Home Remedies To Cure Lupus Naturally

Cure lupus is on priority, lupus is known as autoimmune diseases. In lupus immune system attacks the tissues of the body. The disease is more common in women than men. This disease has a different range of symptoms that makes it difficult for the doctors to diagnose. Lupus leads to the inflammation of the skin, lungs, kidneys, heart, joints, blood vessels and nerves. Due to all these bodies suffers from severe infections caused bacteria, allergens or viruses.

The symptoms of this disease tend to change. It varies from person to person. It can cause cardiovascular disease and kidney problems in some people. It’s very difficult to diagnose lupus. Because a single test cannot diagnose it. Many times, people with lupus lives a normal life.We have listed some home remedies to cure lupus. One can try to reduce this disease through some natural and home remedies to relieve symptoms and reduce the frequency of ups and down.

Some Symptoms of Lupus:

  • Rash on the bridge of the nose and across the cheeks
  • Severe skin burns when hands and legs are exposed to sunlight.
  • Arthritis, Skin lesions, Fatigue and dizziness.
  • Sores and ulcers inside the mouth.
  • Depression
  • Fingers and ears turn numb when exposed to cold.
  • Swelling around the eyes.
  • Digestive disorders like nausea and severe chest pain.
  • Excessive hair loss.

Home Remedies to Cure Lupus Naturally:

1.) Eat Turmeric to Treat Lupus

Turmeric is the best remedy to treat inflammation in the body. It is an effective remedy to cure lupus as it consists anti-bacterial properties. Use turmeric in your food. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to your milk. Every day drink 1-2 times of turmeric milk to reduce lupus. For additional benefits, you can add some amount of honer also.

2.) Eat Ginger to Reduce Lupus

Ginger is an another magical remedy to cure lupus. Ginger consists of anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help alleviate swelling and joint pain. Include ginger in your daily diet. Take some fresh ginger juice. Or add ginger to smoothies, juices and salads. Do this process for about 2-3 months to see better results.

home remedies to cure lupus naturally

3.) Intake of Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial for our body. It helps improves the immune system of our body. It can help control the progression and development of lupus.  Use fermented and cultured foods like yogurt with live cultures, kefir, acidophilus, miso as they are rich in probiotics.

4.) Intake of Vitamin D to Cure Lupus

Vitamin D3 has been associated with autoimmune diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid, lupus and sclerosis. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system.  Eat food rich in vitamin D like cereals, salmon and other fatty acids, Mushrooms, egg yolks.

5.) Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

It is said that those patients who are suffering from lupus tend to suffer from a deficiency of hydrochloric acid. It helps increase hydrochloric acid production. Moreover, it helps detoxification. Take a teaspoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. You can squeeze a lemon in the solution to increase its effectiveness. Drink this solution 2-3 times a day for few months.

6.) Consume Coconut Oil to Reduce Lupus

Coconut consists of several benefits like lowering cholesterol, improve digestion and controlling blood sugar. It also helps balance the immune system. Include coconut oil in your daily food routine. Add some virgin coconut oil to your smoothies and other beverages.

7.) Consume Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. An Omega 3 fat comes under polyunsaturated fats that take care of chronic diseases and help reduce inflammation. This oil works as a lubricant for the joints, which provides immense relief. Include flaxseed oil in your daily routine or you can mix it with smoothies and other beverages.

8.) Evening Primrose to Get Rid of  Lupus

Evening primrose is beneficial to cure lupus. This oil can alleviate all the rashes, maintain skin health and increase the circulation of blood. Intake of food rich in vitamin B such as nuts, beans and milk should be included.

9.) Consume Holy Basil to Cure Lupus

The other name of holy basil is tulsi. Stress is the primary cause of lupus, which flares ups and down. It helps modulate the response to stress, regulate the functioning of organs and relieve fatigue. Moreover, it consists of antioxidant and anti-flammable benefits to cure lupus. Take some fresh, dried basil leaves in a cup of water. Bring that water to boil. Boil the water for about 10-15 mins. Strain it. Let the water be little  warm. Add some amount of honey for added benefits. Or you can simply chew some basil leaves to cure lupus.

10.) Take an Epsom Salt Bath to Reduce Lupus

Epsom salt is very beneficial to cure lupus. It works great for relieving fatigue, which is a very common symptom of lupus. It also helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. Epsom salt also helps to remove toxins from the body. Take one cup of Epsom salt and stir well. Then put this solution into a bathtub filled with warm water.  Soak yourself in it for about 15-20 mins. Do this process for a few days to cure lupus symptoms faster.

11.) Carrots to Prevent Lupus

Carrots are one of the best home remedies to cure lupus. It consists of anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce lupus. Moreover, it is a good source of vitamin A. Eating carrots help reduce joint pain, lethargy, swelling, dizziness, mouth sores and depression. So try this method, include carrot juice in your daily diet for expected results. Drink this juice for 2-3 times a day for best results.

12.) Fish Oil to Get Rid of Lupus

Fish oil consists of Omega-3 fatty acid that helps to ease joint pain, fatigue and cure mouth sores. Nausea is one of the major side effects of consuming fish oils, but this is considered as a natural remedy for the patient suffering from lupus. So include fish or fish supplements in your diet to get rid of lupus fast.

13.) Hydrotherapy to Treat Lupus Fast

Cold and Hot water massages are said to be the best home remedy to treat lupus. Massage 2 times a day to get relief from stress, depression, pain, dizziness and swelling. Hydrotherapy is a successful way to ease pain and stress in lupus patients. Massages encourage blood circulation in the body and relieve joint hardness. Try this treatment to cure lupus fast at home.

14.) Exercise to Get Rid of Lupus

Exercise is the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. It plays an important role in treating lupus. It also prevents joint fitness and fatigue. Aerobics and gentle range of motion exercise helps to improve the cardiovascular health, muscle strength and fatigue in patients suffering from fatigue. It minimizes the negative effects of the steroids and medications that are prescribed for a lupus patient. It also has a good impact on the mood and makes life better. All you need to do is try some low impact exercises such as cycling, walking, stretching, aerobics etc. These exercises do not put much pressure on the joints.

Note: Start slowly with the exercise and keep an eye on the response of your body. Don’t exert yourself. Ask your physician to plan your exercise routine.

15.) Foods to Avoid to Treat Lupus Fast

There are certain foods that contribute to lupus and make it worse. Here is a list of foods that contribute to the flare up of this autoimmune disease, lupus.

  • Added sugar can trigger the lupus. It over stimulates the immune system and increases the pain.
  • Drinking alcohol and consuming too much caffeine can worsen the condition of a lupus patient. It damages the liver, causes dehydration, inflammation and sleep related issues.
  • Trans fats and saturated fats can trigger lupus. These fats are found in processed foods and can lead to heart problems and inflammation. Lupus patients take a lot of time to metabolize saturated fats. They should limit red meat, packaged foods, cheese and creamy foods.
  • Lupus can damage your kidneys so it is better to limit high sodium foods. Keep the salt levels low to prevent fluid retention.
  • There are certain legumes such as sprouts, beans, snow peas, peanuts, Alfa seeds, soybeans that trigger lupus.
  • Glueten is a type of protein that is found in rye, barley, wheat and flour containing products. It is difficult for many people to digest gluten products properly. Gluten intolerance increases gut syndrome and trigger a lupus flare up.

16.) Stress Reduction to Get Rid of Lupus

According to research psychological and emotional stress can flare up lupus by increases inflammatory responses. Systemic lupus erythematosus is very unpredictable and causes changes in the central nervous system. This leads to anxiety and psychological distress. You can experiment on some stress relievers and find out the best one for yourself. You can try meditation, yoga or even acupuncture to relax your body and mind.

17.) Anti-inflammatory Diet to Heal Lupus

According to a research a healthy and unprocessed diet is very necessary to cure lupus. The reason behind this is it controls inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease, builds energy and strength and also minimizes the side effects of certain medications. Here are some foods that you need to include in your daily diet.

  • Include high anti-oxidants food in your diet such as avocado, berries, leafy greens, onion, asparagus etc. All these foods are also high in potassium, magnesium, fiber, selenium etc. These foods prevent free radical damage and repairs damage to the lower fatigue.
  • Include raw vegetables in your daily diet. It improves digestion and reduces inflammation.
  • Bone broth is another good food that you need to eat to cure lupus. It minimizes the inflammatory symptoms that are related with lupus. All you need to do is consume at-least 16 ounces of broth as a soup or beverage.
  • Include omega 3 fats in your daily diet. Rich sources of omega 3 fats include tuna, salmon, sardines, halibut, herring etc.

18.) Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract is one of the best remedies to cure lupus. It contains a substance of pygenol which minimizes the swelling and pain in the joints. It promotes blood circulation. Pine bark extract makes the joint more flexible. All you need to do is take 30 milligrams of pine bark extract with yogurt. Repeat this remedy on a regular basis.

19.) MSM to Treat Lupus

Methyl sulfonyl methane is known to have energy boosting, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. It allows to body to use less energy related to toxin buildup. This saves the energy which is then directed towards healing. MSM contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to remove the waste materials from the cells which are responsible for causing inflammation. It is recommended to take 2000 to 8000mg of MSM daily. It is odorless and tasteless so you can even add its powdered form in your smoothies or other drinks.

20.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of Lupus

This is one of the most effective home remedies to cure lupus rash. The immune system of a person suffering from lupus becomes weak and it starts destroying the skin cells and tissues. A lupus rash is very painful and inflammation keeps on increasing day by day. Olive oil is an excellent choice to repair the damaged skin cells. It takes 1 week to 8 weeks to get rid of lupus rash completely. Follow the instructions given below to get significant results.

  • Wash off your face and pat it dry. Massage some olive oil on your cheeks and other affected area.
  • Let the oil sit on your face for about 30 minutes. Wash your face with water and pat dry.
  • It is also suggested to use olive oil in cooking to strengthen your immune system.

21.) Castor Oil to Treat Lupus

The natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and detoxifying properties present in castor oil makes it a wonderful remedy to get rid of lupus. Its anti-inflammatory properties controls and reduces the swelling and inflammation. This magical oil is also known for its healing properties. It also controls the redness caused by lupus rash. Follow the instructions given below to treat lupus rash.

  • For this, you need cold compressed castor oil. Mix one tablespoon each of castor oil and olive oil. Rinse off your face properly and take few drops of this newly prepared oil on your fingers.
  • Apply this oil on the affected areas of the skin. After 15 to 20 minutes, wash your face with normal water. 
  • Alternatively, take one glass of warm water and add one tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of castor oil. Drink this water daily on empty stomach to detox your body.

22.) Grape Seed Extract to Get Rid of Lupus

This is one of the most natural remedies to get rid of lupus. The antioxidant, antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties present in grape seed extract promotes blood circulation and fortifies the blood vessels. All you need to do is consume 2 tablespoons of grape seed extract to cure lupus. Repeat this treatment daily to get positive results.

Additional Useful Tips to Prevent Lupus:

  • Get regular check-ups done and maintain a diary in which you can note down all the symptoms to show your doctor.
  • Avoid stress, both physical and mental. Do exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation and acupuncture to help control all the symptoms and stress. Take enough sleep and rest. 
  • If your skin is sensitive, protect yourself from being exposed to the sun. Apply sunscreen with SPF and try covering up your skin while moving out.
  • Avoid foods which you are allergic to. Eat a low-fat diet containing protein and fat (animal fat and protein) Or you can take supplements of vitamin B12 but consult your doctor before having this supplement.
  • Avoid smoking as it can deteriorate the effect of this disease on heart and blood vessels.

Well, all the remedies mention above is easy and convenient to reduce the systems of lupus. The above remedies are not the pure solution to remove this disease from its root. But it can relieve most of the symptoms of lupus. The result also varies from person to person. Depending upon the severity of the disease. So, if you experience any kind of problem or you experience severe formation further. Immediately contact your doctor. Because all these remedies are not the alternative to the doctor treatment. So always contact your doctor before undertaking yourself.

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