Coconut Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar For Pinworms

After writing, home remedies for intestinal worms treatment, home remedies for decrease stomach acid and how to cope with stomach flu?, we are now writing coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for pinworms in children & adults. Apart from these two remedies, we are writing other remedies to get rid of pinworms. Pinworms are a little, worm-like parasite that causes harsh itching around the anus. The body is sometimes able to get rid of mild infestations, especially if home treatment is implemented. The remarkable infectious nature of pinworms, it is usually advised that an infected individual should go for medical treatment to free themselves of the parasite fast.

Coconut Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar For Pinworms (Cure Pinworms):

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar For Pinworms

Apple cider vinegar is the best home remedy to cure pinworms. It also helps to eliminate them from the intestines. Take a glass of room temperature water and add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into it. Drink this every morning empty stomach. If you don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar then you can add 1 tsp of honey to it. ACV will lower the pH level in your intestine. This will make it very hard for the worms to survive and lower pH force them to die a natural death. It will also prevent the worms from multiplying in your system and also limit their occurrence again.

2.) Coconut Oil For Pinworms

Coconut is a really powerful remedy to get rid of pinworms. It acts as a potent anti-parasitic means. Both the fruit and oil can be used to handle intestinal worms like pinworms. Eat one tablespoon of mashed coconut with your breakfast every day. After 3 hours, drink 1 glass of warm milk by adding two tablespoons of coconut oil in it. Repeat this method every day until the infestation disappears completely. Do not add consume coconut oil if you are suffering from gastrointestinal disease and children below 5 years of age.

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar for pinworms

3.) Make Change in Diet

Making changes in diet will not only help you treat pinworms but also intestinal worms. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables along with this avoid taking high sugar and carbohydrate foods. Pinworms increase on these types of material and can quickly multiply given the right nutrients. Foods rich in fiber such as bran, whole wheat, and raisins, can help add bulk to the stool and wash them from your system. Probiotics are also an essential and natural way to keep your intestinal tract good. By encouraging good bacteria growth, the intestine gets help to remove pinworms and is a natural way to get rid of pinworms at home without any medication.

4.) Take The Help From Garlic

Eat three cloves of garlic every day on an empty stomach to get rid of pinworms fast and naturally. Garlic is the simplest remedy to get rid of almost all intestinal worms. Alternatively, boil 1/2 cup of milk with two crushed garlic cloves. Drink it on an empty stomach. Do the solution for a few days. Garlic is a common anti-parasitic diet that can aid deal with pinworms naturally. Raw garlic has sulfur-containing amino acids that are anti-parasitic in nature. Additionally, the antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities in garlic help kill germs in the body. It is one of the best home remedies for intestinal worms treatment also.

5.) Use The Wormwood

Wormwood has vital ingredients like santonin, thujone, and iso thujone, which help in killing parasites from the body.  As you swallow wormwood down your throat, the water enters the intestine and weakens the membranes of the pinworms that are homed in the intestine, thereby removing them entirely. Take a cup of water in a bowl, add one teaspoon of wormwood and bring it to boil for some time. Leave it to cool  down and then drink early morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the process in every two hours for completely get rid of pinworms and their eggs from the body.

6.) Follow The Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene is the key to preventing and getting rid of pinworms. Begin with just hand washing procedure using soap and warm water. Be sure to properly clean under the nails. Wash hand before every meal, after every use of the bathroom and immediately upon awakening. When handling infected sheets or clothes, wear gloves and a mask to inhibit the inhalation of the eggs. Always wash with hot water only.

7.) Pumpkin Seeds Will Help

Pumpkin seeds are extremely useful for removing pinworms from the body. Take a few of pumpkin seeds and squash it. Heat two cups of water on a low flame. Now, add the crushed seeds and let it heat for about two hours. After it gets cool down, take one tablespoon of this pumpkin seed extract water every hour. This must be followed by a medicine after 2 hours and oatmeal after another 2 hours. For adults, you can use 300-400 gm of pumpkin seeds. Children will require very less, beginning from 60 gm and moving on to 125 g depending on the age.

8.) Have More Probiotic

Eat  foods rich in probiotic, like yogurt, or take probiotic capsules. Probiotics excite good bacteria in your digestive system, creating an exhausting environment for pinworms in the process. Add one cup of yogurt to your regular diet or take 2 capsules of probiotic supplements every day, should add an important amount of probiotics to your digestive system. Always consult your doctor before purchasing and using probiotic supplements.

9.) Use The Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is one of the bet home remedies for pinworms treatment. It is well-known to conquer diabetes, but you can also use it to treat Pinworms fast and naturally. Extract juice of two bitter gourds. Drink the juice every day for fast relief on an empty stomach. Repeat the treatment every day for a week.

10.) Eat Carom Seeds

The thymol content in carom seeds has the capability to stop the growth of pinworms in the intestine.  According to medical studies, carom seeds and jaggery should be used together to treat the problem of intestinal worms. Consume a small piece or one teaspoon of jaggery in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait for half an hour, then eat 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of crushed carom seeds with one glass of water. Repeat this daily for 2 weeks for complete removal of Pinworms.

11.) Eat Unripe Papaya

Unripe papaya has been used widely as an effective medicine to cure pinworms naturally. The latex from papaya fruit is rich in the enzyme papain. This enzyme can effectively destroy pinworms. Furthermore, papaya seeds contain ricin that can help you to get rid of pinworms. Blend one tablespoon each of fresh papaya juice and honey with four tablespoons of hot water.  Drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Wait for two hours and then follow it with one glass of warm milk with one tablespoon of castor oil mixed in it. Repeat the remedy for two to three days until problem subsidize. For children, you should reduce the dosage to half.

12.) Pomegranate Tree Bark

Pomegranate is one of the most effective natural remedies for pinworms. The alkaloid punitive, a compound present in pomegranate tree bark is a toxic to pinworms. Put a two-inch piece of bark to one cup of water. Then, bring it to boil until amount remains half of its original. Let the mixture cool and drink it three times a day, at intervals of two hours. Repeat this remedy for a few days to get rid of pinworms. Reduce the dosage to one-third, when using this remedy for children.

13.) Indian Lilac

Indian lilac is also known as neem. It is one of the important remedies that remove all types of intestinal worms. Indian Lilac contains anti-parasitic properties that not only kill the parasites but also helps to remove all kind of toxin that leaves behind as they are dying.

You just need to fry one tablespoon of dry neem flowers in one tablespoon of butter or ghee. Just have this in your meal with boiled rice for 4 days. Alternatively, you can also drink a glass of warm water or water mixed with one teaspoon of dry neem leaf powder twice daily for a week. You can also take a grind fine paste of one tablespoon of neem with empty stomach in the morning. Then after a gap repeat this method in third week. Note: Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not consume the neem.

14.) Cloves

Cloves are very helpful remedy to ward off the pinworm infection. It has antiseptic, bacterial and anti-parasitic properties that help to destroy intestinal worms within the body and parasitic eggs. In addition, it also helps prevent future infestation.

For effective result, add one teaspoon of powdered clove to a cup of hot water. Just cover the cup with the lid and allow it to steep for 10-20 minutes. Drink this mixture 3 times in a day to get rid of the pinworm infection. Always use the freshly ground cloves which are beneficial for your health and very effecting in removing the pinworm eggs and worms from your body.

15.) Maintain Extreme Cleanliness

Pinworms usually have lifespan of six weeks, so to avoid the pinworm infection without the help of medication and re-infection, you and your family have to maintain great care with personal hygiene and cleanliness for at-least for long. Pinworms are highly contagious, so it’s important that everyone in the house should maintain the cleanliness. Even you passed parasite to someone else, then might have chances of becoming re-infected.

16.) Clean Your Hand Frequently

You just need to wash your hand frequently with soap and warm water to avoid the spread of pinworms. It is also necessary that you should teach your children about the importance of washing hands and just keep checking they are washing their hands or not because children often unknowingly spread infection.

17.) Cut and Scrub Your Nails

Cutting and scrubbing of nails help you to prevent infection. Usually pinworms eggs get lodged under fingernails when you scratch, so keep your nails short and scrub them to reduce the chances of infection. Cutting nails also help you to avoid bad habit like nail biting and reduces the risk of pinworm infection.

18.) Clean Your Clothes, Bedding and Towel

Pinworms eggs can get into your clothes, bedding, especially when you sleep on the bedding which make them vital. So, it is important to clean your body properly and wash the cloth with hot water or laundry detergent. To avoid the infestation, you should clean your underwear, towels, pajamas, pants and washcloths. Bedding should be clean daily unless to avoid anti-parasite medication is taken. So at that point, your bedding should be clean at first day of the treatment then after the every three days.

To prevent the pinworms eggs, you need to dry all the items in a heated dryer. Heat is very effective in killing the pinworms than the other methods of drying. Always be careful while sharing your cloths and towel that it won’t spread infection.

19.) Take Shower Daily

To get rid of infection, you need to take hot shower at-least once a day to avoid the infestation. Use body wash or soap, whatever you use to clean your body with water. While taking bath, pay more attention to the anus so that you can easily remove the pinworm eggs.

Take daily shower in the morning so that you remove the pinworms eggs that left behind during the night. Shower is a better option than the bath as it reduces the risk of the infection and also prevents the spreading of pinworm eggs to other part of the body. Pinworm eggs that are washed off into the bathwater can easily find a way to your mouth or other body parts.

20.) Always Clean Contaminated Surfaces

It’s important to clean any contaminated surfaces as the pinworms eggs get stick when you touched these surface such as cloths, toys, dishes and furniture. These eggs can egg can also survive two three weeks outside the body so it really important to clean your body and surface properly to prevent infection.

Always remember to clean the toilet seat daily. You just have to clean or disinfect the counters that are clean regularly. Always clean your children toys as they doesn’t aware about the pinworm infection. Keep your toothbrush in the cabin and wash them with warm water before you use.

21.) Stop Scratching

Do not scratch your skin as the pinworm cause too much of irritating itch. Make sure, you avoid scratching around the anus as you might get the pinworm eggs on your hand and fingers which get easily transferred to other people.

While scratching the pinworm affected area, it might have chances that the pinworm eggs get trapped into your nails. While sleeping always wear gloves or socks over your hand to prevent the infection while scratching at the night. Just cut your nails short so while sleeping or mistakenly you scratch your skin then it will have less chance to spread the infection.

22.) Avoid Eating in Bedroom

When you eat in the bedroom it will increase the chances of getting infected. This activity will increase the chances of getting infected with pinworm eggs. Always bath your room with sunlight. Keep the drape or curtain blind open all day to prevent pinworm infection and other infection.

How to Recognize Pinworm Infection?

1.) Life Cycle of Pinworm Infection

You should know that how pinworm spread? Pinworm can affect anyone, who is young or old alike. It means that the transmission is fecal oral.  Pinworm infection is contagious and it gets spread from one person to another person by the ingestion of pinworm eggs by the help of contaminated fingers, bedding, cloth and other items. For example, a child with pinworm infection may itch his rectum as they are not aware about it and get pinworm eggs on his finger or fingernails, that transmit to object or other person or re-infect himself.

2.) Familiarize Yourself With Pinworms Lifecycle

After when the pinworm gets entered in the stomach, there is incubation period of one or two months or longer than the adult gravid female mature in the small intestine. Once it gets mature, the adult female worm migrated to the colon and lay eggs around the anus at the night, at the time when everyone is sleeping. When she laid her eggs, the female worm use glue so that the eggs get stick to the anus. It is the substance that causes itching at the anus area. This is also the reason why the itching is worse at the night, this time when the worms migrated to the area around the rectum to lay their eggs.

3.) Read How They Transfer Faster

Scratching an itch easily transfer microscopic pinworm eggs to your fingers. From there the eggs can be transferred to the mouth or other mucous membrane. It can also go from hand to mouth, indirectly as well. Eggs can stick to various surfaces such as shirt or desk, where they can easily live 2-3 weeks and also can be picked by the hands of others. So better to washed your hand before eating to prevent the infection.

4.) Get Aware About The Signs of Infestation

If you noticed any irritation in the rectal area, some can also have pinworm infection without seeking the symptoms. When the symptoms are present, they are more likely to be. Restlessness, poor sleep when especially this has not been an issue, Bedwetting, irritability, Vaginal discharge in female and bacterial skin infection.

5.) Notice The Actual Signs of Worm

If you found these symptoms which is mentioned above, checking of the worm can be used by the naked eyes as follow:

  • You might see worm in the anal area, especially after the 3-4 hours when the infected person has fallen asleep. For clear appearance, use flashlight or touch to see it clearly.
  • Just check the worms in the toilet after she or he goes to the bathroom. Check if the worm in wriggling in the bowel movements. As the worms are very small and give you white thread appearance. Sometime they may be got caught in the underwear in the morning.

6.) Just Take a Sample of Infected Area

If you found a pinworm infestation, your doctor may be asked to place clear sticky tape against the rectum. Pinworm eggs get stick to the tape and doctor will see these eggs will microscope. Your doctor might take the sample of under the infected person’s fingernails and examine for the eggs test.

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