Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is well known as the sunshine vitamin these days. It can be naturally produced in the body with mild sun exposure, without any other sources or consumption of food and supplements. The proper amount of vitamin D in the body is important as it regulates the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and also makes bones and teeth healthy. It also supplies a protective shield that fights against multiple diseases such as cancer, diarrhea and multiple sclerosis. People who have dark skin living in cold climates are prone to deficiency of vitamin D. For an example black and Asian people are at high risk of lacking Vitamin D in their body because these skin type naturally blocks UV rays and therefore stops the body’s natural potential to produce Vitamin D. Let us see some important benefits of vitamin D and foods that are rich source of vitamin D.

Benefits of Vitamin D

1.) Stronger Bones

Strong bones are directly associated with calcium. Calcium is the major component when it comes to healthy bone and increasing mineral density in the bones. But we cannot overlook the importance of vitamin D as the research has shown that vitamin D is a powerful stimulator of calcium collection in bones, and that makes it stronger and healthier. If you’re not able to gather enough vitamin D, your body slowly begins to stop depositing calcium into bones, and drags out calcium back from your bones mix into the bloodstream. If this happens over long time, this constant cycle of withdrawal of calcium from bones will make it weak and increase the risk of fractures. This is the best benefits of vitamin D.

2.) Improve Muscles Function

It improves the muscles function if you intake vitamin D rich source foods or supplements. It can help a lot to gain strength. It is the best benefits of vitamin D. Research done in the Iranian Journal of Public Health in 2010 claims that over 70% of men ages 20-29 have vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, risk of vitamin D deficiency is very much common in athletes and causes muscle weakness. Take care that you balance the intake of vitamin D by taking foods that are rich in vitamin D or by taking supplements.

3.) Protection from Cardiovascular Disease

The major function of vitamin D is to encourage the absorption of calcium to ensure healthy bones, but it also helps to protect your heart. Recent evidence has shown that individuals who is suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and heart failure. Although the exact mechanisms are not clear at this stage, vitamin D can effectively help lower blood pressure, also helps to increase the elasticity of your arteries and improve glycemic control. You can save your heart by intake of vitamin D. It is the best benefits of vitamin D.

4.) Decreased Risk of Diabetes

Vitamin D is very effective in decreasing the risk of  diabetes and it also can prevent to some harmful long-term complications, like nerve damage, heart disease, vision loss, and kidney problems. Recent evidence has shown that vitamin D plays a significant role in cutting down the risk of developing diabetes. Several studies have shown positive results in improving the beta cell function, insulin production, and the body, inflammation when you consume higher levels of vitamin D. A recent study claims the high risk of diabetes, if you are suffering with deficiency of vitamin D. This is the best among all the benefits of vitamin D. So try to include the intake of vitamin D in your diet.

5.) Reduced Risk Of Cancer

This is something magical benefits of vitamin D as the research says that adequate amount of vitamin D levels in individual body reduce the risk for various types of cancer that include colon, breast and ovarian cancer. Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamin in the human body that help to prevent the cancer-cell growth, and reduces the risk of cancer as it encourage the absorption of calcium, while reducing metastasis that spread cancer from one organ to another part of the body. Now let us look at some of the best food that contains vitamin D.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

benefits of vitamin d

1.) Sun for Vitamin D

There are numbers of food that are a good source of vitamin D. The Sunlight is one of the best sources of  vitamin D. It also reduces the chances of skin-cancer. You can simply sit and take a small amount of sun exposure without sunscreen this can help a lot. It is not the sufficient amount that your body need on a daily basis, but remarkably it will add a small amount. Now read below to know foods rich in vitamin D. You can have number of benefits of Vitamin D.

 2.) Fish High in Vitamin D

Fish is a good source of vitamin D you can include it in your diet to intake the adequate amount of vitamin D in your body. Common and best fish include salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna. It is tested that a 3-ounce sockeye salmon fillet can give you about 450 international units (IUs) of vitamin D. Which is a good portion as recommended by the Institute of Medicine’s recommended dietary allowance. Fish is the best source of this vitamin and you can collect several benefits of vitamin D.

3.) Mushroom Rich in Vitamin D

The power of mushrooms will make you feel surprised with its goodness of vitamin D. This is the perfect combination of taste and health that you can take it in salad or any way according to your wish. Try to intake mushrooms in your diet 4 times in a week and this will surely help to boost the Vitamin D levels.. In order to get the maximum benefits of Vitamin D you can expose to sundry before consumption. You will be amazed to know the facts that mushrooms naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

4.) Cheese High in Vitamin D

This has become a universal truth that every one loves cheese. Cheese consumption can provide more satisfaction than any other food and also it is a good source of vitamin D. It falls under the list of best foods rich in vitamin D. Cheese is one of the best 5 foods rich in Vitamin D. So you can freely add and  spread an additional layer of cheese on the toast. Ricotta cheese is the best among all that can provide the maximum amount of Vitamin D in comparison to other. Cheese is the best food that is full with benefits of vitamin D.

5.) Egg for Vitamin D

Egg yolk is also the best and most affordable food that is rich in vitamin D. So you can simply add egg yolk to your breakfast plate. Since its yolk is a good source of vitamin D, it’s essential to intake the whole egg rather opting to eat just the whites. So you can simply avoid eating just egg white and include the most nutritious part in your plate. It would be great if you intake a glass of milk. Egg is the most affordable to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D.

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