How do you Get a Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a serious lung infection that can be fatal sometimes. You may suffer from fever, cough and breath shortness. It can be treated at home in its initial stages. Small children and older adults can become very sick and need to be in the hospital. It is a condition in which the microscopic air sacks alveoli get swollen. It is caused by the bacteria and viruses spreading infection. In this article we will tell you how do you get a pneumonia? There are numerous reasons to get a pneumonia, but we have discussed the major ones.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

How do you get a Pneumonia

Types of Pneumonia

1.) Walking Pneumonia

It is the type of bacterial pneumonia, which is in its initial stages. It has symptoms like cold and cough.

  • Low-grade fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Chest pain
  • Loss of appetite

2.) Bacterial Pneumonia

Bacteria are the major cause of pneumonia in adults. Bacterial pneumonia is usually followed by the viral infection like the flu or a cold. It affects the major area of the lung and is known as lobar pneumonia.

  • Chills
  • Exhaustion
  • Rapid breathing
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of Diet
  • High fever

3.) Viral Pneumonia

Viral pneumonia is the major cause of pneumonia for children under age 10. Viral pneumonias normally clear up in one to two weeks, but it increases the risk of bacterial pneumonia. Viral pneumonia is not fatal like the bacterial pneumonia.

  • Sore Throat
  • Loss of Diet
  • Muscular Pain
  • Shortness of Breath

4.) Fungal Pneumonia

Fungal Pneumonia is caused to those who have a weak immune system. It has symptoms of common cold and flu. The weak immune system makes the pneumonia more dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Reasons to Get a Pneumonia:

1.) Allergy

Allergy is one of the major reasons behind a pneumonia. Allergy can be about anything like food, flower, smoke, dust and perfume. When you inhale some outside particles, the lungs react to it, forcing it to come out of the body. If these particles stay for a longer time , they cause swelling in the alveoli. In the end, you are suffering from cold, flu and other symptoms of pneumonia.

2.) Bacteria and Virus

The major cause to get a pneumonia is when we breathe in a bacteria or virus that causes complications directly into our lungs. If your weak immunity is unable to fight off the bacteria and virus, they will develop in the air sacks. This leads to the lung infection and ultimately pneumonia. The mucus and fluid will fill up in the lungs.

3.) Hospitalized or Works in Hospital

The major condition faced by those who are working in a hospital or are hospitalized for more than 48 hours is “hospital pneumonia”. If you are working in a hospital or hospitalized, the infection is transferred from patient to patient. Those units who closed to pneumonia units are majorly affected. The bacteria here are stronger and less prone to medicines in hospital. The ventilators in ICU is also a major cause of pneumonia.

4.) Breathing in Unfamiliar Objects

Unfamiliar object when inhaled it causes pneumonia and is commonly known as aspiration pneumonia. The major causes of this pneumonia is foods, liquids, and saliva contents. This pneumonia normally happens when some particle causes disturbance in gag reflex. Nerves of throat and brain are majorly affected by the disturbance in gag reflex.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pneumonia

1.) Steam to Get Rid of Pneumonia

The inhalation of steam helps to treat pneumonia by removing mucus from the lungs. It also helps to clear the infection and relieve in congestion.

  • Take a pot and boil water in it for a few minutes.
  • Add 10 t0 15 drops of essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree or camphor oil.
  • Breathe in the steam.
  • While breathing, cover your head with a cloth so that you get the full benefit.
  • Hot shower is also beneficial in Pneumonia.

2.) Garlic to Get Rid of Pneumonia

The antimicrobial properties of garlic helps to cure the infection caused by the bacteria and virus. The rise in temperature is also lowered by the garlic. The mucus present in the lungs is also removed by the garlic. So whenever you get a pneumonia, go for this remedy.

  • Take some cloves of garlic and crush it into a fine paste.
  • Mix it with a cup of milk and two cups of water.
  • Boil the mixture till it is reduced to half of the original amount.
  • Drink it two times in a day.
  • You can also massage with garlic juice or garlic oil on your chest.

3.) Cayenne Pepper to Get Rid of Pneumonia

The high amount of capsaicin found in cayenne pepper helps to remove the mucus from the lungs. The beta carotene in cayenne pepper helps in the development of strong and healthy mucous membranes.

  • Mix some crushed pepper in a glass of water and some lemon juice.
  • Drink it a few times a day.
  • Drink regularly for visible results.

4.) Fenugreek Seeds to Get Rid of Pneumonia

If you get a pneumonia and you want to get rid of it fast try the best home remedy for it fenugreek seeds.

The mucolytic properties of fenugreek help to break up the congestion. It helps to increase the sweating, which helps to remove toxins from the body and lowers the fever.

  • Make tea using fenugreek by boiling half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in 250 ml or about one cup of water.
  • Strain it carefully and drink two cups of fenugreek tea every day.
  • To taste it better, you can mix some lemon juice with honey.
  • Lower the quantity you take as you feel better.

5.) Juice to Get Rid of Pneumonia

Fresh juice of carrot, spinach, beet, cucumber and other vegetable are good for your immunity. These juices help to cure pneumonia fast. They dissolve mucus, help in detoxification and boost immunity.

These juices are rich source of chlorine and phosphorus that is beneficial for your bronchial system and lungs.

  • Combine carrot juice and spinach juice in the ratio of 4:6 to make one liter of juice. Drink it daily.
  • You can also, combine one part cucumber juice, one part beet juice and two parts carrot juice. Drink it daily.
  • You can also drink 200 ml or half cup of parsnip juice regularly.

6.) Turmeric to Get Rid of Pneumonia

Turmeric helps to fight off infection as it is antibacterial and antiviral in nature.

  • Take warm mustard oil and mix turmeric powder in it to make a paste. Massage with it on your chest.
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm milk added with half teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Mix half teaspoon of black pepper powder and half teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm water. Drink it twice a day.
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