How to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron?

In this article, we will talk about the ways to get straight hair without using iron. There are many women out there who have been gifted with straight, smooth hair. Considered to be the epitome of beautiful hair, it’s a favorite among actresses and models in popular culture. While curly hair looks amazing but that’s not the case always. Frizzy hair can make your appearance look odd at times. Even if that’s not the case, I mean, who doesn’t wish to experiment with different styles.

While the most common ways to get straight hair is considered to be an iron. Heat can damage and roughen up your hair. Do not worry, we will provide you the tips and tricks on how to get straight hair without using iron. Just follow below steps to relish the beauty of your hair looks.

how to get straight hair without using iron

How to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron?

1.) Comb to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron

One of the best and the easiest steps to get straight hair is to comb wet hair. This may help up straighten up the ends temporarily. Use a big comb for the same purpose. It will make sure that your hair does not get damaged in the whole process. Divide it into different layers and start combing each section differently. You can dry it out later with the help of a dryer.

2.) Hair Rollers to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron 

While for many hair rollers must be old fashioned, they are still effective. All you have to do is to roll up your hair using them. Make them reach the top of your head. It is also advised to keep note of this that the rollers are huge. Keep them there for the requisite time and remove them to have smooth straight, bouncy hair. In the whole process keep note of  the fact that the hair does not get wet. It should be dry, for wet strands can turn it into curly again.

3.) Use Milk to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron

While I agree there are many hair treatment packages that promise straight hair. They cost a fortune in many cases. I say, what better way to straighten up your hair then use a homemade hair straightener pack. Milk is known to be great for hair nourishment. To prepare the pack, just follow the steps below:

  • Just mix equal amounts of milk and honey to prepare a paste.
  • Apply the paste all over your hair and scalp area.
  • Let it dry and wash it off after some time to get straight hair.

4.) Natural Pack to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron

Even though the milk pack may be effective, why not try a wholesome mask full with nutrient-rich items. To prepare this mask, follow the steps below:

  • Mix 1 cup coconut milk with 6 – 7 tbsp of lemon juice.
  • To this mixture now add 2 tbsp of olive oil and equal amounts of cornstarch.
  • Mix the mixture well and heat it at low temperature.
  • Stir it until the mixture turns smooth.
  • Let it cool down and finally apply for that look.

5.) Use Fasteners to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron

This one is effective especially in cases of mildly curly hair. For this one all you have to is to first wash your hair and then comb it. Use clips to divide it into different sections.

  • Begin by placing the clips or fasteners at the top of your head.
  • Add a second one directly below the first one.
  • Make sure that the two fasteners or clips should be touching.
  • Continue doing this for all the layers till they all reach the same level.

6.) Hair Straightening Products to Get Straight Hair Without Using Iron

While this should be your last alternative. This may only be done if none of the above remedies seems to work. Avoid using the ones laden with chemicals, choose the natural ones. There are ample of them in the market. These straighteners are organic and healthy for your hair. Consult a  professional or a friend for one of the best ones available in the market currently. The power of the internet can also come in handy for research purposes.

Make sure to avoid the ones which contain alcohol, for it tends to dry your hair. This results in frizziness and that is the last thing you want.

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