How to Get Rid of Lazy Eye?

This article tells you how to get rid of lazy eye. Lazy eye is medically known as amblyopia. It is a unique type of vision disorder. Its growth and progression have more to do with the brain’s ability to process the visual message received from both eyes. And, that leads to weakness in the structure of mainly one eye. As a result, amblyopia can be corrected either by using some of the home remedies. Else you need to consult a doctor if you don’t notice any improvement. There are, however, lazy eye treatments possible in eye clinics. Thereby, you can opt for the clinical process also to cure the lazy eye. To try out the home remedies read the article further.

Causes of a Lazy Eye

  • There are several possible causes for amblyopia. It is of various types. Some of the most popular lazy eye types includes the imbalance of eye muscle which is one of the primaries of all.
  • Refractive amblyopia is a type of lazy eye condition. It generally happens mainly because of either farsightedness or near sightedness.
  • Deprived amblyopia is the condition that can normally happen due to some kind of stress on the eye. And when one of the eyes appear to suffer from critical eye problems such as watery eyes.
  • Strabismic amblyopia is  the condition mainly caused by strabismus. This means that the muscles which are in charge of placing the eyes at the correct position happen to stay in an imbalanced state.

Symptoms of Lazy eye

How to get rid of lazy eye.

Remedies to Get Rid of Lazy Eye:

1.) Lazy Eye Surgery to Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

In many cases, an uncorrected or lazy eye can lead to a disease known as amblyopia. As this problem has been mentioned above. Lazy eye is caused as the brain compensates for the loss of binocular vision. Surgery is often most successful and permanent if opted for the surgical process. The eye surgery is mostly done under general anesthesia. It involves exposing the skin around the eye to open up the muscular attachments. As it moves and point your eyes in the right direction to cure this disease. You can easily recover less than a week.

2.) Egg White Remedy to Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

Try to make sure that your eyelid doesn’t have any kind of makeup and is fully dry. Take an egg and divide the egg white from the yolk. After which  apply the egg white on your eyelid by soaking a cotton ball into it. Rub the cotton ball across the crease of your eyelid in the circular motion. Keep holding your eyelid closed till the egg white gets dry. At least put it on 2 or 3 times a week. But only if it suits you. Else consult a doctor.

3.) Corrective Lenses to Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

Corrective lens can help to decrease the level of visual inequalities. Lazy eyes can occur when your child is born with genetic eye problems like hyperopia, myopia. Well the brain has this astonishing ability to adapt and compensate for weakness and kind of injury. But in this case there is a change in the process as the brain essentially ignores the information. This means the brain does not receive the information released from that affected eye. Your kids may suffer from these kind of problems at their early age. So, its always better to go for regular childhood checkups. Wearing corrective lenses can correct this lazy eye problem. But its only successful if there is any improvement.

4.) Vision Therapy to Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

In today’s world of technology there are many modern machines and techniques. That leads to uses of several techniques to improve the visual ability. This form of corrective therapy is practiced by eye specialists. The idea is to use or perform a quality of exercises and techniques on your eye. It helps to establish and balance eye muscles. It also helps to gain control over your eye coordination through practice and eye exercise. The exercises include practicing, concentration and alignment of the eyes. This is done for near and far distances and improving outside vision and depth insight. Most of these exercises can be easily practiced at home. Try to make your child practice this therapy daily to get improved results.

5.) Patches to Get Rid Of Lazy Eye

Patches are most often used to strengthen the weaker eyes. Your child might have developed any kind of visual dis-balance. It means your child is suffering from weakness. Most common problem is blurriness. Your child’s brain has decided to favor only one eye over the another. If it is not corrected then this condition could lead to permanent loss of eyesight of the weaker eye. A very well-known and effective approach involves covering the normal eye with a soft patch. This helps to correct the original problem on the defected eye. This forces the child’s brain to depend on the weaker eye to pass message. And this gradually goes away with the growing stage of your child.

6.) Eye Drops to Get Rid of Lazy Eye

The last resort you can opt to is the eye drop. An alternative to a solid patch is the use of a paralytic liquid eye drop. It disables the dominant eye to the cause the same effect. These eye drops are easily available in medical stores. But before going for it you need to be prescribed by the doctor. If you are suggested with any kind of eye drop then try to maintain its regularity and quantity in order to get rid of lazy eye completely.

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