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How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles?

This article will provide you the remedies to prevent neck wrinkles naturally. The neck area is a critical spot on the body, which gets the sign of aging easily. We often see women with the gorgeous flawless face, but their skin near the neck area looks aged. Neck wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging. The skin on the neck and chest is as delicate as the face. The best way to delay the ageing process is to raise its suppleness. The skin on the neck is very thin and has fewer sebaceous glands, lipids, and melanocytes. It needs as much attention and care as your face. If you have been neglecting your neck then this is the time to deal the situation. Cleanse your neck both morning and night to prevent neck wrinkles naturally. Your neck skin needs a richer product than the one you use on the face. There are many cosmetics and skin surgeries which prevent the neck wrinkles. However, the safest way to slow down the ageing process is to take basic prevention to keep the elasticity of the neck skin good. Don’t forget that the neck area is as sensitive as compared to that of your face area, so you must  take care of neck skin properly.

How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles?

Remedies to Prevent Neck Wrinkles:

1.) Neck Exercises to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

To prevent neck wrinkles, just give your neck an exercise workout. It will help in maintaining your neck muscles toned and it will assist you to prevent neck wrinkles and sagging skin. There are several neck exercise that you can do after taking advice from the expert. You can do a few exercises at home, to perform them, follow the steps given below:

  • Extend your chin and move your lower jaw ahead. Do this ten times.
  • Stare straight forward. Now gaze up at the ceiling and hold for ten seconds. gently return to your initial position. Do this twenty times.
  • Form alphabet ‘O’ with your mouth. Drag down the sides of your mouth till you feel the muscles underneath your neck working. Do this three times in immediate succession. Build up to 20 sets of threes.
  • With your mouth open, say the vowels A to U without closing your mouth. Do this ten times  in a row.
  • Press the tip of your tongue against your palate for 10 seconds and release. Do this several times a day. Make a circle with your tongue when your mouth is closed, first in one direction then the another. Do this often.
  • Arrange your lower lip over the top lip and keep it in the same position for ten seconds. Do this ten times.

2.) Stop Smoking to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

People who smoke frequently tend to have excessive neck wrinkles than the people who do not smoke. This is the major reason that you should stop smoking immediately if  you love your skin tone and want to look young. Smoking harms the collagen that results in wrinkles around the neck.

3.) Use Sunscreen to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

According to the studies, the skin that hadn’t been exposed to the sun had about 40000 genetic mutations compared to the skin that had been exposed had around 10,000 mutations in the same genes. All this clearly show that aging process happens more quickly if you allow direct sunlight to fall on your skin without any sunscreen lotion. To avoid the wrinkles, apply good sunscreen lotion with good SPF before leaving for outdoors.

4.) Stay Hydrated to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

The wrinkles are the sign of a dehydrated body and water keeps the skin hydrated. So drink lots of water throughout the day to get rid of wrinkles naturally. Drinking water will not only prevent and cure wrinkles but will also retain your skin. Loads of water retains your skin hydrated. One of the causes for wrinkle development is the lack of moisture. On normal days when you do not work massively, 6 to 8 glasses of water is adequate. However, if you work hard, go to a gym, play a lot, or do any other work that takes out water from your body. Dissolved components and chemicals in water may even be more harmful to your skin.

5.) Use Right Pillow to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Using right pillow is one of the best ways to prevent neck wrinkles. Consider the size of pillows you sleep on. Big pillows result in neck wrinkles over a prolonged period of time. However, small pillow increases the angle between the face and neck. Thus, it slow down the skin’s ageing process and prevents the neck wrinkles.

6.) Vitamin E to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Take the liquid out of Vitamin E capsule and apply the liquid directly on the wrinkled neck areas. Vitamin E has an antioxidant property which hydrates the dry skin and prevents the development of wrinkles. Apply Vitamin E at night for an excellent outcome. You can also form a mixture of Vitamin E, yogurt, honey and lemon juice.

  • Put the contents of two to three vitamin E capsules in a bowl.
  • Blend it with a half teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of yogurt, and half teaspoon if lemon juice.
  • Apply the blend to the neck, face and at all the other wrinkled area. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off.
  • It makes wrinkles look less noticeable.

7.) Egg White to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Egg white has many vital nutrients that may help you to prevent the neck wrinkles. If you already have neck wrinkles than it could be used to treat neck wrinkles naturally.

  • Mix one egg white and one spoonful almond oil stir it evenly and apply this on your neck, leave it for half an hour.
  • Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water. It gives the required protein to the broken skin and aid to active dead cells resulting in healthy skin.

8.) Moisturizing to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

The skin on your neck and chest is as sensitive as the face’s  skin is. The best way to slow down the ageing process is to promote its suppleness. The skin on the neck is very thin and has lesser sebaceous glands. It also has lesser lipids that are essential to shield the skin from external factors and fewer melanocytes the cells that build the pigment that gives colour to your skin and shield the skin from sunlight.

9.) Eat Oily Fish to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Fish are very rich in essential nutrients especially in omega-3 acids along with anti-oxidants. These do wonder for skin stimulation by promoting the collagen production. Consume at least one part of salmon or mackerel a week, and take a fish-oil supplement every day.

10.) Pineapples to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Pineapple is also a great remedy to prevent neck wrinkles naturally without any harmful or toxic effect on the skin as medication actually does. Pineapple improves and treats digestion related problems. Pineapple juice is also effective for stopping early aging. It is loaded with antioxidants such as vitamin C and  potassium. Moreover, it helps in neutralizing the harmful effects caused by the free radicals and oxidative stress of cells. Due to these properties, it prevents neck wrinkles efficiently. It also assists in enhancing the skin tone and repair uneven skin tone,  age spots, dark patches and hyperpigmentation.

11.) Healthy Diet to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Eating more fruits and vegetables are the key to preventing neck wrinkles due to their antioxidant properties. Antioxidants repair the damage caused by free radicals which in turn helps skin look younger and radiant. They also help to protect against some effects of photo-aging. You should include omega-3 rich foods in your diet. Salmon (a Cold water fish) is the best source of essential omega-3 fatty acid.

12.) Lemon Juice to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Lemon juice is high in citric acid that works as a strong exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells. It is not only effective in treating neck wrinkles but also help to get rid of forehead wrinkles at home. It also acts as a deep cleansing and astringent agent that will help fade blemishes along with wrinkles. Lemon juice is the best remedy for fine lines, like dark circles and other signs of aging. Softly, rub a little amount of lemon juice into your neck skin.  Leave it on for five minutes and then wash your face with water.


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