Foods High in Niacin (Niacin Rich Foods – Vitamin B3)

This article is about foods high in niacin. Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is a very essential vitamin when it comes at processing fat in the body. It also helps in lowering cholesterol level in the body. Regulating blood sugar is also an important function of niacin. Lack of sufficient amount of niacin in the food can lead to nausea, anemia, headaches, skin and mouth lesions and tiredness. You need to have around 1-12 mg of niacin per day in order to maintain its balance in the body. Niacin deficiency is mainly caused because of malnutrition. Niacin deficiency can also lead among the people who have more maize as it is low in digestible niacin. Read the article, to know more foods high in niacin.

Benefits of Niacin:

  • It helps control the cholesterol level in the body.
  • It is also responsible for better blood sugar level in the body.
  • Benxodiazepine receptors in the brain are responsible for affecting sleep. Niacin activates those receptors and thus fights off insomnia.
  • It is also beneficial at combating motion sickness.
  • It protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Problems Caused Due to Lack of Niacin in the Body:

Here are the problems that one can face by the deficiency of niacin in the body. Problems caused by the lack of niacin in the body are:

Symptoms of Niacin Deficiency:

  • Vomiting – You have frequent vomiting sensations.
  • Depression – You start feeling depressed.
  • Canker Sores – Canker sores pop up on the skin.
  • Fatigue – You becomes tired soon.
  • Indigestion – You have indigestion problems also.
  • Memory Loss – It is also a symptom of Niacin deficiency.
  • Swollen Mouth – Mouth gets swollen and tongue turns dark red.
  • Headache – You become prone to headaches.
  • Rashes on Skin – Rashes appear on the skin and it becomes thick dry and scaly.
  • Pellagra – It is caused by the severe deficiency of niacin.

Foods high in niacin

Foods High in Niacin (Vitamin B3):

We discussed about niacin and the problems caused by the deficiency of niacin. Now, it’s time to learn about the treatment for those problems. It means that it’s time to know about the foods rich in niacin. You need not inject niacin from outside. You just have to increase the intake of niacin rich foods. Foods high in Niacin are:

1.) Chicken High in Niacin

Do you love chicken? If yes, then you can rarely suffer with the deficiency of niacin. Chicken is quite a rich source of niacin. You just need to include chicken in your one meal. Try this and you will over come the deficiency of niacin.

2.) Tuna High in Niacin

If you are fond of seafood then go for tuna. It is a rich source of Niacin and also helps treating other problems. It is also great source of Omega-3. Just have this in your meal once or twice a day. 100 grams of tuna provide 5.8 milligrams of niacin.

3.) Bacon High in Niacin

Bacon is one of the underrated source of niacin as it is always looked down upon because of being high in fat. If you have a good metabolism and can maintain your body shape then go for bacon, it is a very rich source of niacin.

4.) Broccoli High in Niacin

If you think that food given above are rich in niacin but can make you fatter, or may be you are a vegetarian, then you can try broccoli. Broccoli is another quite rich in niacin. It is vegetable which is boomed with number of vitamins and other benefits. 100 gram of it provide at least 0.64 milligrams of niacin. consume it daily in order to get niacin.

5.) Peanuts High in Niacin

Peanuts are also very high in niacin. just have 100 grams of peanuts and it will do the job for the day. It will give you sufficient amount of niacin a day. 100 grams of peanut will provide 12 milligrams of niacin to your body. If you do not want to consume peanuts directly, then go for peanut butter. I=make sure that the butter does not contain anything else then peanuts.

6.) Coffee High in Niacin

If you are fond of beverages or eat less and take more liquid then coffee is a perfect substitute for the fatty and heavy sources of niacin. a cup of coffee provides 39.73 milligrams of niacin. but, you have to be careful before going for coffee as it contains caffeine that is not good for your health.

7.) Mushrooms High in Niacin

Mushrooms are also high in niacin. 100 grams of niacin provides 5 milligrams of niacin. Mushrooms, serve on the table are never of one type and it is the best part about it. When it is not of same type then every new one brings a new quality with it.

8.) Kidney Beans High in Niacin

Kidney beans are also among the most essential food for providing niacin to the body. What you can do is include at as a main meal or you can also make it a side dish. 100 grams of kidney beans provide 2 milligrams of niacin.

9.) Cereals High in Niacin

Adding cereal to your meal will also provide niacin to your body. 100 gram of serials provide 30-58 milligrams of niacin. increase cereals in your diet and you will able to fulfill the deficiency of food in the body. They are also high in protein and thus is helpful while losing weight.

10.) Asparagus High in Niacin

Asparagus are also high in niacin. Just serve them as a complementary dish with chicken and pork and it will do its job. It with any dish and it will work best. 100 grams of asparagus will provide 1 milligram of niacin to your body. Also, asparagus is rich in vitamin K. It is rich in properties that work as detox.

11.) Organ Meats High in Niacin

100 grams of organ meats provide 10 milligrams of niacin and thus it helps fight off the deficiency of niacin in the body. It will do the job for the day and will also provide with other essentials for the body as it is rich in fiber and vitamins and minerals as well.

12.) Turkey High in Niacin

Turkey is high in niacin and is quite popular as well. So, it is good to go for turkey. 100 grams of turkey provide 11.75 grams of niacin to your body. You can have a turkey sandwich a day and the requirement for niacin will be fulfilled.

13.) Bacon High in Niacin

You can also consume bacon in order to absorb niacin. Bacon, being high in fat and cholesterol, is not liked much. If you keep your protein in check, you can go for bacon. It is good to go for turkey bacon. Try to go for 100 grams of it. Avoid exceeding the quantity.

14.) Veal High in Niacin

You can also consume veal in order to fulfill the requirement of niacin. Again, you just require 100 grams of veal for the purpose. 100 grams of veal will give you 9.42 milligrams of niacin. You need to be careful as it also contain 172 calories.

15.) Sunflower Seeds High in Niacin

You can also go for sunflower seeds in order to get consume niacin. Moreover, sunflower seeds help prevent cell damage. As they are helpful in preventing cell from being damaged, they lower down the risk of cancer.

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