How to Wash Make Up Brush?

This article is about how to wash make up brushes? Looking after your make up hygiene is equally important to your personal hygiene. Not keeping your make up kit clean can be really affective for your skin. When we talk about maintaining the cleanliness of make up kit then there is only one thing that can be cleaned and that is needed to be cleaned. Dirty and uncleaned brushes should be excluded from your makeup kit. This is because of the reason that reusing make up brushes can lead to the transfer of bacteria and germs. Thus, it is important to avoid the daily built up of chemicals on your brushes. The other benefit of cleaning make up brushes is that it becomes better for next time use. While using it for the next time, they will be work like new ones. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to clean make up brush at home.

Ways to Wash Make Up Brushes:

Washing make up brushes might look a little tricky as cleaning it completely is very important. If the brushes are not cleaned properly then there is no use of washing it. Here are some ways that will help you wash make up brush easily at home. We will tell you three different ways to wash make up brush. You can wash make up brush with soap, olive oil and baby shampoo. Let’s discuss some of them.

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A.) Wash Make Up Brush with Soap

Let’s start with washing brush with soap. You can use a normal soap bar to clean brushes. Just follow the given steps to wash make up brushes.

1.) Wet a Bar

This is the very first that you should consider in order to wash make up brushes. Wet a bar by running water on it. Use warm water to make the bar wet. Keep it a bowl so that the soap doesn’t slip.

2.) Swirl Brush on Soap

It’s time to swirl brush on the soap. Swirl the tip of the brush on the soap gently. Do not push it so hard. It can spoil the bristles of brush. Soap will do the cleaning work just by swirling gently. Swirl it in circulation motion so that the soap is properly distributed across the bristles of the brush. Keep swirling till you get a good lather. Avoid getting soap into the barrel of the brushes. That means that avoid using soap to the area where bristles are glued to the rest. This make the bristle loose and it might fall off.

3.) Rinse the Brush

It’s time to rinse the brush. Just keep your brush in the running water. Turn on the tap and hold the brush in a way that the tip of the brush faces downwards. Keep rotating the brush while running water on it. Also, you should make sure that you are using warm water. Using hot water can damage the bristles. Check the brush to make sure that it has cleaned completely.

4.) Dry the Brushes

It’s time for the most important of drying the brushes. Place the brush on a clean towel so that the water is absorbed by the towel completely. Keep the brush on the table. Keep it in a way that the bristles of the brushes are not touching the table. It should be lying outside the table. You can also reshape the bristles the way you want. And yes, do not dry them with hair dryer. Warm air can damage the bristles.

B.) Wash Make Up Bush with Olive Oil

This is another important ingredient that you can use to wash make up brushes. It not only cleans the brush thoroughly but also makes the bristles soft. It is a gentle cleanser that prevents bristles from drying. But, if your brushes are of plastic then it is good to go for soap.

1.) Swirl the Brush in Olive Oil

Take some olive oil in a bowl and swirl your brush on the surface of bowl. Again do not push it too hard. Also, make sure that the oil penetrates the bristles well. Swirl the brush properly until it is completely dipped in the oil.

2.) Run Water on the Brush

Now turn on the tap and hold the brush on under it. Make sure that you run the water properly and there is no trace of dirt present there. Also, use just lukewarm water and do not rub the bristles as it may damage the bristles.

3.) Allow it to Dry

Now leave it to dry. Keep the brush on the towel so that the towel absorbs the water. Allow the brush to dry under fan. Keep it in a way that the bristles do not touch the surface. You can keep it in a pen holder or in a mug.

C.) Wash Make Up Brush with Baby Shampoo

You can also wash the brush with baby shampoo. Washing the brush in the baby shampoo makes the bristles soft and protects it from damage.

1.) Use Baby Shampoo

Take sponge and wet it up dipping in water. Take some baby shampoo on the sponge. Make sure that you chose a new sponge. Do not use the one that has already been used before. This will transfer bacteria to your brush.

2.) Swirl the Brush

It’s time to swirl the brush in the shampoo. Swirl it in a way that shampoo penetrates that bristles nicely.

4.) Run Water and Dry

Turn on the tap and hold the brush under the water. Make sure that the bristles are not damaged. Allow the brush to dry in air like any of the above ways.

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