How to do Acrylic Nails?

Why you spend more money at a nail salon when you can easily do acrylic nails yourself at home for the much lower price. You just need some items mentioned in this article and little bit patience. Acrylic nails are well-known for being a long lasting and sturdier alternative to gel nails. The acrylic is applied to the natural nails and also used to extend the natural nail. You mix a powder (called a polymer) with a liquid (called a monomer) and then apply the mixture to your nails. Read the article to learn more about acrylic nails.

How to do Acrylic Nails

Things you need to do Acrylic Nails:

Nail Polish Remover – To remove any left out old nail polish.

Primer – It helps the acrylic bond to your nails firmly.

Polymer – You will also need along with this a white powder.

Monomer – The acrylic liquid

A container – Use an only glass container or you can use a plastic container specifically for acrylic liquid.

Medium size brush – It is to apply the mix properly.

Cuticle Stick – The acrylic can lift out if applied over your cuticles, so use it to push back.

Nail File – To make the hardened acrylic smooth by dehydrating it completely

Dusting brush – It is to brush away the unwanted dust from filing, don’t use your hand as it may add moisture back onto your nail.

Paper towel – You should use it to clean your brush throughout the steps.

Steps to do Acrylic Nails:

1.) Clean Your Nails to do Acrylic Nails

You may have any previous pampering left on your nails. To do acrylic nails removing oil nail polish is important. To remove any old nail polish use can use a cotton pad and polish remover. The best way to remove previous left out nail polish is by small circular movement.

2.) Preparation to do Acrylic Nails

Push your cuticles back using the flat end of the cuticle stick. Scrape away any leftover cuticle using another sharp end. By doing this, you will prevent the acrylic from lifting off near the cuticle. Don’t push too hard as it is quite a sensitive area. The tip of your nail should now be filed to your desired measurement. Many people make it short when applying artificial tips. Now, gently file your nail plate using a nail file. This will help you dehydrate the nails so that the acrylics adhere to the nails nicely. Once it is ready, it will look white-ish. To remove excess dust, use your dusting brush. It is very necessary to get rid of excess dust to do acrylic nails as it may get trapped under your UV gel. Do remember to file your nails at the last as it may hydrate the nails.

3.) Nail Dehydration to do Acrylic Nails

Dehydration will smooth the thin layer of liquid over the natural nail plate. The good thing is that nail dehydrator should only take a few seconds to do the job. Those who are also applying artificial nail tips should apply them first before the dehydrator. If you don’t do this then it becomes difficult for the tips to stick on to the natural nail. Applying dehydrator is safe after fixing the tips on your nail. Do not apply the dehydrator on the tip.

4.) Applying the Primer to do Acrylic Nails

You don’t have to follow this step if the acrylic liquid already has a primer in it. Your natural nail plates have been dehydrated and filed. Now, it is the time to apply the UV gel primer. Smooth a thin layer over the natural nail but don’t apply it to the artificial nail tip. After that, wait till dry completely. The primer will help you by fixing the rest of the manicure to your natural nail. Place your nail under UV lamps for a few minutes. The exact time to put the nails under UV lights will depend upon the power of lamp you are using. To finish this step put a few drops of cleanser onto a cotton/lint free wipe and smooth.

5.) Quick Acrylic Preparation to do Acrylic Nails

Pour your acrylic liquid (the monomer) into your glass container. Putting acrylic in a container makes it easier for you to dip the rush in and out. Don’t dip the brush in the original bottle as it may contaminate rest of the liquid. Get ready with your tubs of acrylic powder (polymer). Make sure you have a clear one and a pink one. Those who are doing white tips should have a white one as well. You will also need a paper towel and medium sized brush to wipe your brush on.

6.) Apply the Acrylic

Dip the brush in the acrylic liquid followed by wiping the back of the brush. Exactly after this, dip the brush in the relevant powder three times. Do this in a scraping motion such that powder will stick around the liquid. This will ensure the mixture right consistency. After creating every bead, dab the brush onto a paper towel to remove moisture.

7.) Pinching the Acrylic

After one minute your nails will be ready for pinching step. You can wait a bit longer if your nails still feel a bit moist. Don’t wait for a long time as it may allow the acrylic to set completely. Put the pincher over your nail, so that there is a metallic prong on either side of the nail. Leave it until the acrylic set properly. After this step, your nails will look more natural and slender than they did beforehand.

8.) Filing and Top Coating Your Nails

Now, it’s time to file your newly made nails. File your free edge to make it smooth over any sharp edges and also to remove any acrylic that may be hanging over the edge. Now, file your side walls while concentrating on the sides of the tips. This step will make your acrylic nails look much smoother and help you get rid of any unwanted acrylic. Finally, it’s time to file your top nail. Start with white, then clear and pink. Be careful while working on the pink section as it is near to your cuticle.

Before doing the top coat, remove all the leftover dust from the filing. It is very necessary to remove dust from filing as they may stick with coat and cause lifting of the tip.

Nail Polish Top Coat– Simply smooth an even layer of your nail without disturbing your skin/cuticles and then wait to dry. This will extra shine to your nails.

UV Gel Top Coat- You should use the brush that comes with UV gel to smooth an even layer of nail. Don’t touch any surrounding skin while doing this. It’s up to you, how may layer you want. Once it has been set under UV lamp, apply cleanser plus to lint free wipe.

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