How to Make Eyes Look Bigger?

If you love experimenting especially with your eye-makeup then you are on  right track we are here going to tell you different ways to make your eyes look bigger. Eyes are the most expressive part of the face. In order to look more expressive, you got to try different eye makeup techniques. Since bigger eyes are in trend these days so let’s discuss different ways to make eyes look bigger and more appealing.

Different Ways to Make Eyes Look Bigger

1.) Curl Your Eye Lashes to Make Eyes look Bigger

how to make eyes look bigger

The instant way to make your eye look bigger is curl them. Use an eyelash curler or a mascara to do this.  Start curling from the root and gradually move towards the tip of the lashes. Do this again if you are not satisfied. The extended-curly eyelash makes your eye look bigger from the usual. So now you know a simple trick to make your eyes look bigger. This weekend surprise your friend with a new look! However, do not curl them often.

2.) Bold Outline on the Middle of Lashes

A thick line of mascara can do magic for your eyes. It makes your eyes bolder, appealing and bigger as well. The right way to achieving bigger eye look is to apply a thick layer of a liner in the middle of the lashes followed by thin layer. For doing so correctly, you can mark dots and maintain a proper distance between eyelashes and dots, especially at the middle part of the eyelashes. Then with the help of eyeliner join those dots to make your eyes look bigger

3.) Shimmery Eye Shadows to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Another way of making your eyes look big is to apply shimmery eye shadows on the inner corner and under the eyebrow bone. You can also use a highlighter to do so. Complete the look by applying nude eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelid. The reflective particles in the shimmery eye shadow will make your eyes bright and look bigger.

4.) Colored Smokey Eyes to Make them Look Bigger

Smoky eyes are latest in trend. However, if you have small eyes then go for a colored smokey look since black smokey will make your eyes look smaller. Try neon shades like as blue, pink, and green and complete your look with the black faded outline. This look is perfect for night parties and function. Go, girl, with the all new look!

5.) Groomed Eyebrows to Make Eyes Look Bigger

The eye looks bigger than usual if there is a space between eyelids and eyebrows. So groom your eyebrows regularly to make you face look clean and eyes look bigger. However, if you aren’t able to groom it then with the help of nude eye pencil cover the stray hairs. Also, if your eyebrows are too thin then make false-thick eyebrows with the help of an eyeliner. Make sure the color of the eyeliner should match with the color of your eyebrows. Thick and voluminous eyebrows will make your eyes look big naturally.

6.) Blend your Eye Shadow to Make Eyes Look Bigger

This trick comes handy when you are in the hurry. All you have to do is blend dark brown matte shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and lift it up to the crease. This will give you big eyes look without applying too much makeup. This will also make your face more photogenic. To get a photographed face, try this trick!

7.) Line your Waterline to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Line your waterline with the white pencil, this will make your eyes look bright and bigger. You can also try different shades for creating different looks. For example, for the sophisticated and mysterious look, go for the shimmery champagne eye pencil. And, blue-hued eyeliner for a bold look. Try any of the looks, you are definitely going to look stunning!

8.) False Eye Lashes to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Try false eyelashes or extensions to give your eyes fuller look. It will add extra volume to your eyelashes. The best thing about this technique is that you do not have to apply mascara again and again to maintain the look. However, chose good quality eyelashes that go with your eye color, others can simply ruin your look

9.) Say No to Dirk Circles to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes under bags make your eyes look small. So make sure you catch-up enough sleep to get rid of the puffiness. Home remedies such as Aloe-Vera gel, cucumber can also help you to get rid of the dark circles.  For instant look, you can apply concealer to conceal the dark circles.

10.) Bright Lipstick to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

If you do not like too much makeup then simply put bright lipstick shade and you are ready to dazzle. The will also make your eyes look bigger and stunning.

11.) Apply Eyeliner to Upper Water Eye Lid

The easiest way to achieve bigger eyes look is to apply a correct eyeliner only on the upper water eye lid. The correct eyeliner means the eyeliner which suits your eyes. And, since you have to apply it on the water eye lid so make sure that it should be waterproof. This technique will require lots of practice. But its worth doing. Complete the look by applying mascara only to the upper eye lashes. If you will apply koehl or kagl on lower water eye lid then it will make your eyes look smaller so avoid it.

12.) Extend the Eyeliner to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Last but not the least way to make your eyes look bigger is extend the application of the eyeliner above the outer corners of the eye. You can start from the inner corners of the eyes and lasting beyond the outer corners. You can try  dramatic winged look. This will give you a classy look and moreover, make your eyes look bold and big. So what are waiting for ! Try this technique and get different eye look.

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