Exercises for Lower Back Pain

A series of routine exercises can help you to reduce any lower back pain. The most common exercises for lower back pain include tension, stiffness, and soreness. While performing any of these exercises for lower back pain, you should start the movement gently. Your aim should be to perform these exercises on a daily basis to treat back pain naturally. You can also complement this exercise with cycling, walking, and water-based activities. Be gentle, do not put any extra effort while doing exercises and stop immediately if you feel pain. You should first consult your doctor before starting exercises for lower back pain.

The lower back is an important part of the body which supports the entire upper body. The lower back pain has now become a most common problem affecting millions of men each year. The lower back can cause anything from a mild to severe activity restrictions. It is necessary that everyone should aware of lower back treatment as 85% of percent of the population will experience it at some point in their lives. Try to prevent lower back pain by keeping it both strong and flexible instead of doing different exercises for lower back pain.

Top Exercises for Lower Back Pain:

1.) Pelvic Tilt to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

The pelvic tilt is one of the easiest and most subtle stretching based exercises for the lower back. This exercise increases the strength and flexibility in the lower back. Lie down straight on the ground with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Simply tilts your pelvis backward without disturbing the rest of the body. To perform the pelvic tilt, you may have a tendency to push the whole hip off the floor. The movement should be very gentle that an observer might not be able to identify the motion. You should be careful not to stretch too hard as this can do more harm than good.

2.) Trunk Flex to Treat Lower Back Pain

The trunk flex is a great lower back exercise for reducing the pain and increasing flexibility.  When performing this exercise, you have to simply lean back on your own feet from the starting position. You should be well aware that different exercises have different low back health and levels of flexibility. Therefore, while performing the trunk flex, you will only lean on as far back on the calves as is comfortable. Do not apply extra pressure. Keep it simple and relaxing as this can do more harm than good.

3.) Knee to Chest Stretch to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

There are many stretching based exercises for lower back pain but the knee to chest stretch is one of the simplest. It works to improve the flexibility and also strengthen the low back. Lie down straight and then lift your knees up toward the chest. Then, grab the backside of your legs above the knees and gently pull toward the chest. When performing the exercise, be sure to maintain a proper balance. Lift your pelvis slightly off the floor. You should be careful not to stretch too hard as this can do more harm than good. It is one of the most effective stretches for lower back pain.

4.) Side Bridge to Treat Lower Back Pain

The side bridge is a core based lower back exercises to give more strengthen the oblique muscles. it is important to keep the muscle tense  while performing this exercise. Bridges work as the stabilizer muscles making them a complete core workout. You will be shaking which is normal when performing a side bridge. Be sure to stretch the lower back muscles, tendons and ligaments before and after exercise in order to prevent any casual injury. These stretching exercises are great even if you already suffer from back pain. These exercises for lower back pain can also be used for warming-up prior to any other lower back exercises. You should be known that the stretching based exercises should be pain-free, do not attempt difficult positions to avoid the problem.

5.) Extension Holds for Lower Back Pain Treatment

This is one of the simplest lower back exercises that can easily be performed at home. The single leg extension exercise works on the low back forcing you to balance. After assuming a stance on all four, you should extend one leg behind other. Now, at the same time, you should also extend the opposite arm straight. Extend the both limbs straight. This exercise should be repeated with opposite leg and arm.

6.) Adductor-Assisted Back Extension for Lower Back Pain Treatment

This is a popular exercise that isolates some of the deeper muscles enclosing the lower back. This exercise provides extra support from the inner thighs and also some increased activation of the hamstrings. While lying down on the floor on your stomach, bend your feet and align your legs together. You should keep a slight bend at the knees. Press your knees and hips into the ground. After that, lift your elbows up until the hands above the ground. Move the shoulders down towards the butt while lifting the chest off the ground. You should keep your neck straight and hold the pose for 30 seconds.

7.) Deep Abdominal Strengthening to Treat Lower Back Pain

Lie down on the floor and put a flat cushion under your head. Bend your knees while keeping the feet straight and hip-width apart. Maintain the upper body relaxed and your chin should gently tuck in. Now, as you breathe out, draw up the muscles of your lower abdominals and pelvis as though you were doing up a zip along your stomach. Keep this gentle contraction while breathing from the abdomen for 6 to 10 breaths and feel relax. Repeat the process five times. This is a gradual and gentle tightening of the lower abdominal region. You should be careful not to stretch too hard as this can do more harm than good.

8.) Basic Trunk Extensions to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

The basic truck extensions work to build strength in the lower back. If you are new to lower back pain training then is the best exercises to start with. The extension is brilliant for those who are beginners or who have suffered a low back injury in the past. Before performing this exercise for lower back pain, you should know the limits of your flexibility. It should be performed in a controlled manner to avoid any Jerking or “exploding” upward. This is one of the best exercises for lower back pain treatment.

9.) Dynamic Stabilization Exercises for Lower Back Pain Treatment

This technique first gets the patient “neutral” spine. This is the position that allows the person to fell comfort. Then, the back muscles trained to maintain the spine at this position. It is one of the most beneficial exercises for lower back pain.

10.) Machine Hyperextension to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

This exercise for lower back pain is ideal to strengthen the lower back. The machine is nicely designed to prevent injury while performing this exercise. There are various types of machines for this exercise. Most of them come with a belt that keeps you in place to isolate the lower back. The exercise on this machine should be performed I controlled movement.

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