How to Treat a Pulled Muscle?

This article tells you how to treat a pulled muscle. Pulled muscle will always come and go in different parts of the body at any time and any place. But for those who experience foot and leg muscle pulled regularly in daily life, here are some of the best tips to follow. Generally such pain causes a lot of trouble that leads to uneasiness in your daily life. If even you want to, you can’t ignore the pain easily. Most of the times these pulled muscle occur involuntarily and you really don’t have much control over them. They mostly occur at night time during sleep and are sudden and severe on most occasions. They are experienced from the thigh towards downwards. Apart from muscle fatigue pulled muscle can be caused by following reasons:

how to treat a pulled muscle

Remedies to Treat a Pulled  Muscle:

1.) Stretching and Flexing to Treat a Pulled Muscle

A stretching exercise helps a lot when a pulled muscle strikes all of sudden. The stretching exercises comprise of extending your leg or any other part of the body which is affected. Stretching increases blood flow to the affected area to ease the pulled muscle. It is recommended that you remain in a stretching position until the pain goes away. This can also be used as a preventive measure by stretching before going to sleep. Strengthening the foot muscle helps to reduce any kind of leg pain. Try out exercises that train your toes as well as calf workouts which will ease the pain of a pulled muscle. If you exercise appropriately and regularly then you avoid too much stressing on your muscle.

2.) Taking Painkillers or Muscle Relaxants to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

The medication is usually needed in the most persistent cases which cannot be treated or cured with physical exercises. When the pulled muscle is a symptom or a result of taking some medication for a specific disease, some muscle relaxants are necessary. At times, these pulled muscle are caused by a deficiency of some specific vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Calcium and magnesium supplements can help get rid of pulled muscle fast. Other muscle relaxants may also recommend by doctors for those suffering from regular muscle strains. However before taking any kind of supplements you must first need to consult with your doctor so that you don’t take anything that has side effects.

3.) Ice Pack to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

Ice packs help to reduce the inflammation on your painful muscles. It’s best to start using ice mostly whenever you suffer from this pulled muscle. Whenever you feel wear and tear in your muscles just put an ice wrap on it to soothe the affected area. The rubbing of ice pack is the best solution to fight your pain. This ice pack is known as the first aid for any kind of muscle pain.

4.) Applying Hot Compresses to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

A heating pad on the affected muscle zone eases inflammation to relax the pulled muscle. When using a heating pad make sure the temperatures is bearable and comfortable. So, that you don’t burn yourself. In most instances, cold or hot compresses makes the pain fade away in just a few minutes. Although it is better for you to leave it there for about ten to fifteen minutes to make sure that the pain goes away completely.

5.) Apple cider vinegar to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

Apple Cider Vinegar comprises of acetic acid which helps the body make acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. It enhances your muscle functionality and elasticity. Therefore, the more acetylcholine in your body the better your muscle functions properly. Drinking apple cider vinegar dissolved in water gives you relief from pain. All you need to do is just add 15 ml of apple cider vinegar in one cup of lukewarm water and drink this solution every morning empty stomach. This remedy will help you to treat a pulled muscle.

6.) Take Some Tea to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

Stress and anxiety are also known to cause of pulled muscle problems. Chamomile tea and ginger tea helps to relax the body and prevents you from further pain. This herbal tea is very helpful to ease the pain. The tea just helps you to calm down and relax your muscles. This tea contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to heal these pulled muscle problem.

7.) Massage to Treat a Pulled Muscle

For most people the immediate reaction to a foot pulled muscle is massage. You should apply smooth pressure using your fingers to the affected area and press firmly on the spots where you feel the pain. A hard or soft touch and pressure on the points can be relevant depending on which one works best for your influenced muscle in reducing the pain. Massage reduces all types of muscle tension and also helps blood flow to the affected muscle. Massage is very typical and old remedy to treat a pulled muscle.

8.) Toe Stretchers and Bandages to Treat a Pulled  Muscle

Wearing a toe stretcher and crap bandages will provide help to get rid of pulled muscle. These elastic wraps not only eases the pain of strains but also lessen the swelling. But it also reduces muscle frequency and blood circulation if you wear it for at least an hour a day. These wraps and bandages improve bone alignment. And they also stretch muscle structure to reduce muscle tension around the affected zone.

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