How to Detox Your Body Naturally?

This article is about how to detox your body naturally. Detox is the method to get away from your optimal eating habits, and a false quick fix. That’s why there is a need of a reboot instead. By “reboot” it means a process that restores your energy and health through balanced nutrition and a healthy diet. Rather than doing a quick detox, a reboot uses the great antioxidants and phytochemicals found in mineral rich foods to help your entire body cells, organs, immune system and mind. People are drinking tea or juice or something similar in order to flush the “impurities” out of their body. If we have healthy skin, liver and kidneys, we are detoxing every day. Even if a fast detox works for weight loss, the benefits are short-term because you can’t keep on it forever. There are a number of benefits of detoxing your body and mind. It not only keeps different diseases at bay, but it also stimulated the process of weight loss. Thus, people who want to lose weight  should go for detox soups and detox smoothies.

How Not to Detox Your Body

Tips to Detox Your Body:

1.) Make Smoothies to Detox Your Body

We know eating whole fruits and vegetables is best, but in today’s busy life it is not possible. However, a good and simple way to start eating fruits and vegetables is by making healthy smoothies. A healthy smoothie isn’t some sweet drink full of just fruits with added sugars. It is an alternative that brings together a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. You also balance the fruits and vegetables by mixing some healthy fats rich in monounsaturated and omega-3, which are known to be anti-inflammatory, such as avocado, chia seeds and flaxseeds. Phytochemicals are the compounds found in fruits and vegetables that give them their color, and can heal the human body from disease as well.

2.) Eat Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Foods to Detox Your Body

Free radicals are a genuine problem. A free radical is an uneven molecule that latches onto healthy cells, making them unbalanced as well, causing a chain reaction. Its major characteristic is its ability to make contact with our DNA and alter the strains. As we know, mutated genes can cause cancer or other unending diseases, and the inflammation caused by these free radicals is almost fatal. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, whole grains, and fats can help to reduce the number and effect of free radicals by neutralizing them throughout the body. Therefore, include these foods in a good quantity in your daily meals.

3.) Be Colorful to Detox Your Body

The key to healthy nutrition is varied and colorful fruits and vegetables. Far from drinking just tea for days on end, the way to help your body repair and restore itself is by eating a full range of healthy and colorful foods. The best way to imagine about this concept is color. The colors in fruits and vegetables are caused by phytochemicals, which have shown to have a number of healthy properties. So eat blueberries, strawberries, purple potatoes, colored corn, black rice, yams, and all the other colors of the fruit and vegetable.

4.) Get Cooking to Detox Your Body

If there’s one unbelievable thing you could do for your health is to cook your own meals. You can’t actually get control of your diet and your health until you know accurately what you’re putting in your body and restaurants and junk foods are all hiding that information from you. If you are making your own food then you are in control of your own nutrition. Keep in mind that food preparation isn’t just about dinner,  prepare and pack your lunch as well.

5.) De-Stress to Detox Your Body

Lack of sleep boosts the production of ghrelin, the hormone that creates the feeling of hunger. If you don’t get proper sleep you will feel hungrier and you’ll be less able to oppose that hunger because you’re exhausted. Your stress starts to feed on itself, and to make you stressed. Sleep is important to break that cycle. Even if you’re well slept, you can decrease stress further by conscious breathing. Take a few minutes break during the day, maybe at lunchtime and again during an afternoon break, to breathe in intensely and gradually for a count of seven, and then out for a count of eight. Do this for a few times to get rid of your stress. Sticking to this practice, plus a good night’s sleep every night will help your body to restore itself more than any detox ever could do. Remember the only true detox is getting your nutrition completely.

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