Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

This blood pressure is the pressure that takes place on walls of blood vessels. As the blood pressure of 120/80 counted as normal but when the count falls below 120 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure falls below 80 mm Hg then the person is said to be suffering from low blood pressure or hypotension. This disease is quite common in older people and people who are suffering from diabetes and another heart disease. People of any age can experience low blood pressure, however low blood pressure is common among people who are 60+, Bedridden people or people who do less physical work. One can also suffer from low blood pressure as the level of cardiovascular activities is low in their body. Pregnant women are also prone to low blood pressure because of several hormonal changes in their body.

Factors of Low Blood Pressure:

  • Anemia
  • Pregnancy
  • Dehydration
  • Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Poor diet
  • Liver disease
  • Alcohol intake
  • Heat stroke

Signs of Low Blood Pressure:

  • Less headache or light dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Pale skin
  • Blurring of vision
  • Shallow breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Signs of Sudden Fall in  Blood Pressure
  • loss of blood from bleeding
  • infection(septicarmia)
  • allergic  reaction
  • severe dehydration

home remedies for low blood pressure

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure:

1.) Lemon Juice for Low Blood Pressure

Lemon is good in treating both high as well as low blood pressure. Mainly when you are suffering from dehydration. So treat your low blood pressure, mix lemon juice with water and add a teaspoon of salt stir it and drink.

2.) Saltwater for Low Blood Pressure

Salt helps to treat low blood pressure because the sodium helps to increase the blood pressure. So for this remedy what you need to do is simply mix one and a half teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and mix it well and then drink it

3.) Coffee for Low Blood Pressure

Having a strong cup of coffee daily may also help to increase your blood pressure. If you suffer from low blood pressure then drink a cup of coffee in the morning and also have it along with your meals. But remember don’t make it  your habit over caffeine is also not good for health.

4.) Beetroot Juice for Low Blood Pressure

Raw beetroot is helpful in dealing both high as well as low blood pressure. Drink a cup of beetroot daily for one week you will get relief of this hypotension. It consists of many  nutrients and minerals which proved to be helpful to deal with low blood pressure.

5.) Basil Leaves for Low Blood Pressure

Basil is the very useful ingredient to treat low blood pressure because it is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, which is helpful to balance your mind and reduce your stress. So for this remedy take ten to fifteen basil leaves crush it then add one teaspoon of honey into it  and have it in empty stomach with a glass of water.

6.) Raisins for Low Blood Pressure

It is a very easy home remedy to cure hypotension naturally. Just soak  a handful  of raisins in a cup of water overnight and eat them in the morning on  empty stomach and drink water in which the raisins were soaked.

7.) Carrot Juice for Low Blood Pressure

start your day with a glass full of carrot juice in morning empty stomach .you can also one tablespoon of honey in it. it is the easy way to treat your blood pressure

8.) Almonds for Low Blood Pressure

almond is known to be the best source of magnesium, iron, calcium and it is best in controlling cholesterol. it is also very helpful in curing low blood pressure. So take eight to ten almonds and soak it overnight in water and make its paste and boil it with milk then consume it warm, it gives you relief from hypotension.

9.) Yoghurt for Low Blood Pressure

have one cup of yoghurt daily in your breakfast. Yogurt consists of calcium, magnesium and potassium that is very important for our daily life. So have this yogurt as your salad dressing, you can also have it with your fruit salad.

10.) Garlic for Low Blood Pressure

Garlic is having compounds that help in balancing the blood pressure also with it have other properties that provide us good health benefits .so this remedy is quite helpful for those who are suffering from low blood pressure. Eat two cloves of raw garlic every day before going to bed and you can also add it in food while cooking.

11.) Dry Fruits for Low Blood Pressure

Take twenty Dry grapes, three dry dates and three figs wash them and soak it in half glass of water have the soak dry fruits in morning empty stomach and also drink the water in which you soaked dry fruits and then after one hour have your breakfast .this remedy really helps to deal with low blood pressure.

12.) Beans and Nuts to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure

Beans and nuts contain high fibre and protein it also is the great source of potassium and magnesium and these food products are good to prevent you from low blood pressure, so we need to have little portion of these foods as they are high in calories and calcium.

Fruits to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure:

  • pomegranate
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • mangoes
  • Watermelon
  • Oranges
  • dates

Trying Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure:

The best way to cure blood pressure is to have balanced diet. The patient should try to follow the balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Low blood pressure is also caused due to excess weight, so it is better to do some exercises daily. You can also try Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing in order to lessen the risk of low blood pressure.

Try to bring changes in your daily life so that you get best from your life. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle that  keeps you away from all sorts of unwanted diseases. Try to include these essential tips to avoid all sorts of medical tensions from your life:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce intake of sodium in your daily diet.
  • Check your waistline shed extra fat.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • Stay away from hot environment.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
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