How to Treat Fever at Home?

After writing, how to get rid of a cough?, we are now writing how to treat fever at home? Fever is a bacterial infection in which the temperature of the body is mis-balanced. Viral attack because of changing season is the main reason of fever. The person with weak immune system also suffers with fever very frequently when the season changes. The temperature changes when the immune system of a person fails to defend and defeat the harmful viral attack, this causes body pain especially headache, loss of appetite, cold and cough, weakness, vomiting. So to treat fever at home, take care of yourself in changing season.

Children are more prone to this viral attack because they have weak immune system. Do not allow them to eat at market place, keep proper care of hygiene during changing season. Make their habit to wash their hands before they eat something or come inside the house after roaming in the park. Boil the water at 100 degree to make it a safe drinking water during this time. There are other reasons behind fever like dengue, malaria, chicken-pox which is caused by mosquito bite. This fever last for longer duration and is very dangerous. So, you cannot depend and treat this fever with home remedies alone, but along with the medication you need several things to take care of. So, read below to treat fever at home

Best Ways to Treat Fever at Home:

how to treat fever at home

1.) Boiled Water to Treat Fever at Home

This is the best and quickest way to treat fever at home. Boiled water is free from bacteria and it will also help to kill the present one in the body. So while you are suffering with water try to intake warm water which is boiled at 100 degree for 5 minutes. This process will kill all the germs and bacteria from the water and make it safe and fit for drinking. Drink plenty of water atleast 10 to 12 glasses in a day. Water will help to reduce the bacterial attack by flushing it out of the body.

2.) Wet Cloth Therapy to Treat Fever at Home

A cold wet cloth compression can help a lot to cure fever at home instantly. if the fever is above 102 degree Celsius and the if you feel excessive heated forehead, try this remedy to treat fever at home.

  • Take small piece of cloth and bowl of cold water
  • Dip this cloth in bowl and take it out
  • Remove the extra water by squeezing it in a bowl
  • Give a cold compression to the patient on the fore head

3.) Basil Tea to Treat Fever at Home

Basil leaf is the best natural treatment for fever because it’s a natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that are very effective to kill the germs of body. It is highly recommended that during changing season you should eat 2-3 basil leaf in a day to defeat the germs attack and to empower your immune system. Ginger is a very good source of anti-bacterial properties and to make the immune system strong. Make a tea by following the few steps given below

  • Take 10-15 basil leaf and crush it
  • Take a spoon of ginger paste
  • Boil 2 glasses of water in a pan
  • Add the crushed basil leaf and ginger paste in this pan
  • Boil until the water becomes half
  • Pour it in a cup and drink it like a tea.

4.) Water Bucket to Treat Fever at Home

A bucket full with water near the patience will help drastically to heal the fever at home. As we all know water attracts bacteria very fast so this will help to absorb the bacteria from the patience. Changethe water of the bucket thrice a day. This will help you to get rid of fever within 2-3 days.

5.) Rest to Treat Fever at Home

Fever makes the person feel weak if the person is suffering from more than 2 days. The body pain, headache, irritation and loss of appetite results in weakness. This weakness can be easily healed by taking rest and relaxing. All the discussed remedies to treat fever at home will work fast and effectively if the body is in resting mode.It is recommended that do not try remedies soon after you get fever so the best remedy you can try is avoid working and take rest. This alone can do a lot to treat fever at home.

6.) Avoid Hair Massage to Treat Fever at Home

Do not put oil in your hair and even avoid hair massage. This will increase the chance of high fever. So keep away from oil and massage. Wait till you get rid of fever and then you can try every remedy for your headache.

7.) Avoid Cold Water to Treat Fever at Home

Say no to chilled or cooled water and food items like an ice-cream. This will lead to further problem of cold and cough. Once you catch cold during this fever the situation will get worse because cold and cough will stay longer even if you get rid of fever second day. Avoid things which can push you to catch cold.

8.) Avoid Spicy Food to Treat Fever at Home

Eat simple and boiled food, your body will easily digest these foods and you will not feel like vomiting every now and then. Include vegetable soups, tea, boiled milk and turmeric drink. Avoid eating rice, potato, spices, chilly, and mint. Do not eat foods or junk food at market place. It does not assure hygiene.

9.) Avoid Dairy Products to Treat Fever at Home

Do not intake dairy products like cold milk, yoghurt, or cheese. Your digestive system may not allow to digest these items so it is better to avoid it. Yoghurt again will raise the chance of getting cold because it contains a cooling agent

10.) Go to Doctor to Treat Fever at Home

Make sure you consult your general physician the very third day. Do not take any medicine by  your own. Try every remedies till second day but if you find it again on the third day go the doctor. Take recommended medication along with the remedies to treat fever at home.

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