How to Build Muscle Fast?

This article is about how to build muscle fast. Being healthy from inside is always important, but nowadays you also want to show and flaunt it externally too. To achieve this you go to the gym and work out very hard. Having muscular physique makes others eyes to roll on to you. And, to be muscular you need to build muscle. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to gain muscles. But most of the people give up or look for shortcuts in order to build muscle fast. One of the main shortcuts include taking steroids. Steroids help to grow muscles within a short period of time. Steroids plays with your hormones to make you big that have an adverse effect on your health. And, as it is said there is no shortcut for success, you must not try to take such shortcuts that make you compromise with your health. In order to know, how to build muscle fast and safely, there are various effective ways you can follow. Some of them are mentioned below. If followed properly, you may start to feel the difference within a month or so.

How to Build Muscle Fast

Essential Tips to Build Muscle Fast:

1.) Lifting to Build Muscle Fast at Home

In order to build muscle fast you should do weight lifting exercise. This is because there are many muscle fibers present in our muscles. When there is an increased tension in the muscle fiber due to some physical activity, it tends to stretch these fibers. This stretching causes tearing in them. When this happens your body starts to repair the tears. The body only repair these torn fibers, but also increases the size of the muscles over all. So, gear up yourself for barbells, dumbbells and other weight lifting machine to build muscle fast.

2.) Multi-Joint Exercise to Build Muscle Fast for Skinny Guys

Another way to build muscle fast is by focusing more on group of muscles. Instead of working just biceps or triceps exercise, go for multi joint exercise more. Multi joint workout refer to those exercises that focus on many muscles in one exercise only. Some of these exercises include squats, bench press and dead lifts. These exercises not only help with quick and more muscle build up, but also help in lifting heavier than those single joint exercises. If you are already muscular, focus more on single joint exercises and achieve maximum result from that particular muscle group.

3.) Workout Heavy to Build Muscle Fast Without Supplements

Lifting heavy weight is a must in order to build muscle fast. You should lift weight which is enough to do 8-12 repetition in 1 set. Perform 4 to 8 sets of a single exercise. If you can easily do more than 12 reps in 1 set of an exercise, then add more weight to get back in range 8-12. If you lift heavy weights, always perform in supervision of your trainer or anyone around you. It is for the safety as the person can support you, if the weight feel too heavy. In the absence of a partner be extra careful in order to prevent any accident. With heavy exercise you may find it little difficult to lift but it will be easier to build muscle fast.

4.) No Cardio to Build Muscle Fast

When you build muscle your body requires more calories  to bulk you up. And, if you do cardio such as cycling, running, aerobics or dancing, etc. you will burn calories that are useful to build muscle. So, to build muscle quickly, do less of cardio (if you want to) and concentrate more on weight training exercises.

5.) Diet to Build Muscle Fast at Home Without Supplement

To gain one pound of muscle, you should include approx 3500 extra calories. If you are looking to gain 1 pound muscle in a week, you should consume at least 500 calories extra every day to get 3500 calories in a week. It does not mean you can consume calories from any food. Try to meet your daily calories need more from healthy sources like protein from beef, healthy fat from avocados/ coconut milk and carbohydrates from sweet potatoes and oatmeal. By consuming such healthy calories, it will be quite easy to build muscle. Consuming junk food will bulk you only with fat and not with muscles.

6.) Supplement to Build Muscle Fast

If you are skinny, building muscle fast can be quite difficult. Along with exercises you can also look for some effective supplements that can help gain muscle. For this, you can take firstly a high quality protein powder and secondly a creatine supplement. The protein powder supplement will help in increasing the size by repairing torn muscle fibers. And, creatine supplements will help to hold the size in order to build muscle fast. Other than these supplements you can go for nitric oxide or beta-alanine. But, comparatively they are less effective. Do a research yourself before buying any supplements.

7.) Stay Hydrated to Build Muscle Fast at Home

Doing heavy workout everyday to gain muscle can be very tiring. It can make you feel dehydrated. It’s better to keep a water bottle handy with you, so that whenever you feel dehydrated you have easy access to water.

Normally one should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Remember to drink extra water before and after your workout. You can also have small sips in between of your exercise. Other than water you can include fruit juices, lemonades, smoothies, shakes etc., to keep yourself hydrated.

Try to avoid or consume less caffeine beverages as it promotes dehydration in your body. Instead, go for herbal drinks like green tea, ginger tea, or peppermint tea. These herbal teas not only help with hydration but also have other health benefits.

8.) Adequate Rest to Build Muscle Fast and Naturally

Giving proper rest is as much important as any of the above tips. Because to build muscle fast, you need to let your body rest adequately. This will give your body time to repair torn muscle fibers with the help of food and supplements that you consume. Lack of rest will ruin your every chance of gaining muscles. So, take proper rest everyday for gaining muscle fast and naturally. For a normal person, an adequate sleep consists of about 6-8 hours. But you should sleep for no less than 8 hours to gain size quicker.

9.) Stay Stress Free to Build Muscle Naturally

As happiness is the key to success, similarly stress is the key to failure. Stress level also plays an important role. Although, little bit of stress in considered normal, but taking a lot of stress can hamper one, not only just mentally but physically too, Therefore it is necessary to stay happy and stress free for having a healthy body and mind.

There is a hormone present in the body known as testosterone, which is an anabolic muscle building hormone. Too much stress lowers the level of testosterone in your body which slows down the muscle building process. On the other hand a cortisol is a muscle-ruining hormone. High levels of cortisol are a result of too much stress. So, do not be huffy and puffy while doing physical activities as it can increase stress in your body. Try to relax and calm yourself, breathe deeply and avoid stress as much as you can.

10.) Don’t Play with Your Hormones

You might find difficult or may notice slow rate of muscle growth. If you feel that the result is not up to the level of hard work done by you in the gym or proper diet and sleep you followed. It might have something to do with your age and hormones. Make sure you never do exercise or increase supplement intake to. As taking supplements in excess or stressing yourself physically canaffect your hormones adversely. It is better to consult a doctor to know the exact reason behind slow rate of muscle growth.

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