How to Get Rid of Hickey Fast?

This article will tell you the ways to get rid of hickey fast. Hickeys, commonly known as love bite or kiss imprint by your loved one. Says it is a mark of love it reflects how deeply and madly you are in love. But for today’s generation it is the way to show your passionate love, they are the normal marks that remind you of the intense moments you spent with your partner. Hickeys are not a big problem until and unless you have to attend any kind of public meeting or any family get-together. These are basically formed when the skin is bitten, kissed or sucked hard which results into broken capillaries. The symptoms may include:

  • A bruise-like appearance on the skin
  • Turing of skin particular skin area purple
  • Red coloration of the skin,

how to get rid of hickey fast

Remedies to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

1.) Ice to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Ice is one of the best cooling remedies. It can turn out to be very helpful and easy to follow remedy. Rub ice to get rid of hickeys to get rid of a hickey fast. You can also apply ice by wrapping it in a soft towel and then compress it on the affected area. Ice is a very easily available in everyone”s fridge. So, this remedy is proved to be very handy and easy to process. Just press ice gently on the hickey so, that the mark will disappear easily without any effort.

2.) Aloe Vera to Get Rid of hickey fast

 Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer with anti-inflammatory, which can help soothe the healing of a hickey fast. Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the affected area throughout the day in order to heal hickey fast. It is best if you take raw your Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf of an aloe plant. Simply pluck a leaf and chop off the rinds and then extract the raw gel. Then some little amount of the natural Aloe Vera gel with the help of a cotton pad and rub it on the affected area you also massage the area with this gel.

3.) Alcohol to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Alcohol is a very soothing solution it has cooling and disinfectant properties. What all you need to do take a cotton ball and dip it into the alcohol solution and then rub it over the hickey, leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Afterwards take some amount moisturizer and massage it on affected area by putting pressure on it. For the best results try to apply it twice or thrice a day. This aloe-vera has natural soothing properties which can help protect the area from any kind of secondary infections.

4.) Warm Compress to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Warm compress the best method to get rid of hickey fast. pooling of the blood. However, a warm compress should be applied on hickeys that are at least a few hours old. This is because after the warm compress our blood capillaries which turned red try to recover back in the same colour have healed, a warm compress will repair your blood vessels. Which will allow the clotted blood to leave the affected area and become normal? The thing you need to do is first dip a towel in warm water and press it on the hickey. It will help improve the circulation of the blood and also lighten the color of the hickey as fast as it can.

5.) Toothbrush to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

In order to cure the blood clot try to use a soft-bristled toothbrush or you can also use kids toothbrush. Rub it softly over the affected area for at least 4-5 times a day for 15 minutes. Do not rub the brush too hard. The main motive behind this is that massaging the area basically will improve circulation. it is suggested that one should use this home remedy in order to get rid of hickey fast. You can also apply a layer of toothpaste on the hickey and leave it for at least 20 minutes when the cooling sensation stops. This method is effective to get rid of hickey.

6.) Massage to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Massage  will help your blood to circulate in a better. It will help to reduce the mark of the hickey. Use Peppermint Oil for Massaging the affected area. peppermint oil cooling and soothing properties are another best ingredients for getting rid of hickeys. Massage helps to circulate the blood which also prevents the formation of the clot and reduce the redness. Just take a few drops of the oil and massage it on the skin for ten minutes at last three times a day.

7.) Banana Peels to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Banana peels have cooling and soothing properties also it is a good astringent which make them a good agent to get rid of hickeys fast. Firstly take a banana peel and cut it into sizes. Put it or rub it over  for about half an hour. Repeat the process at least three times a day. Banana peel is rich in Vitamin K, which can help a hickey to heal fast.

8.) Makeup to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

Use your make-up kit to get rid of Ricky fast. This makeup process only makes you look especially alluring. There are a many of ways you can make a hickey temporary disappear with the power of make-up tips. Use a thin brush to apply yellow corrector or concealer on the hickey and them. You can also use dark or bronze colour foundation to hide this mark of hickey after that apply some loose powder in order to make the perfect escape.

9.) Clothing and Style to Get Rid of Hickey Fast

During winter or rainy seasons, you can add a scarf with you attained to hide these mark in public. You can use your clothing such as scarfs, hi necks, bandana, jackets and stoles these are the all excellent options for hiding a hickey on the neck. If you have long hair you can always style it in such a way that it hide the hickey mark.

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