How to Get Water Out of Your Ears?

Water in the ear is a very common problem and can happen to anyone. Water can enter inside ear while swimming or taking a bath or shower. The wax present in the ear canal prevents fluid from going deep into the ear. It is very irritating and aggravating when water gets blocked in the ear sometimes. It not only decreases the hearing but also very annoying and can cause bacterial infection and severe pain. You should have to take the preventive measure as soon as you get the water in your ear to reduce any type of risk related to the ears. You should use the remedies to get water out of your ears that can treat the problem without affecting the sensitivity of the ear. In this article, we are providing some safe and effective remedies to get water out of your ears.

Remedies to Get Water Out of Ears:

1.) Steam to Get Water Out of Your Ears

A warm towel and a warm bowl of water near the affected ear will help open the Eustachian tube so the water can escape easily from the year. Boil water in a large bowl and then cover your head with a towel, and hold the ear over a steam bath. You can also add anti-inflammatory agents such as chamomile or tea tree oil. Don’t stay under the towel for too long, stay for only 10 or 15 minutes only. The steam loosens the water or fluid so that it gets out of your ear. Steam from  a shower can do the trick also, you should take your time going through your body by allowing steam to build in the shower.

2.) Warm Cloth to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Heat some water in a bowl and then soak a clean cloth in it. After that remove the excess water from the cloth by squeezing it, place the cloth on the affected area of ears to get water out of your ears. Keep the cloth for 5 minutes and then rub the ear with your palm roughly. Put palm on the clogged ear tightly and then just push it out like a suction cup. This will help you to get rid of water from the ears. On the other hand, heat a piece of cloth either by ironing it or putting it in the direct sunlight and follow the above method.

3.) Wax to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Using wax is a great way to treat clogged ears. Mix few drops of baby oil and glycerine in a hot water, now mix equal amount of hydrogen peroxide in the solution. Hydrogen peroxide is a great ingredient to get rid of fluid in ears. The method of using this remedy is quite simple, just lie down on the bed, pour very little of this solution in the clogged ear. After pouring it in the target ear, you will notice a sound of bubbles. When the sound stops, this will signify that its time to drain the solution. Bend your head while facing affected ear downward. Do this two times a day, but not more than this as hydrogen peroxide is harmful to the ears. You should not use this remedy if you have an ear infection.

4.) Gravity Ear Drain to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Gravity is a great method to get water out of your ears. It can give you temporary relief using simple rules of gravity. Lie down and tilt your head down in such a manner that affected the ear, face downwards to encourage the water to come out. Move your head back and forth hard to force the water to come out of the ear. This method does not guarantee that fluid will definitely come out as it depends on the what is causing the clogging and how thick it is. By doing this you will feel some  of it moving closer to the ear, but don not digs your ear as it will harm more than doing any benefits.

5.) Hair Dryer to get water Out of Your Ears

How to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Hair dryer emits hot air that can be used to get water out of the ear. This technique requires attention as the high heat setting of a hair dryer can harm the ear. Set the heat level to a minimum and place the dryer a foot away from the ear, the hot air from a hair dryer will convert the water into steam, and as a result, of this water will come out of the ear. Be careful while using it so it will not burn your ear or the side of your face, and if it causes any pain or feels too hot, stop doing it immediately. It is bit controversial and won’t be beneficial for all the people around us. Sometimes you need to see your doctor check any kind of infection.

6.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Water Out of Your Ears

The effervescent property contains by the hydrogen peroxide is  very effective option to get rid of fluid in the ear. Hydrogen peroxide not only removes the trapped water in the ear, but it also helps to get rid of ear wax and debris from the ear canal. Put a few drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide into the clogged ear and allow it to settle down for 2 minutes. Lie down and tilt your head to allow the water to come out of the ear canal.

7.) Olive Oil to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Olive oil not only helps you to get rid of water trapped in the ear, but it also has an antiseptic property that will reduce any risk of infection in the ear. Luke warm some olive oil in a small bowl. Use a dropper to put few drops  in the ear, leave it undisturbed to get settled down. Tilt your head after that remove the oil as well as water from the ear. You should put 2-3 drops of olive oil before going for swimming this will lubricate the tissues lining the ear and this will prevent the water getting trapped.

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful remedy for clogged ears. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and alcohol, mix them properly. Lie down and put few drops of the mixer in the clogged ear. Put a cotton in the ear to  prevent it from coming out and leaving for sometimes such that the solution can work. You feel some relief and water will get out from the ear.

9.) Garlic Oil to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Garlic is one of best natural remedies for plugged ears. Additionally, garlic has a great antibacterial property that aid in preventing ear infection as well as reduce pain. Take 2 garlic cloves and mash it with a knife or spoon. Now, heat a saucepan and put 2 spoons of olive oil in it and add the smashed garlic. Heat the oil for some time. Now, turn off the flame and let it reach to a lukewarm level. Lie down and put this prepared garlic oil on the clogged ear. Let it set for like 45 seconds to 1 minute. After that, drain the garlic oil. You will feel relief.

10.) Humidifier to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Dry air can cause respiratory infections to worsen and it can also prevent the infected area from breaking up and draining. Placing a humidifier in your bedroom will help you get the water out of your ear when you have an infection or to improve sinus health. The same effect can also be obtained by means of a hot shower or a sauna session. You can even place a hot water bottle near the ear, it may do its part to draw fluid out of the ear canal. It becomes a necessity in winter to use humidifiers because the air in your house can be extremely dry. There are lots of portable humidifiers available in the local market which you can easily move to whatever room you’re in to break up the fluid faster.

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