How to Avoid Anger?

What we believe that if we shout it’s easier for us to make our work done. We have very wrong idea that anger gets our works done quickly. We start taking anger as our tool to show that we are powerful and one should listen to us. We have a very big misconception that anger is our strength and if we don’t get angry people will take us for granted. In my opinion, anger only brings hatred and negativity and we should avoid anger. People and our family members start avoiding us and look what we achieved with this angry behavior nothing only created distance. With this anger, we only try to control each one so, that everyone behave according to our wish and then you prove to be powerful. According to me, this behavior is totally wrong. Slowly anger starts getting high on us, slowly we start losing control on our body and mind and anger become our addiction. This addiction totally creates bitterness in our life and relation. It affects our mental health, physical health, our feelings, our relationships and also our career. Anger is one of the most basic human emotions and feeling and that why you should avoid anger.

 Here are the Most Common Reasons People Become Angry:

  • Their body or business is threatened.
  • Disagree with what someone is doing.
  • Someone insists that they do something that they don’t like.
  • When someone hurts or betrays.
  • You are guilty about something.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • When expectations are not met.

The Negative Ways of Dealing Anger are as follows:

  • Using excessive of any addictions.
  • Self-harm such as hitting or cutting.
  • Physically assaulting others.
  • Orally abuse
  • Raging and screaming.
  • Throwing and breaking things.
  • Insulting and name-calling.
  • Holding hatred and plotting revenge.
  • Showing anger on weaker people.
  • Criticizing others.
  • Blaming others instead of taking responsibility.
  • Using sarcasm and negative humor.
  • Running away and not discussing the problem.

Symptoms of Anger:

  • Aggression
  • Loudness invoice
  • Stammering
  • Sivering
  • Bitter speaking
  • Attitude change
  • Intense look

Body Style Changes During Anger

  • Pounding head
  • Tensing your shoulder
  • Having trouble in concentrating
  • Breathing faster
  • Feeling sweaty
  • Walking all around
  • Feeling sweaty
  • headaches

How to avoid anger

Essential Tips to Avoid Anger:

1.) Breathe Deeply to Avoid Anger

Deep breathing works as good as abdominal exercises and helps to control your anger. You need to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on this exercise every day. This deep breathing and meditation exercise will increase the intake of oxygen and is great to burn down calories. Stress will lead to hormonal irregularity and yoga keeps you calm and relaxed; By placing these exercises into your daily routine, you will be able to control your anger and hormonal imbalances. Deep breathing from your lungs can help you to relax. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling slowly for 10 minutes every day. It may also help to relax your muscles and avoid anger.

2.) Take a Bath or Wash your Face to Avoid Anger

It is true that whenever we get angry. the temperature of our body get increased and so the first thing to do we need to wash our face with cold water. Water is the best thing to cool down our anger as it decreases the body temperature and helps to release out stress from our body. By the time, we felt anger the first thing you should do is take your footsteps towards bathroom then splash water on your face, even then you are feeling angry then just go for a nice bath and your all anger will go away. This remedy helps you out to avoid anger.

3.) Watch Funny Videos to Avoid Anger

Yes, it is true that comedy is the best remedy to avoid anger as the laugh is the best thing to do when you fell angry. Try to watch movies  which make you laugh most this will definitely help to get rid of your anger and stress. Laugh as much as you want while watching  a movie and let your stress go away you feel that you managed to overcome your anger.

4.) Go for Fresh Air to Avoid Anger

Yes, you heard right its nature. Do you know one reality that one of the best things we have in our life is nature this nature blessed our natural beauties. So, to deal with anger it is the best way to sit lonely and enjoy the beautiful nature and breathe some fresh air. This fresh air helps you to calm down easily When everybody leaves you it’s only nature which welcomes you and heals your inner frustration. Nature is always there to support us and helps our anger to disappear let’s go and spend some time with nature. You can also go for a walk and breath in fresh air to reduce your anger. Be in the company of nature, it will help you to avoid anger and also decrease your anxiety.

5.) Drink Water to Avoid Anger

Dehydration can be a big cause of headaches. To maintain a healthy life, it’s very important to consume lots of water daily. The more amount of water we drink the more toxins are released by our body. We need to increase the intake of water to deal with this anxiety problem. This remedy is very easy what you need to do just consume a glass of water and wait for some minutes.whenever you feel angry and frustrated. Taking a glass of water helps you out to keep your body and mind healthy. This remedy is quite effective so, try to have a glass of water whenever you feel angry and stressful.

6.) Flush Out to Avoid Anger

flushing out the toilet is the easiest way to get away from your anger. The time you feel angry just does one thing close yourself in a bathroom and flush the toilet at least more than two times and this flushing out toilet helps you to unwind anger from your body. It’s much better if you start backward counting while performing this activity. I know you are finding this remedy quite weird, but you never know it will really help you out to overcome your anger and you feel calm and your will gone.

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