However, make sure that you keep it away from the reach of kids. You can use ammonia in a small bowl. Pour ammonia and place it around the infested areas. Place the bowl regularly to deal with the rats.

9.) Spray The Baby Powder

Another item that can help you to get rid of rats is baby powder. Yes, your baby’s powder can prove very helpful to you. Instead of baby powder, you can also use corn flour. It is equally effective. All you have to do is sprinkle some baby powder or corn flour at all the nook-corners and the holes, from where rats tend to enter the premises. Do this regularly to avoid the entry of the rats.

10.) Use Some Rat Traps

If all the above remedies do not prove worthy, use rattrap to trap the rats. It is the most effective way to treat rat infestation. Place a cheese or peanut butter in the rat trap. These two are good baits. They will lure the rat. Once the rat enters inside, the door of the rat trapper will be automatically closed. So you do not have to worry. Check the rat trap before using it.

11.) Cut The Food & Water Supply

The root cause of rat infestation is easy food and water. They enter in the premise in the search of the food and water. They can eat anything from food, cereals, clothes to other stuff. So the basic remedy to deal with rat infestation is to cut off the food supply and block all those places from where they tend to enter. Do remember the following pointers.

  • Remove edible temptations from the kitchen. Do not leave leftover uncovered.
  • When rats do not get anything they can eat clothes as well. To avoid this do not leave your clothes here and there. Keep them in a locked cupboard.
  • Do not forget to transfer boxed food items in the tight glass containers or plastic containers.

12.) Use Trash Garbage Lids

Rats enter in the premise in search of food. They can eat anything. To avoid the rat infestation make sure that you tightly close the garbage can. Make sure it has a hard plastic lid that prevents the rats from entering inside. Also, empty the garbage regularly to avoid rat infestation.

13.) Use Bleach And Water

Bleach has a pungent smell, which is not liked by the rats therefore, it can help you to deal with rats infestation. To prevent the rat infestation clean your home with the solution of bleach and water. All you have to do is to mix bleach in the water that you use for mopping or cleaning your house. In this way, you can also clean the dropping and smell of the rats and avoid the further entry of the rats. Use gloves while doing so.

14.) Use The Rat Poison Carefully

Apart from above home remedies, you can also use rat poison. It will directly kill the rats and prevent your home from being infested. Rat poison is easily available. All you need to do is to place a rat poison, where you suspect rats. When they die immediately remove them from your premises. While placing the rat poison make sure that you wear gloves. Moreover, take care of the fact that it is out of reach of kids and pets.

15.) Tame a Cat

Taming a cat is the easiest and convenient way to prevent rat infestation. Rat is a favorite food of cat and therefore, rats scare from the cats. With the presence of the cat in your home rats will not come and if they dare to come, you know what will happen to them? Obviously, the cat will get her favorite meal!

16.) Use Dried Snake Feces

Just visit the local reptile center, zoo or pet store and ask for the dried snake poo. You can also ask someone, who own pet a snake. Just the faces in the entrance of the gate or in the place where rats seem to go. This method will surely keeps the mice away. Make sure the feces out of the reach of children and pets.

Get Rid of Rats By Creating Barriers:

1.) Search For The Location Where Rats Are Meeting

When you have rat infestation then you must have seen the greasy stains and there will be always feces near the entry point. At that place, there is always a characteristic odor. Make a mark with caulk if you feel it is hard to find again.

2.) Block Up Any Whole in The Interior Walls

Begin the process with interior wall as it is best to leave a way out for the mice. By doing this, they will definitely leave your apartment and search for another house. You can use sparkle or caulk to block the holes that are relatively small. If the hole is larger, then it is difficult to fix them with caulk or spackle, you need to patch your plaster or drywall. The bigger holes are difficult to fix but they are important as mouse can surely fit through a bigger hole. Just make sure the baseboards are properly secured and do not have gaps, so that mice can’t squeeze out from behind them. If rats are trapped within the hole, then can create new holes so before sealing the holes make sure the rats are out.

3.) Seal The Exterior Entry Points

The usual recommendation is to fix the wholes with steel wool. But unfortunately steel wool rusts and not a permanent solution. Instead you can use green kitchen pads, cut to the right size or copper scoring pads. Make sure, the pads are secured properly to the sides of the walls or mice will pull them out. Large holes will need to be repaired. Once you are sure that the interior walls are secure, seal any holes on the exterior of your building. You may use plastic scoring pads, but in some walls may need tuck-pointing or other repairs.

4.) Check Entry Points Again

After 2-3 days, look for the evidence of continuing mouse activity. If there is any evidence, then check the sealed holes and look for holes. Seal the areas as needed. You need to clean up the area around the entrance. Just remove the feces and disinfect the area to get rid of the smells. You can make the solution to clean the area with one part of bleach and ten part of water to accomplish this process.

Take Professional Help To Get Rid of Rats:

1.) Contact Local Exterminator

You can find many companies online, just check in local phone book or as your any friend for the number. You will get the number very easily as rats infestation is very common problem. After getting a number, describe your rat problem to the exterminator. He will give you removal method that might be including poisoning the rat or setting the trap for them. Make sure you have explained the extent of the problem so that you can get accurate quote. Explain the extent of rats problem that you can get accurate quote.

2.) Know About Any Poisons or Chemicals Your Exterminator Use

Poisons that are used by the exterminators are harmful for the pets, and also for the people living in your home, especially children. If the child or pet comes across the rat poison it will badly get ill or die.

3.) Tell The Exterminator to Remove Rats

The smell of died rat is unbearable. They can spread terrible odors in your home if they left in walls or attics.  Most of the exterminator don’t charge extra for doing this. If you can’t see the dead bodies of rats, then its ok you can say them to remove. Hopefully exterminators handle all the process from starting to end.

4.) Compare The Price And Method

After comparison the price and methods, choose the one that the one you are comfortable with. Every company would have different price and different method so select the one that are in your comfort zone and ask the exterminator to do it. This will make this process much easier.

5.) Always Ask About The Guarantee and Warranties

You don’t have to call an exterminator again in a month or two, but if the rats return in your house that means they are removed properly by the exterminator. So better to select the company that can offer you guarantee so that you can get your money back if the rats are not fully removed. Otherwise tell the exterminator to come back.

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  1. Flour with equal parts of sugar and baking soda. Proved very effective at my home. The mixture killed one large rat and a few mice. I eventually sealed the entry these pests were using. I put glue boards with rat traps with peanut butter.


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