How to Treat Bed Bug Bites?

After writing, how to get rid of mosquito bites?, how to get rid of fleas bites?, and home remedies for scabies, we are now writing the ways to treat bed bug bites. These small nasty bed bugs living forcefully in your house can prove to be big nuisance for you. These tiny creatures are really cowards as they attack you when you are asleep. These little creatures are the bed bugs that make home to your bed and the cracks in the walls.

The bites can be really painful and itching doesn’t leave you along. Red spots also appear on the skin that makes the case worst. The bites look tiny but can become severe. The good thing is that you can treat them simply by using some remedies. And, the good thing about these remedies is that you can find them easily in your kitchen. These remedies are really effective and do not easily have any side effects. In this article, we are going to discuss the best of the natural remedies. Read the article to learn about different ways to treat bed bugs naturally.

Remedies to Treat Bed Bug Bites:

Here are some of the best remedies that you can go for in order to treat bed bug bites. As said above, bed bites can even become severe in some. It is good to get rid of them at early stage. These bites itch and swelling appear on face. Read the following methods to treat bed bug bites:

1.) Cold Compress to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Cold compress is one of the best remedies for bed bugs treatment at home. This remedy has been used to treat a number of other problems like acne, pimples, cold sore etc. The method is easy and gives you relief from itching, redness and inflammation. Follow the steps to use it:

  • Take four ice cubes.
  • Wrap them in a clean cotton cloth.
  • Now place it on the affected area for 5 seconds and then wait for 2 seconds.
  • Repeat the process for 15 minutes.
  • This will provide you a great relief.

How to treat bed bug bites

2.) Aloe Vera to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Aloe Vera gel is a very effective remedy to get rid of bed bug bites. It is also used to get lighter skin naturally at home. The gel cools down the inflammation and makes the bites go away. You can buy the gel from the market and rub it on the affected area. If you have a plant then you can extract fresh gel. What you have to do is:

  • Take a fleshy Aloe Vera leaf and cut it into two.
  • Extract the get from it and apply it on the affected area.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Apple Cider Vinegar is also an amazing remedy that can be used to treat bed bug bites effectively.It is used to treat many skin problems like acne, dark spots, cold sores. Apple vinegar for weight loss is well known. It is acidic in nature and thus helps with the itchiness and inflammation. What you can do is:

  • Take some raw apple cider vinegar and rub it on the affected area.
  • It well get absorbed in the skin and will treat the bites well.
  • Repeat the method until the bites are gone.

4.) Lemon Juice to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Lemon juice is great at fighting the itchiness caused by these bites. It is also rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help with swelling and inflammation. Follow the steps to use it:

  • Take some lemon juice in a bowl.
  • Now dip a cotton ball in it.
  • Repeat the process for a few days.

5.) Baking Soda to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Baking soda is the remedy that has been used to treat skin problems blackheads and acne. Baking soda is also one of the most fantastic remedies for treating itching caused by the bites. What you can do is:

  • Take a teaspoon of baking soda in bowl.
  • Add three teaspoon of water to it.
  • Now mix it well to make a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, wash it off.
  • If you face the problem again then apply it after 45 minutes.

6.) Tea Bags to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Applying tea bags will also work effectively. It has been used to treat a number of other skin problems. It soothes skin and helps you get rid of itchiness and swelling. It will combat the inflammation well. Here is the way that you can use to get rid of bed bug bites:

  • Take a glass of boiled water and put 2-3 bags it.
  • Now keep the bags in the refrigerator and allow it to cool completely.
  • Now apply them on the affected area and leave for 15 minutes.

7.) Potato to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Potato is also a great remedy for bed bugs treatment. It helps get rid of the itchiness effectively. You have to apply the starch on the affected area. What you can do is:

  • Take a potato and cut into two.
  • Now rub it on the affected area.
  • Repeat the process as much times as you require.

8.) Onion to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Onion is also an amazing remedy for treating bed bug bites. It is easy to use as well. Take an onion and cut into two. Now rub it on the affected area and leave it. The juice will get absorbed and it will treat the pain and swelling.

9.) Garlic to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Garlic is rich in anti-biotic properties that speed up the healing process. Also, it calms down the burning sensations. What you have to do is consume it. It will treat you from inside. You can take it any form like soup or you can eat it raw. Garlic treats you from inside but external application is also important. So, along with this, you can go for any of the remedy for external application mentioned in the article.

10.) Alcohol to Treat Bed Bug Bites

It looks good, right? Here, you do not have to consume it. Alcohol is rich in properties that treat the redness and swelling. What you can do is:

  • Take some alcohol in a bowl.
  • Now dip a cotton ball in it and apply it on the affected area.
  • Allow it settle.
  • You can repeat the process as per your requirement.

11.) Witch Hazel to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Witch hazel is also an effective remedy to get rid of bed bug bites. What you have to do is dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for some time. You can apply it again if needed.

12.) Tea Tree Oil to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Tea treat oil works on the itchiness and swelling and gives you relief from the bites fast. What you have to do is give your affected area massage with the oil. Do not apply it directly. You have to use the diluted form of the oil.

13.) Basil to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Basil is known for its anti-septic and antibacterial properties. It is also great at treating the swelling and inflammation. What you have to do is make a thick paste with the basil leaves and apply it on the affected area. Keep it for some time and wash it off. It will provide you instant relief from the swelling and itching.

14.) Banana Peel to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Banana Peel can also provide you great relief from the pain and itchiness. What you have to do if apply the inner wall of the peel on the affected area again and again. Apply it many times a day and you the bites will be gone.

15.) Spoon to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Yes, you can use spoon to get rid of bed bug bites. A cold spoon will work as cold compress and relieve you from pain, inflammation and swelling. Just keep a spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes. Now, apply it on the affected area. Keep repeating the process.

As said prevention is better than cure, it is better to get rid of bed bugs and prevent bed bugs infestation.

Other Ways to Treat Bed Bug Bites

1.) Check the Bedbug Bite Carefully

Bedbugs bites are similar to other insects bites, it can be like mosquito bites. It looks like reddish, raised bump that may also like blister. Bedbug bites are really difficult to distinguish from other insects. Even doctor cannot recognize the insect bites by simply looking at them. But bedbug bites has unique bite pattern. Although some bedbug bites appear alone, most of the bites occur in the row of three to five bites or in a cluster of red bumps. The bites appear in the zig zag formation but also appear in straight line if the bug bites you in the morning.

Generally bed bugs bites in the exposed areas of the body, such as neck, face, feet and arms. In the contrast to mosquito bites, a bedbug hardly bites on the back of the knees or fold in the skin.

The bumps and rashes given by bedbugs simply resolve themselves in one or two weeks. However, the individual bites or set of bites may heal. As long as there are bedbugs nearby you then it will surely get on you.

2.) Give Attention to When the Bites Occur

Imagine, for example if you noticed the bites after waking up when you previously not noticed them.  So in this case, it is very difficult to determine and the every person has a different reaction on it. Symptoms that cause by bites can occur at any point from a couple of hours to more than a week after a bite occurred.

Bedbug has a long incubation period. Visible sign of the bites can appear upto 10 days after you initially bitten the bedbugs.

3.) Check Your Home and Sign of Bedbugs   

If you really want to get rid of bed bug bites then you need to make sure that the area surrounded by you is free of beg bugs. You need to begin with where you are sleeping. Bedbugs occur where people are so that they can get the warm blood of human beings. There are some bedbugs who get squashed after feeding or from the bites that are left on you when the bugs finished feeding on you.

You just need to check your entire mattress which includes lining and seams. You just need to look for the sleeping bed bugs, carcasses, empty skin and feces. You just need to also check out the pillow cases, sheet and pillow cases.

It is really daunting to see and catch the living bedbug. You can even see some tiny brownish insects with broad and oval bodies which are very good in hiding. However, finding the bedbug means just to confirm about the bedbug’s bite.

4.) Consult with a Doctor

If you finding difficulty to recognize the bed bugs bites or you are not able to find the cure of bedbugs bite than you can go to doctor. Doctor will help you out by the help of diagnosis that will surely find the source of bite or a rash. But there are also chances that the doctor may find difficulty about the confirmation of the bedbugs bite as it look similar to other insect’s bite like a mosquito. But you can visit to the doctor that will surely make your condition better. Doctor will give you medicine and ointment that will surely help you to get rid of itching and rashes. Your doctor may prescribe a tropical corticosteroid ointment that will give you relief from itching and inflammation. These ointments are stronger than the ointments that you will buy from the counters.

5.) Search a Good Exterminator

This method is the best method that will surely help you that you have bitten by the bedbugs. An exterminator will search bedbugs and able to confirm whether or not you have an infestation on your hands.

An exterminator will know what he or she is searching and where are the best possible chances of getting bedbugs. Exterminator will search properly and also treat your home to remove all the bedbugs and also prevent the future bedbugs bite from occurring.

Home fogger and a bug spray will not usually kill the bedbug infestation. So if the problem is serious or you want to remove every bedbug from your home then call a professional exterminator.

Taking Large Preventive Measure at Home to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bites

1.) Go for a Blanket and Comforter Professionally Clean

If you will send your cloths in professional laundry especially large items to your local dry cleaner for full cleaning then this will surely prevent future infestation. Just make sure, you have talk about the concern with them. Many professional cleaners will have process and relatively safe chemicals that will help in discourage bugs from nesting in the fabric.

For many cases of the insect infestation, the professional comes at your home for professional cleaning and eliminate the bugs. Don’t make a step, if you are not sure about the bedbugs as it can quit expensive for you.

2.) Change your Bed Frame

You don’t have to worry about the preventing measures unless you are suffering from the bad cases of bedbugs. Bedbugs often make a home to the wooden frame then you need to take out it from you bed room. Wooden frames are quite closed to the walls so they can easily travel from the wall to floor and floor to your bed.

3.) Seal Your Home Well

If you are not stopping bedbugs to entering in your home then you cannot stop them to bite you. You just need to pay attention to every corner or go for professional cleaning. You just need to close all the crack and crevices that are near bare plumbing and wiring.  Smaller bugs can travel through these narrow paths. Keep the windows opening and wooden door sealed so that they can’t enter easily. Keep these openings close as much as you can. You also have to improve the general sanitation to get rid of bed bugs problem. Make sure you don’t leave dishes overnight or any piece of food on the floor to invite the bedbugs.

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