Home Remedies to Treat Eye Infection

One suffers with eye infection when unsafe micro-organisms microbes, organisms and infections attack any piece of the eyeball or nearby territory. This includes the front surface of the eye (cornea) and the slender, sodden film coating the external eye and internal eyelids. The eye infection, causes redness, irritation, swelling in the eyelid, excess drainage of water and itchiness in the eyes. When the symptoms get serious, eye drops will be required to eliminate the pain and also encourage the healing process. Sometimes, the eye infection can be cured by itself, but sometimes, it can take a week or more to heal. In this article, we are explaining some home remedies to treat eye infection. You can utilize these remedies to heal the symptoms and encourage the healing process. When an eye infection starts affecting the eye’s interior wall with bacterial, it can even result to blindness if left without immediate treatment.

Prevention is better that cure

If you notice the person near to you is suffering from a red-eye, avoid contact with your own eye or face  until you wash your hands with germ killing soap. This will minimize the risk of catching common bacterial or viral eye infections. Also, using an anti-infective sprays and cleansers regularly in public areas and after coming back to home from outside helps a lot to prevent this situation. Eye infections can be avoided if you take proper care. Read below some important measures to prevent eye infections:

  • Washing your hands before touching your eyes or eyelids
  • Check the expiry date of contact lenses.
  • Make sure you keep it clean and apply it with clean fingertips.
  • If you are suffering with the eye, infection, keep your bedding and towels clean to avoid further problem.

Type of Eye Infections

Many of the viruses, bacteria and fungi that enter the human body are also able to attack the surface or interior of the eye and causes infection. Eye infection is categorized in two types:

  • The first type of infection is that in which eye that is infected or inflamed and known as Conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane inside the inner eyelid and the inner corner of the eye’s surface.
  • Other type of infection takes place in the eyelid, the cornea, the liquid inside the eye, the retina and the blood vessels or the optic nerve.

Don’t panic if you are suffering from an eye infection, it can be treated at home and even if you have consulted doctors. These remedies can help you to get rid of eye infection quick and fast when it is combined with doctor’s recommendations. Read below the sympotoms and remedies of eye infections.

Symptoms of Eye Infection:

Home Remedies to Treat Eye Infection:

1.) Cleaning to Treat Eye Infection

When dirt, dust particles or any other material causes the infection in sebaceous glands with bacteria, it results in stye formation in the eye. If you find this infection, it should be cleaned regularly to eliminate the cause of infection. You should clean stye by using a cotton ball or swab soaked in warm water. Keeping your eyes clean every time will reduce the further bacterial attack which will prevent from worse situation.

Home remedies to treat eye infection

2.) Hot Compression to Cure Eye Infection

This is one of the best home remedies to treat eye infection amongst all. Use a cotton cloth dipped in warm water, squeeze it to remove the extra water before applying as a compress on the closed eye. This encourages the blood circulation near the affected area and fastens the process of recovery of the infection. The infection will cure faster. Use this remedy 3 or 4 times in a day.

3.) Salt Water to Get Rid of Eye Infection

It is one of the most effective home remedies to treat eye infection. Add a spoon of salt to 1 glass of boiling water, once reduces its temperature and becomes cool, dip a cotton ball in this solution and place on the infected eyes. It is very easy and helpful remedy for eye infection. Cold water compression is more favorable to the eye infection, if you are adding salt for the compression.

4.) Cold Eye Bath to Treat Eye Infection

This is the best among all the home remedies to treat eye infection. It can be done to support the eyes to cure this problem faster. It also helps in encouraging the natural expression and the eyesight. For this, fill a basin with cold or chilled water and dip your eye in it, regularly blink eyes for around 5 seconds this will help to clean the eyes thoroughly. Try this remedy for 3-4 times in a day.

5.) Green Tea Bags to Treat Eye Infection

Green tea is a good natural source of antibacterial and antiseptic properties which will help to heal this problem effectively. Green tea bag compression will remove all the bacteria and help to reduce the pain and swelling. Along with this it will also eliminate the swelling in your eyes.

  • Take a green tea bag dipped in hot water.
  • Allow it to rest for 3 minutes and put it in a refrigerator.
  • Take it out after half an hour and squeeze the tea bags.
  • Apply it on your affected eyes.
  • Repeat this for a month.

6.) Medicated Eye Drops to Heal Eye Infection

Medicated eye drops are easily available which help in eliminating the symptoms of eye infection. Sometimes these drops also contain antihistamines or some medicine which helps in curing eye allergy. Apply this eye drop 4-5 times in a day this will help you to cure the problem faster.

7.) Avoid Contact Lenses to Cure Eye Infection

Avoid the use of contact lenses during the eye infection. You can consult the eye specialist to confirm the duration you should avoid the use of contact lenses. Nondisposable lenses should be cleaned carefully before using them.

8.) Coriander Leaf to Treat Eye Infection

Coriander water is said to have components which will help in curing swelling caused by the infection. Soak coriander seeds in water for an hour, use this water to wash the eye. Sometimes, the doctor recommends oral antibiotics or antibacterial medication after finding the underlying cause of the eye infection. 

9.) Rose Water to Get Rid of Eye Infection

Rose water is very effective to cure this problem, it can heal the pain and remove the swelling. It will also fasten the course of recovery. Though applying the rose-water will give a high inflammation for the time, but it will be very useful to remove the bacteria along with your tears.

  • Put some rose-water in an eye dropper bottle
  • Put 2 drops in your eyes before going to bed and few more times in a day.

10.) Meet a Doctor to Remove Eye Infection

Yes, rush to your eye specialist to get rid of eye infection. Do not use any medicine in your eyes until it is recommended by your doctor. Ask him about the precautions to practice to heal this problem. He will find the reason behind the problem. Also, you can likewise try all the home remedies to treat eye infection given in this article to fasten the rate of recovery.

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