Natural Home Remedies for Migraines Treatment

After writing, how to get rid of a headache?, how to get rid of lower back pain?, and home remedies to treat body pain, we are now writing the natural home remedies for migraines treatment. Migraines is a neurological disease that is marked by sudden attacks of headaches. Pain in migraines hit half part of the head and it is pulsating in nature. The pain may last for 2 to 72 hours. It is also followed by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to smell, sound or light. Migraines may include a stage called an aura, which mainly leads to visual disturbances. It can hit one anywhere at anytime. Fortunately, there are several home remedies for migraines treatment that can help to cure the migraine pain and other types of headaches. Read on to discover what kind of migraine remedies you may already have at home.

Natural Home Remedies for Migraines Treatment:

1.) Drink Grape Juice

If you are not aware about the goodness of grapes then pay attention to this paragraph. That is one of the perfect natural remedies for migraines attack. This is the best home-cure, as it helps to eliminate the pain faster. You can simply drink a natural grape juice, by making its at home. You will definitely find relief. Blend fresh grapes with a small amount of water in a blender and drink it once in a day.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Migraines 

This is the best natural home remedies for migraines. Apple cider vinegar is full with nutrition, it help you to get rid of a migraines naturally. There are multiple health benefits offered by apple cider vinegar like aids detoxification, controls blood sugar, regulates high blood pressure, reduces bone pain, promotes weight loss and eliminates constipation problem. Intake one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in to a glass of water. This will help you to treat migraines at home.

3.) Drink Plenty of Water

Water balances every function of the body. This is proved that water can solve each and every problem that is related to our human body. Try to intake at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. This will eliminate the migraines problem. If you start drinking proper amount of water every day, you will very soon notice the headache caused by this migraine will start vanishing magically. This is the first sign that water is helping you to get rid of a migraines. So keep your self hydrated and say bye to every health related problems. This is the best natural remedies for migraines.

4.) Chamomile as a Remedy for Migraine

The properties present in chamomile such as antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties makes the remedy apt for treating migraine. Even among the chamomile types, “ German Chamomile” is the best.

  • In a cup of hot water mix 2-3 teaspoons chamomile flower, cover the cup and let it steep for a while. Add a half tablespoon of lemon juice and honey to it (optional). Strain the tea and drink it. Drink the tea 2-3 times a day to relieve the symptoms of a migraine.
  • You can steep equal amount of horehound, meadowsweet and chamomile in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. Strain the liquid and drink it regularly. This will also help you to counter a migraine.

5.) Perform Breathing Exercise

Taking a deep breath ca help a lot to treat this problem. This is one of the best natural remedies for migraines as breathing exercises can relax the body and eliminates the tension that is contributing to migraine problem. So all you need to do is lie on your back with a two pillows one below your head and a second below your knees, bent your legs.

Place your right hand on your upper chest and other one below your rib cage. Start breathing in slowly through your nose until your stomach is full with the oxygen. Wait for some time hold your breath and exhale slowly through nose. Try to practice this exercise in the morning this will surely help you to get rid of a migraines fast and naturally.

natural home remedies for migraines treatment

6.) Perform Cold Compression

Apply cold washcloth to your achy head this will help to contract the blood which reduce the blood flow in to your head. All you need to do is follow the few simple steps given below

  • Take wet soft and clean cloth with bowl of cold water. Dip the cloth in the bowl and squeeze it to remove the extra water from the cloth.
  • Now place it over your forehead and on the back of your neck. Repeat this process for 10 to 15 minutes every day

7.) Lavender Oil Will Help

Make lavender tea with other essential herbs which are the natural remedies for migraines. Herbal teas will help to soothe your body and reduce the tension this ultimately help you to get rid of a migraine. As a result, you may find it a best treatment for migraine. Lavender is best known for reducing blood vessel inflammation and it is also the most effective natural remedy for migraines, anxiety and stress.Read below to know all the helpful ingredient and way to make lavender tea for easing migraines.

Ginger, peppermint, and cayenne are the best ingredient that can be mixed with lavender to treat migraines. All are known for pain-relieving properties. Ginger and peppermint are good known remedy to eliminate nausea caused due to migraine. To make an herbal tea as a natural remedies for migraines take pinch of cayenne pepper, 1 inch of fresh ginger, and 1 tsp of dried peppermint in 2 cups boiling water. Boil it for 15 minutes until the water remain half. Now strain the liquid and drink it like a tea.

8.) Peppermint as a Remedy for Migraine

Peppermint has anti-inflammatory property which calms the nerves and reduces an acute headache. Also, the antispasmodic properties of the remedy come handy for treating the symptoms of a migraine.

  • The best way to use peppermint is, drink peppermint tea 3-4 times a day. Also, you can take steam by inducing peppermint in the warm water.
  • Alternatively, massage your temple, forehead and neck with peppermint essential oil. Follow this remedy as much time as you can until you get the encouraging results.

9.) Consume Some Caffeine

Caffeine is an amazing in the list of natural remedies for migraines. Remember more that required amount can also make the migraines worst, but taking it in a small amount can actually help you to get rid of pain. Just take a small dose of caffeine, may be a one cup of coffee, one cup of tea in a day. do not intake energy drinks high in caffeine.

10.) Do Some Massage 

Migraines are very closely linked to tension. Sometimes, giving a quick, gentle massage can relax the muscles and blood vessels enough to ease migraines. This is one of the best effective natural remedies for migraines. You can use index and middle fingers of both the hands to gently massage your head and neck area, don’t forget to take your hand to the sides of your neck, and the back of your neck. Apply gentle pressure in a circular motion. For best results, dip your fingers in ice cold water before you start the massage.

11.) Ginger as a Remedy for Migraine

Ginger is one of the most powerful remedies for a migraine. Regular use of ginger also proves beneficial for treating migraine. A chemical known as prostaglandins promotes the muscle contraction and inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain. The herb blocks this chemical and soothes the nerves. It can be a great substitute for anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Boil 2 cups of water and add grounded ginger to it and let it brew. Strain the water, you can add honey for sweetness.
  • Drink this tea 2-3 times a day until you get relief. Drink this tea at the onset of a migraine. Chewing a piece of ginger will also be helpful.

12.) Cayenne Pepper as a Remedy for Migraine

Cayenne pepper improves the blood flow, which eventually calms the nerves. It is one of the most effective remedies for migraine. It is also known as a natural painkiller because of the compound present in it. All these qualities make cayenne an ideal home remedy for a migraine.

  • In a cup of warm water mix one and a half tablespoons of cayenne pepper.
  • To improve the taste you can add lemon juice and honey to it. Drink this when the pain strikes.

13.) Gentle Aerobic Exercise

Exercise is a good way to ensure the overall health of the body. This help to eliminate many problems that are associated with migraines and our body. This is one of the best affordable natural remedies for migraines. If the pain has became unbearable for you, light aerobic exercise will allow the blood to flow in other parts of the body which will help to vanish the migraines.

Aerobic exercise is the best exercise you can opt for treating a migraine if it is compared with simple walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming. As your heart pumps, the blood flow will improve in your body. Additionally, exercise is a good way to relax and get rid of stresses that can effectively solve the problem migraine.

14.) Tying a Headband

You can also try this simple home remedy. It is a practice that’s been continuing since ancient times. And, it has been tried by most of us to treat a headache. This process gives you relief from your migraine but this  home remedy is used to cure only simple migraine pains, not severe pain.

15.) Feverfew as a Remedy for Migraine

One of the most successful remedies for migraine is feverfew. A component known as parthenolide is found in the herb. The compound relieves prevents inflammation, a common symptom of migraine. It also blocks the receptors of pain.

  • In a cup of warm water, add a teaspoon of feverfew.
  • Steep it for 30 minutes.
  • Strain the water and drink it.
  • Drink it until you get relief from migraine.
  • However, chewing leaves of feverfew daily will also be beneficial.

16.) Apples to Treat Migraines

Whenever you experience the warning signs of a migraine attack, have an apple. Apples helps reduce the problem. Moreover, research suggests that the green apple can also help reduce the severity of a migraine and solve migraine problem. It healthy to have one green apple everyday empty stomach.

17.) Go For Nuts

Instead of taking a pill when you suffer from a headache, take some almonds. For migraines, almonds can be a natural remedy. It acts as a pain reliever because it contains salicin, which is an agent in popular over the counter killers. Try to eat a handful or two of these nuts when you feel the ache.

18.) Basil Oil for Migraines

Basil, the strong herb used as a topping for pizzas and pasta, it  tastes and smells good. The oil extracted from basil plant can also be very useful for many problems. Basil oil relaxes the muscles. It is mostly helpful for headaches and migraines caused by tension and tight muscles.

19.) Take Pain Reliever

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics reduce pain caused by migraine as it reduces the blood vessel inflammation. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine include Naproxen and Ibuprofen. Analgesics contains Aspirin and Acetaminophen. For the best and most effective result, you can take the painkiller within 30 minutes of first migraine attack. Do not take these medicine more than twice in a week. This is one of  the best instant natural remedies for migraines.

20.) Sleep Well, Eat Well, Relax Well

Migraines may keep you away from falling asleep at night. Likewise, migraines are often triggered by a poor night’s sleep.

  • Maintain your sleep hours. Go to the bed at the maintained time every day even on weekends. Don’t take Naps longer than 20 to 30 minutes may interfere with night time sleep.
  • Minimize all short of distractions.Save your bedroom for sleep. Don’t watch television or carry work materials to bed. Close your bedroom door.
  • Be regular with your meals. Maintain your eating habits and timings. Avoid fasting as much as you can. Fasting increases the risk of migraines. Keeping track of the foods that you eat.
  • Deep breaths can help you to relax and helps to take a peaceful sleep. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling process  for 10 minutes every day. It also help to relax your muscles.
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