How to Lose Body Fat Fast?

This article is about the ways to lose body fat fast. Belly fat is really the most dangerous type of fat. Besides aesthetics, large waistlines are indicators of extra fat. We begin to gain mass in our midsection when our cortisol levels start to rise. Stress is one of the main reasons for high levels of cortisol emission. When this happens cortisol breaks down lean muscle (the type of tissue that reduces calories most efficiently). It also holds on to fat in the abdominal area. That stress can even get inferior with bad dieting. Studies also show that the stress, due to dieting, can raise cortisol levels, making no change in belly fat even with limited calorie intake. The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt any condition. Even if years and years of overlook has permitted pound after pound of fat to fill your body, it is not a problem. You can get rid of that fat at a faster rate than you brought it on your body. There are a number of remedies that will help you get rid of body fat easily. Read the article to know the best ways to lose body fat fast.

Causes of Body Fat:

  • Junk food
  • Genetics
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Intake of fatty food.
  • Consumption of more calories and carbohydrates.

How to Lose Body Fat Fast

Ways to Lose Body Fat Fast:

1.) Vitamin C to Lose Body Fat Fast

When suffering from acute stress, you release more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps to manage the cortisol rise that occurs to you under acute stress. Besides being a good way to heal a cold, Vitamin C is also important for creating carnitine, a complex used by the body to turn fat into fuel. Make this vitamin your fat removing friend. If you’re suffering from an emotional crisis, stress from work, or a bad eating splurge, increase your vitamin C consumption. It will help to manage the negative side effects. Try bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits. These have extra Vitamin C than the Orange.

2.) Consume Water to Lose Body Fat Fast

Dehydration is also a major factor for an excess amount of body fat. When you don’t drink enough water, the body holds in water. This is known as water retention. By drinking sufficient water, your body will let go of the unnecessary water weight. This is very essential if you are looking for a flatter tummy. You can get a good amount of water, consumption from juices, green tea, fruits and coffee. Fruits like watermelons, peaches and oranges also have a good amount of water. Drink a glass of water before every meal. Water will fill up a fraction of your stomach. This will stop you from overeating.

3.) Healthy Diet to Lose Body Fat Fast

An imbalanced diet and an inactive lifestyle are two of the main reasons for weight build-up in the body area. Therefore, the best way to lose body fat is by following a healthy and balanced diet. A low-fat diet, consist mainly of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which will help you to lose tummy and body fat easily. Eat fiber rich foods as they contain lots of vitamins and minerals, and curb your hunger. Stay away from junk and fried foods and nuts.

4.) Beat Stress to Lose Body Fat Fast

Our hormones make it hard to get rid of body fat. One such hormone is cortisol. Taking too much stress cause secretion of cortisol, which leads to building-up of fat. Remain stress-free to reduce body fat fast. Involve in stress-free activities like meditation, bubble bath, listening to music, or taking up a calming pastime. These are the popular ways to reduce the stress, but the best way to reduce the stress is being happy.

5.) Proper Sleep to Lose Body Fat Fast

Sleep poor people tend to feel lethargic, causing them to overeat. Thus, 7 to 8 hours of sleep will help you retain weight in the long run. Take away your electronic gadgets or switch them off before going to bed. Research has found that the lesser you are exposed to electronic gadgets, the improved your mind is.

6.) Avoid Spicy and Junk Food to Lose Body Fat Fast

In order to lose body fat without exercising, you need to burn more calories. To burn one pound of stomach fat in a month, you need to lose 1000 calories per day. Avoid eating junk and fatty foods. In its place, go for high fiber foods that take longer to digest. This will keep you full and will keep your metabolism in ideal form.

7.) Physical Activity to Lose Body Fat Fast

Exercise doesn’t always have to be gymming or running. Easy acts like climbing the stairs or playing with your kids and pets are also some unbelievable ways of doing some physical activity. You can go to shopping or to the movie theaters by walking. Just be energetic and don’t sit at one place for a long time. Physical activities not only help to decrease weight, but also develop our overall health.

8.) Limit Your Salt Intake to Lose Body Fat Fast

One of the main reasons behind a puffy tummy is salt. Salt preservation, along with water preservation, wreaks chaos on the body. Track your salt consumption for the day. While drinking enough water removes toxins out of the body. Inspecting your salt intake makes sure that water preservation isn’t happening.

9.) Don’t Skip Meals to Lose Body Fat Fast

Don’t miss your breakfast. Studies have shown that intake of healthy breakfast quickly starts your metabolism. It also keeps your metabolism functioning flawlessly through the day. Skipping diet or starving yourself for longer period of time puts the body into a catabolic state. This will cause the body to break down the muscle tissues for power and preserve fat.

10.) Eat Less at Regular Intervals to Lose Body Fat Fast

Eat smaller meals. You cannot eat two to three big meals and plentiful of snacks all through the day and expect a wonderful abdomen. Eat smaller meals by lowering your portions. Cut your meat into smaller pieces and smash the bread into smaller bits. Try to eat 3 to 5 light meals rather than eating 3 heavy meals. This means more regular meals with smaller quantity. Eat half plate vegetables in your diet. This will increase your immunity and will control the blood sugar.

11.) Cayenne Pepper to Lose Body Fat Fast

Cayenne pepper helps to lose body fat fast without any side effects. The capsaicin present in it helps to stimulate the body to burn fat and boost energy expenditure. The digestion is also improved and lowers the cravings caused by less absorption of nutrients in the body.

  • Take some cayenne pepper and add it into the a glass of water. Boil the water with pepper for a few minutes. Strain the mixture in a different glass and add the juice of half lemon. Drink it regularly for a few months.
  • Mix one tablespoon each of maple syrup and lemon juice in 5 ounces of water. Add a some cayenne pepper powder and drink it.
  • Use spices like ginger, cayenne pepper and coriander seeds, carefully in your meal preparations.

12.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Lose Body Fat Fast

Apple cider vinegar is a major home remedy to lose body fat fast. In research it has been proved that the raw vinegar helps to break down the fat into the form of energy. This conversion helps to prevent the storage of fat in abdominal region. Always go for raw vinegar not the processed one.

  • Mix three teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Drink it regularly in the morning and try to drink it before meals.
  • You can also take in a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice.
  • You can have up to two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a day. Do not take more than this amount, as it may lower the blood potassium levels.
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