How to Get Better Biceps?

In this article, we will talk about ways to get better biceps. A good muscular body is something that everyone aspires. A man with a good body commands respect and attention, it even helps keep wannabes at bay. While a whole fit body is important, the first thing, on the basis of which a man’s muscular prowess is judged are the biceps. This is mainly because they are more visible than other muscles.

Biceps are the mount that forms on your arms when you contract them. For ages now biceps have been considered to the one among the epitome of a macho man. While all of us aspire for them, it takes immense hard work and dedication to building them up. So, here we are, giving you one of the finest tips that work and will give you those big arms that you have always aspired for. Let’s begin:

how to get better biceps

Remedies to Get Better Biceps:

1.) 8 Reps to Get Better Biceps

One of the first steps to gain bigger biceps is to follow the 8 reps formula. While many of you go into the gym, pounding up light weights and doing 15 – 20 reps, it cannot help you. The increase in weights is what is going to make you realize your goals. This advice comes from one of the best in the fitness industry. The basic fundamental idea behind low reps range is to be high on weights. If you can surpass 8 reps easily then those weights are lighter for you. Make sure to take weights where you can do no more than the given range.

2.) 3 Sets to Get Better Biceps

Perform 3 – 4 sets of each exercise to enhance the growth of your muscles. The number is recommended because the body grows at the maximum at this figure. Anything more than this and its only creating fatigue. This combined with the recommended reps can give you fast results for your biceps. Most of your biceps exercises should follow this rule and you would notice a nice pump that lasts.

3.) Train Biceps Twice in a Week to Get Better Biceps

While i understand that you have a set pattern of training each muscle every day in a week but that can’t happen now. You are looking forward to getting better biceps and hence they require more focus. Make sure the you train them twice in a week and work them hard. For this, you only have to focus on the biceps muscles for two days. You could incorporate the routine by doing it at the start and end of the week. Don’t overdo it, as it can have adverse effects on their growth. Work hard and you shall achieve them.

4.) Get Leaner to Get Better Biceps

Sometimes your biceps are hidden away in the shred of fat surrounding your body. It is because of a large chunk of what you see on your arms is fat. Get rid of this fat and you will find pure muscle biceps, which give it the real look.

While you are losing the fat, make sure that you follow the cutting process as weight loss techniques can get away with the muscles too.

5.) Shorten Your Workout to Get Better Biceps

There are many I know who would spend hours in the gym, tiring themselves completely. Training a muscle for too long during any session can cause fatigue. It can even lead to reduced performance and growth. For this, you need to understand that your arm muscles are weaker than other muscles in your body. Make sure to not pressure them to endure so much strain and sprain. Your workout should not exceed more than 30 minutes. Working out for hours and not getting results is the last thing that you want.

6.) Right Form to Get Better Biceps 

At all times of doing any exercise, or workout is of utmost importance that you maintain proper form. If it is the case that you are doing the exercises in a wrong manner, then injury are not far away. Consult a professional if you have problems doing them correctly. It is also important to keep in mind that once one habit gets stuck with one, it is extremely difficult to get rid of it. Proper contraction of muscles is required with a proper pace. Once you start doing the exercise with proper form, it will show its results effectively and your biceps size would also increase.

7.) Eat Proteins to Get Better Biceps 

Protein is one of the essential nutrient required for building up muscles. Make sure that you consume a lot of protein. Keep its intake high compared to fat or carbohydrates. You could get your everyday proteins by eating more poultry, fish, beef, pork, eggs, as well as other sources to help your biceps muscle grow. You could also switch to good quality whey protein supplements when you are working really hard. You would soon notice your muscle growing at a super fast pace.

8.) Exercises to Get Better Biceps 

The most important step to building better biceps is to do exercises that focus on this muscle group. Do exercises like dumble press, preacher curls, concentration curls and chin ups to increase their size. It is important that you do all these exercises with proper form as has been mentioned above. Consult a professional if the need arises or consults a friend who has an idea about the same. The internet is full of resources of topic dealing with the same. research and you shall find your answers.

9.) Don’t forget Triceps and Forearms to Get Better Biceps

One of the biggest myth that people believe is that biceps is the biggest muscle groups in the arm area. Wrong, for triceps, lead this category. It is important to work on the triceps also if you want bigger arms and biceps. Bigger triceps give the appearance of a much muscular biceps. Doing some forearms exercises can be like the cherry on the cake and can make you appear huge. Make sure not to forget both of them while working out.

10.) Sleep to Get Better Biceps

After a tiring workout, all your body needs is some rest. It gets this rest during the sleep. Allow your body to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. As you sleep your body will heal all the broken tissues that have been where damaged during the workout. As it recovers them, it becomes harder and stronger. Also, make sure to sleep on time for better biceps.

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