Over the Counter Sleeping Aids

Many of us suffer from insomnia and that commonly turn to prescription medications and over the counter sleeping aids for instant relief. About 25% of Americans are taking some type of medication every year to aid them sleep. If you are struggling due to few restless nights of sleep then read this article for some best over the counter sleeping aids. Before trying over the counter sleeping aids you should be well aware of their types and potential side effects. When choosing an over the counter sleeping pill, the first step is to check whether to take one containing melatonin, anti-histamine or an herbal remedy.

  • Anti-histamines – Generally have the strongest sedative effect.
  • Herbal pills – Usually have a lighter effect.
  • Melatonin – Helps regulate sleep after disruption due to jet lag or shift work.

Over the Counter Sleeping Aids

Top Over the Counter Sleeping Aids:

1.) Kirkland Signature Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

Kirkland Signature belongs to an anti-histamine category and it is one of the powerful and most effective over the counter sleep aids. The active ingredient that makes it best among others is Doxylamine. It is also one of the most powerful antihistamine sedatives. You’re likely to feel very tired after taking it then this is what you’d hope for. It will give a full long night sleep and help you to get rid of the annoying period of insomnia you may be experiencing. Those who are planning on going to bed late and getting up early, then they should avoid taking over the counter sleeping aid. There is no statement for how much hours its effect stays in the body, as it will depend on factors like your size, metabolism, and age. Be on the safe side, take this only if you are going to get up after eight hours of taking it else you may still feel a bit drowsy whole day. Kirkland is an excellent sleeping aid as you will not going to be addicted to this like other prescribed sleeping pills do.

2.) Unisom Sleep Gels Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

Unisom Sleep gels contain the Diphenhydramine hydrochloride which is a type of antihistamine typically found in sleeping pills. There are three main versions available of this sleeping aid- Sleep Tabs, Sleep Gels, and Quick Melts. The main difference between the tablets is in whether they contain 25mg or 50mg, and how fast it’s absorbed by the body. Unisom doesn’t same as Kirkland in terms of its strength of knock-out. This sleeping aid is useful if you need a little help to sleep and don’t want its effects on the next day. You can easily build a tolerance compare to Kirkland. In case you are feeling a need for more dosage then it is time to consult your doctor. Unisom is one of the best over the counter sleep aids if you want to try an antihistamine for the first time.

3.) Berry Sleep Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

Berry Sleep is a very popular non-addictive sleep aid which doesn’t leave you feeling tired the next day. It is ideal if you are not keen on taking strong pharmaceutical pills or other anti-histamines. Melatonin contained by berry sleep may not be as powerful as antihistamine over the counter sleep aids, but it works in a completely different way. It helps you maintaining a regular sleep pattern instead of simply knocking you out. Therefore, it’s promoted as being more natural than antihistamines and most prescription sleeping pills. The majority of these melatonin sleeping pills are made with synthetic melatonin. The great thing about these pills is that they contain berries, passion fruit extract, tart cherry extract, and goji berry extract. Melatonin is most helpful for specific sleep problems like jet lag, shift work and delayed sleep phase syndrome. Berry sleep should be your first preference when it comes to get rid of insomnia. These pills are really effective if you want a normal sleeping pattern. Many people found that it did help them to sleep during a period of time when they were having trouble falling asleep.

4.) Vitafusion SleepWell Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

Vitafusion is a well-known brand of sleeping aid supplements. SleepWell tablets are an interesting concoction of natural ingredients. However, the addition of passion flower, lemon balm and chamomile, means there’s a possibility it can help with other sleep problems such as insomnia. Some evidence clearly shows that they can be far more effective than research suggests. Those who travel frequently can use this sleeping aid. It will help you adjust to new time zones. Many people have had success with these SleepWell pills. These are possibly one of the best over the counter sleeping aids if you like herbal remedies.

5.) Source Naturals Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

Source Naturals is another powerful Melatonin-based sleeping pill by a company with a reputation for producing high-quality supplements. Some people don’t like to swallow pills and for them, this is the best choice as they dissolve under the tongue. Furthermore, they’re easily absorbed into the bloodstream faster than normal pills. Please note that these pills only work with certain sleep conditions as other melatonin-based products. Finally, if you are looking for a fact melatonin sleep aid then Source Naturals is effective over the counter option.

6.) Luna Natural Sleep Aid Over the Counter Sleeping Aid

While searching for the best over the counter sleep aids, you should choose at least one product that is essentially an herbal supplement. Many people have been using these supplements for years and sure by their strength. They have no side effect and some ingredients have been known to produce a drowsy effect. Luna is an appropriate aid for vegetarians as it does not cause side effects and is completely natural. Those who have used these supplements are quite satisfied with their choice. Some people don’t get an effective result using only melatonin but they got restful sleep after combining it with Luna. Everyone can take Luna without the fear of negative effect. Do remember that every sleeping aid pills should take accordance to instruction. It’s always a great idea to consult a doctor before taking sleeping pills. You must remember the fact that these tablets are not meant to be taken over a long period of time.

Tips for Safer Use of Over the Counter Sleeping Aids:

  • Carefully read the package insert that comes with your medication.
  • Never mix sleeping aids with alcohol or any other sedative drugs.
  • Never drive a car or operate any machinery after taking a sleeping aid.
  • Only take a sleeping aid when you will have enough time for at least eight hours of sleep.
  • Avoid frequent use of over the counter sleeping aids.
  • Start with the lowest recommended dose to avoid side effects.
  • Avoid taking the second dose in the middle of the night.
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