How to Make a Fake Bruise? (Make Fake Bruises)

After writing, how to fake a fever?, how to make yourself sneeze?, how to get rid of bruises? we are now writing how to make fake bruises or make a fake bruises for fun? Are you desperately waiting for Halloween? Do you want to look most horrible in the Halloween party? If yes, then it is the time to make fake bruises or fake a bruise. This article will provide you various ways to make fake bruises or fake a bruise. You can follow various ways to make a fake bruise to look horrible and attractive in the Halloween party. Just become a point of attraction in the Halloween party by looking most freaky. After all, who don’t want to win in a Halloween bash?

Ways to Make Fake Bruises or MakeFake a Bruise:

1.) Understand Which Kind of Bruise You Want:

Firstly you need to understand which kind of bruise you want. Do you want fresh bruise or you want to make healed bruise? This is considered to be one of the very first steps to make a fake bruise.

  • Things to keep in mind about a fresh bruise: Well, whenever you get a fresh bruise remember you also get blood leaks from the damaged blood vessel that surround the tissues of your skin. So, it is really important to make a bruise that is bright red in color.
  • Things to keep in mind about an hour old bruise: When your bruise becomes an hour old, then it had already lost oxygen through the blood. So, you need to make your bruise purplish and blue in color.
  • Things to keep in mind about a few days old bruise: These bruises are often darker in appearance and they can be purple or black in color. So you may make this type of bruise if you are wearing a zombie costume.
  • Things to keep in mind about healing bruise: This type of bruise will show green color due to the breakage of blood protein. If you want to show a bruise that is completely healed, then you must make it lighter or yellow in color.

2.) Ways to Make Healed Bruise:

  • Apply Black Eye Shadow: This is the first method to make a fake bruise. You may prepare it by applying black eye shadow on the area where you want to make a fake bruise. Make sure that it should be applied in the light quantity, but it must not be so light that it is not visible through your eyes.
  • Add a Little Bit of Purple Color to the Bruise: Adding purple eye shadow will make your bruise more realistic. It will provide deep color to your bruise and will provide it more realistic color.
  • Use Brush and Apply Brown Color: Now, use a brush and apply brown color to it. This will give slightly green color to your bruise that will show that it is slightly healed.

3.) Determine The Place of Your Bruise:

It is really important to determine the place where you want to make a bruise. This is the second step to make a fake bruise. You must know the place where you want to make a fake bruise. Choose the place where your bruise is visible and anybody can notice it. A right place with a fake bruise will add more charm to your costume. You may make a fake bruise on the cheek bones, knees, elbows, eye socket or bridge of your nose.

4.) Avoid Partially Covered Areas:

You must always avoid partially covered areas while making a fake bruise. Your bruise can remain unseen if you will choose such area. Moreover, it will hide your bruise and it will not appear like a real bruise. You must always try to make a fake bruise that appears realistic and this can be done by choosing the right place to make a fake bruise. So, always try to leave a gap of 2 inches between your clothes and bruise.

How to make a fake bruise make fake bruises

5.) Ingredients Needed to Make a Fake Bruise:

There are various cosmetics that is needed to make a fake bruise. So, buy a makeup palette from a party supply store or from a shop where you will buy a Halloween costume. Even you may get it from various manufacturers that supply makeup to theaters. They will give you the makeup that is designed to prepare a fake bruise. You also need a sponge, brush and colors like maroon, dark blue, purple, dark red, green and yellow to make a fake bruise. All of these cosmetics are very important to prepare a fake bruise.

6.) Make a Fake Bruise With Food Coloring:

If you want to make a fake bruise using food coloring, then you need products like petroleum jelly, paper towels, and food coloring. You also need the colors like bright red, dark blue, purple, green and yellow. To prepare heal bruise use colors like yellow and green, to prepare fresh bruise use colors like maroon and bright red and to establish a bruise few days old use colors like dark blue, black and purple.

7.) Ways to Make Fake Bruises Using Food Coloring:

Use a Base Color: You should first apply the base color to the area where you want to make a fake bruise. For fresh bruise or a few days old bruise, you should use the base color like red and for healed bruise use yellow color as a base color.

Create Dots in The Food Color Bruise Before it Dries: To make your bruise more realistic use your index finger to form a general shape bruise. For this, you must make lighter spots in the middle of the bruise so that bruise appear healed. You may also use a paper towel to wipe excessive food coloring. Also, remember that real bruise is very irregular in shape, so always use imperfect shapes to make it appear totally real.

Add Second Color Over the Base Color: You may use the secondary color like green for a new bruise and brown color for healed bruise. If you don’t have brown color then you prepare it by adding green and red color. Wipe excessive color by using a paper towel. For fresh bruise stick to red color only and try to create variations in color intensity.

Blend All the Colors Using Petroleum Jelly: This is the last step that is very important to give the complete touch to your bruise. All you need to dab petroleum jelly and rub it all over the fake bruise. Focus more on the areas like the edges of the bruise where two colors usually overlap. Give a final touch up using petroleum jelly and your bruise is ready.

8.) Ways to Prepare Realistic Bruise for Halloween:

Here is another tricky way to prepare a fake bruise that looks realistic for Halloween party. To make it follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Cover the area where you want to make a bruise by applying a red eye shadow.
  • Step 2: Apply purple eyeshadow within the edges of the bruise.
  • Step 3: Also, apply green and blue eyeshadow throughout the bruise.
  • Step 4: Apply yellow eyeshadow around the perimeter of the bruise.
  • Step 5: Give a little finishing to the bruise.

It is finally ready to go with your freaky Halloween costume. So, use different ways to make a fake bruise. To look freaky in the Halloween party, just use the above methods to prepare a fake bruise. It is really easy to make at your home. Just buy the important makeup materials to make a fake bruise.

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