How to Get Six Pack Abs at Home?

Want six packs abs? Don’t have gym equipment at home? Do not worry. In this article, we are going to talk about different ways to get six pack abs at home. Not having equipment is a minor setback when it comes to the gym at home. Well, without equipment, the main key thing is to use the maximum potential of your body. But six pack abs is a hard task along with a strict diet.

You need not waste money on fancy workout equipment to get six pack abs. Just with few simple basic exercise tools and with a healthy diet is important for the midsection muscles. From the everyday busy schedule, you just need to give a few minutes to this fitness regime no matter how busy you are. Here in this article, we have jotted some exercises and diet to get six pack abs at home. Read this related article How to lose belly fat fast? on our website.

Why is Diet Important?

If you really want to see your six pack abs. You need to zero on what you are putting into your body. Most of the people look for nutrition plan and stick to it religiously until it stops working. But our body needs a wake-up call once. Challenge it, cater it, to just like your muscles.

3500 calories are about one pound of fat. Diet patterns help you control intake and sheds consumption of 350-400 calories a day. Which means you can shed a pound of fat in 10 days and 3 pounds of fat in a month. A diet rich in calories and protein reverses the gains resultant from a strict exercise. Exercise helps burn stored fat in the body, but if a person consumes extra calories, the weight remains stagnant.

Many people make the mistake of limiting their diet and reduce food intake. Reduced food intake or consuming low quality of food can lead to the body running short of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins required for the function of the body. This may lead to weakness and fatigue of the body. So eat right focusing on the good quality of food consumed. One only achieves your target when your diet provides all the essential nutrition while limiting the calories.

Opt for healthy foods like green leafy vegetables, fish, fruits, and seafood. Fat is also important for our body, good fats are such as avocados, olives, fish oil, nuts and flax seeds. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which has anti-inflammatory properties should be consumed to the maximum. Foods rich in fiber like whole grains are also a great food without the calories. Eat good fiber such as oats, quinoa, and brown rice, which helps alter the insulin and glucose in the body.

Diet to Get Six Pack Abs at Home:

1.) Eat Salmon with Sweet Potatoes to Get Six Pack Abs

After Workout: Your glycogen levels go down after a workout. Potato is rich in carbohydrates, which help restore glycogen levels. It will also help you boost your energy all day long. Salmon has the same advantages eating chicken and veg. However, salmon is rich in omega-3, fish oil and bioactive peptides which help reduce inflammation regulates insulin levels and support functioning of joints.

2.) Eat Eggs to Get Six Pack Abs

Before the workout, it is recommended to eat the whole egg. The egg is a packed full of proteins and other benefits. As it is said the yolk contains the maximum fat, so it is thrown.  The throwing yolk is a big no, as it contains essential nutrients.

3.) Eat Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Salad

After Workout: Quinoa is rich in protein. Hummus, it is made from chickpeas. Is is a full package of carbs and proteins. Quinoa is a south American popular grain rich in nutritional profile, its versatility and high in fiber content.

4.) Eat Blueberries to Get Six Pack Abs

Berries are rich in glycemic content than in other fruits. Therefore, they do not cause a hike in blood glucose levels. Moreover, it contains antioxidants, which help to repair free radical damage caused due to exercise.

5.) Drink Green Tea to Get Six Pack Abs

Drink green tea before working out. Always balance your carbs by adding some nutritious protein and fats such as 1 handful of nuts. Have some dark chocolate or a cup of strong green tea to boost fat burning.

6.) Almonds to Get Six Pack Abs

These versatile and delicious nuts contain filling fiber and protein. It also consists of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. It is also a good source of magnesium and several minerals to produce enough energy, maintain and build muscle tissue, and helps regulate blood sugar. The things that make almonds most interesting is their capacity to block calories. Research says that it helps reduce the inclusion of all of their fat, making them an extra-lean nut.

7.) Soy Get Six Pack Abs

Soybeans are a great source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Liquid soy also is a good option for a meal replacement. A study says that people who consume soy base drinks and products are more fattier than who consume dairy-based drinks. So eat 25 grams of whole soy protein daily. Eat 4 ounces of tofu contain 10 grams. Choose whole soy foods than packed with isolated soy protein because that may not provide all the nutrition of whole soybeans.

six pack abs

Exercises to Get Six Pack Abs at Home:

It is important to do some warm up before you start exercising for 6 pack abs

1.) Warm-up Before Exercises:

Do Some Arms Stretch:

  • Stand straight with both arms extended to the side.
  • Turn the arm in and out for 10 reiterations.
  • While the arm is extended outward flex lower arm at the elbow for 10 redundancies.
  • Get the extended arm in front of the midsection and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Do this process for the activity 10 times.

Do Some Back Stretch:

  • Stand straight with your feet separated in non-partition position.
  • Incline forward with hands endeavoring to touch the leg in the middle of the knee and huge toe.
  • Keep up the position for 5 seconds (number up to 10).
  • Return to straight position and stretch out back, however much as could be expected.
  • Keep up the back expansion for 5 seconds and return to nonpartisan position.
  • Do this process for the activity 5 times.

2.) Abdominal V Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie on your back over the sleeping pad.
  • Overlay and rest the hand over the midsection front.
  • Flex abdominal area and lower leg together.
  • Hold the knee with hand and instantly release it.
  • Rectify the abdominal area and lower leg while utilizing stomach muscles.
  • Do this process for 10 times.

3.) Reverse Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie on your back.
  • Hold the arm behind the head while legs laid level on the ground.
  • Twist the lower leg at the knee and hip.
  • Bring the knee joint towards the stomach area however as much as possible.
  • Keep the abdominal area straight against the ground.
  • Acquire the knee resting position.
  • Do this process for 10 times

4.) Vertical Leg Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie on your back.
  • Hold the hand behind the head.
  • Flex the lower leg gradually utilizing abs at the hip, keeping knee joint augmented (straight) position.
  • Keep the shoulder bone level on the ground.
  • Do this process 10 times.

5.) Straight Arm Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie on your back.
  • Stretch the upper arm on the side of the body and keep level on the ground.
  • Keep the lower leg reached out to the ground.
  • Flex the abdominal area with upper arm extended as an afterthought.
  • Do this process 10 times.

6.) Full Sit-up Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie level on the ground.
  • Flex knee and hip joint
  • Keep the foot immovably on the ground.
  • Hold both the arm over the midsection.
  • A Twist abdominal area near knee joint, however, much as could be possible.
  • Do this process 10 times.

7.) Crunches in Sitting Position to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Sit straight on the seat.
  • Verify foot is refreshed on the ground.
  • Hold both the hands behind the head.
  • Curve gradually forward utilizing stomach muscles.
  • Correct the back gradually and sit straight.
  • Do this process times.

8.) Crunches in Standing Position to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Stand straight with legs about feet separated.
  • Hold both hands behind the head.
  • Twist abdominal area forward however as much as possible.
  • Try not to curve lower leg.
  • Do this process 10 times.

9.) Hanging Leg Lift Crunch to Get six Pack Abs

  • Utilize any settled bar, which can hold your weight.
  • Hold tight the bar with both the arms while the knee is bowed.
  • Bring the knee towards the midriff.
  • Do this process 10 times.

10.) Ball Lift Crunch to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Lie level on your back.
  • Hold the ball between the legs beneath the knee joint.
  • Keep arms level on your side.
  • Lift the arm with both the leg, however as much as possible.
  • Hold the ball in the last position as far as possible.
  • Convey the leg gradually to lay on the ground.
  • Do this process 10 times.

11.) Abdominal Crunches On The Ball to Get Six Pack Abs

  • Rest your lower back on a ball measured around 1.5 to 2 feet in width.
  • Keep the arm crossed around your midsection.
  • Twist your abdominal area towards the knee joint
  • Keep the ball moving while doing the activity.
  • Do this  process 10 times.
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