How to Hide a Hickey?

In this article, we will discuss about the different ways hide a hickey. Hickey, which is also known as love bite or kiss mark is a type of bruise which almost everyone like getting or giving. But, it can become an embarrassment next day or even the next minute only when it starts to appear on your skin. And, if it is on your neck, shoulder or any other visible part of your body, it becomes quite difficult to hide it from your family, friends, and office colleagues. Although, Hickeys usually heal in a couple of weeks. But you can’t hide yourself from the world for so long, rather you can hide your hickey from others till it gets disappear on its own. Therefore, below we have mentioned some easy, simple and effective methods by which you can hide your hickey from others completely. But, remember next time to take prevention while giving or getting a hickey. Here are some solutions to hide a hickey fast.

How to Hide a Hickey

Methods to Hide a Hickey Fast:

1.) Wear an Accessory to Hide a Hickey from Others

Accessory can be one of the best savior to hide kiss mark. Wearing a suitable accessory is an appropriate option to hide a hickey from others. Below are some accessories which you can give a try to cover up your neck.

  • Scarf: Wearing a scarf is one of the most common accessories which you can use to hide your hickey or other bruises. Just remember to wear it during the appropriate season. Try not to look weird while keeping your scarf on. It should look natural with your appearance.
  • Sweater: You can also drape a sweater across your shoulders in winters to look trendy. But do this only if you’ve tried this thing before as well. Otherwise, you friend of family may find it strange which may create a doubt in their mind.

2.) Make Stories to Hide a Hickey from Others

Making up stories about your mark is another way to hide it from others. Stick a bandage and explain the reason by making false stories about it. Here are the ways which you can try.

  • Boys can make bug bite as an excuse to explain others. Whereas a girl can make excuses by saying that they burned themselves with a curling iron.
  • If you have a pet, you can say that your pet scratched you.
  • But making up such stories is more likely to draw more attention towards your hickey. Be a good actor.

3.) Long Hair to Hide a Love Bite

Girl or a long-haired man has a great advantage to cover their love bites. Just remember to keep a check on your hair all the time, like whether they are in place or not. But, don’t over-do it as that can also draw more attention towards your neck. You can use your mobile camera to keep a check on your hair, but do it without making other notice it.

4.) Wear Shirt to Hide a Kiss Mark

You can wear a shirt or sweater to hide a kiss mark. It is one of the most convenient ways to conceal the mark from the world. It works for both male and female, below we have listed a few things which you can try hide the bite.

  • Wear a jacket or a sweater with a raised collar to cover your neck completely.
  • You can also wear a turtleneck sweater or long-sleeved shirt. But, make sure you don’t look odd among your friends while wearing such clothes. Otherwise your friend will most likely notice your hickey and may make fun of you for your popped collar.
  • Avoid wearing a turtleneck in summer as it will draw more attention towards your neck and may make you sweat a lot.
  • Girls can try wearing tank tops with raised collar while they still look trendy and beautiful.
  • You can also wear something which draws attention away from your neck. Wearing a top with funny logo on it is a good option. There is a lot of things for girls to do to draw attention away from the neck.

5.) Make-Up to Cover Up a Hickey from Friends

Make up is among the easiest method to cover up your bruises such as hickeys. You just need a couple of items to hide your hickey. Here are things and steps listed that you need.

  • Yellow Corrector: Yellow corrector is needed to balance and neutralize the color of your love bite. The inside color of a hickey is purple and it is red on the outside, so you need to apply a yellow corrector on the inner portion using a brush to even the color tone.
  • Green Corrector: After applying yellow corrector on the inside portion of your love bite, apply green corrector on the red portion of your mark.
  • Concealer: Finally, apply a concealer using a brush that matches your skin color. You can test it first to the other side of your neck to know the exact color tone you need to apply over your hickey.
  • Once applied dab it with your fingers and repeat it again after a few hours, if its starts to smudge during the day. Avoid touching your neck with wet hand.

6.) Foundation to Hide a Kiss Mark

After Applying make-up, you can apply a layer of foundation to give extra coverage and protection to your kiss mark to minimize the chance of smudging.


  • Just take a make-up brush and apply foundation using it.
  • After application use a sponge to blend it perfectly.
  • Girls can easily do it and boys can ask a girl to help them out in doing so.
  • You can even go to a salon for hiding it properly for an special occasion.

7.) Ice Remedy to Hide a Hickey Fast

Icing is an effective remedy to hide mild hickeys or love bites. This remedy is very effective if done within few hours of getting a hickey. Here are the steps that you need to follow.


  • Just wrap some ice cubes in a wash cloth and hold it against your affected skin for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Take a few seconds break during icing in order to prevent ice burn, which can ruin the condition rather than healing it.
  • And, remember not to apply ice directly onto your skin as it can also cause ice burn.

8.) Toothbrush to Hide a Hickey Fast

Brushing the hickey and surrounding area with a firm bristled toothbrush is another way to treat your hickey fast and naturally. Brushing will promote circulation around the affected area. Do not brush too hard as it can worsen the condition of your hickey.

After brushing wait for 15-20 minutes. You may notice redness and swelling spreading out, which is common. Just wait to see the color of hickey toning down. Finally, apply a cold compress for a few minutes and wait for another 15-20 minutes. If it works, do this process again after a few hours. But, if it irritates your skin keep icing it until the irritation goes away. Try not to do harsh brushing or icing on the affected area.

9.) Warm Compress to Hide a Hickey

If you have a mild hickey and not a severe one, a warm compress may do the trick to get you rid of such bruises. Just place a warm towel or heating pad over your affected skin for a few minutes or until it is warm and comfortable. Do not burn yourself with heating. Let it cool a bit before applying if it is too hot for your skin.

Once the area is warm enough, massage the area from inside out to break blood clot. Breaking blood clot will help promote circulation of blood and hence minimize the appearance of your love bite. Repeat this process a few times daily. Apply this remedy only after it’s been 2 or 3 days getting a hickey.

10.) Keep Away from Following Things

Wearing accessories around your neck is more likely to draw more attention towards your neck. It is better to avoid such things to drag away attention from your neck. You can use it if you want to hide you hickey instantly. Otherwise avoid following things:

  • Avoid wearing jewellery, which draws attention towards your neck.
  • If you are a female, you should avoid wearing an earring, necklace. Instead, wear rings or bracelets to drag attention away from the neck.
  • If you are a male, you should put away your dog tags or chains. Instead, you should wear a watch or bracelets.
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