How to Stop Smoking Weed?

This article is about different ways to quit or stop smoking weed. In layman’s language how to stop smoking weed means how to end your addiction to the drug, which is mainly marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the world. Since it is highly addictive in nature, therefore, the person get easily addicted to it. Initially, people smoke it for fun. However, later they are not able to stop themselves from taking it and thus get addicted. Once get addicted to smoking weed, the person loses control on himself, and he is not able to get rid of it. If the addiction is not treated timely, it can turn into a severe problem and the person might end ones life. The person not only suffers from mental difficulties but faces physically and emotional tortures as well. There are many therapies and treatments which promise to stop smoking weed completely. However, for giving up your addiction completely, you need a firm determination and courage. Below is the list of different ways that can help you to stop smoking weed but if you want then only.

Disadvantages of Smoking Weed:

  • Our immune system protects us from various infections and diseases. Regular smoking makes the immune system weak and thus the smoker become prone to diseases and infections.
  • Tobacco contains nicotine that reaches the human brain within the seconds. Since it is a stimulant, therefore, it makes the person energized at once. However, that energy is short lived and when its effects subside, the smoker feels tired and start craving for it. This increases the risk factors for macular degeneration, poor eyesight, and cataract. Moreover, it tends to damage the cardiovascular, circulatory system and lungs.
  • Similarly, marijuana is also harmful to our health. It is one of the types of the toxic substance which is used for smoking. The drug is a combination of seeds, stems, shredded leaves and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant. The heartbeat increases imminently after smoking this drug. In addition, it increases the blood pressure and heart-related problems.

How to stop smoking weedWays to Stop Smoking Weed:

1.) Meditation to Stop Smoking Weed

Regular meditation helps a person to combat the stress and the smoking withdrawal symptoms. It also helps you to quit smoking and starts a healthy life. Moreover, it reduces the negative vibes from the body. Meditation helps you to calm your body. It enhances the mental strength which is comparatively less in the smokers. Moreover, it helps you to fight with the loneliness that often smokers feel. It raises the self-esteem and confidence level. A  regular session of meditation should be of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Apart from meditations walking, exercises, yoga  are equally beneficial.

2.) Acupuncture to Stop Smoking Weed

Another way to stop smoking weed is acupuncture. It provides relief from the symptoms of the smoking withdrawal. After quitting smoking, the person often experiences jitters, restlessness, and irritation. These symptoms can be cured with acupuncture. In the beginning, the withdrawal symptoms get worst since your body is not ready for the change. However, gradually the damage is cured. According to a recent study, acupuncture is one of the best natural remedies to quit smoking weed or pot. However, avoid doing it yourself at home, consult a therapist instead. The therapist will start the session on the basis of different factors, such as how often do you smoke? What do you smoke, reason for smoking, how much harm does smoking has caused to your body and many more. These factors will help him to plan the treatment accordingly. After the acupuncture treatment, the craving will reduce since the acupuncture increases the serotonin level and tissues of the brain.

3.) Quitting- Cold Turkey Method to Stop Smoking Weed

“Cold Turkey” is one of the oldest and the most popular way to give up smoking. Many smokers try this method, however, only a few of them succeed. For this remedy, you have to be firmly determined and ready to give up smoking completely. In this method, the person simply quits smoking without any treatment or nicotine replacement. Immediately after quitting smoking the person experience withdrawal symptoms. Most of the people are not able to resist the craving for smoking and, therefore, go back to smoking. Few who are able to resist quit smoking completely. In order to follow “cold turkey,” your first step should be, throw all the smoking paraphernalia that you use, avoid places things and people which remind you of the smoking.

4.) Manage your Urges to Stop Smoking Weed

Before giving up smoking, you have to make yourself ready both mentally and emotionally. The basic thing you have to manage is to control your craving and urges for smoking. It’s very difficult to control your urge, however, nothing comes in hand apart from your will power and firm determination to quit smoking weed. To manage your urges, start with avoiding that place where you used to smoke. Whenever, you sense craving for the smoke, drink a glass water and change the place. Initially, you can chew nicotine gums to stop the craving. However, gradually give up chewing nicotine as well. You can also try sugarless candies, toothpick and diet drink to prevent the craving.

5.) Seek a Therapist Help to Stop Smoking Weed

Consult a doctor or a therapist before quitting. He will prescribe you the correct therapies and medicines which will help you to quit  smoking and help you to combat the withdrawal symptoms. You can also join a support group like narcotics anonymous or smoking anonymous. You can also enroll yourself in a rehab to stop smoking weed.

Foods to Stop Smoking Weed:

1.) Carom Seeds to Stop Smoking Weed

Carom seeds restrict the craving for smoking and thus you do not feel the need to smoke. Moreover, it cleanses your stomach and lungs. All you have to do is in a small bowl mix 100 gms of carom seeds, 100 gms of fennel seeds,  60 gm of black salt and juice of 2 lemons. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Leave this mixture overnight. Next morning, heat the mixture little to remove the moisture from it. Then, store it in a glass container or bottle. Chew a half tbsp of this mixture whenever you get an urge to smoke. Consume this mixture 5-6 times a day. This mixture will also improve  your digestion system and gastric problem. This mixture will also help you to treat a toothache which is caused due to a smoking. This is one of the best remedies to stop smoking weed.

2.) Onion Juice to Stop Smoking Weed

Onion juice inhibits the growth of germs and toxins that damages the lungs and health of the person. It also kills the poison which is created by the tobacco in the smoker’s body. You have to just consume 25gm of onion juice regularly. You can also add onion paste in your meals.

3.) Water to Stop Smoking Weed

Drinking plenty of water is the best and easiest way to counter smoking weed. It detoxifies the human body. After smoking, the body becomes dehydrated, water helps hydrate your body. Whenever you feel like smoking drink a glass of water. Intake of water will gradually reduce the craving for smoking and at last, it will defeat the addiction. Moreover, it also treats the irritation which is often felt by the chain smokers. So drink a 10-12 glass of water or whenever you want to drink.

4.) Oats to Stop Smoking Weed

Oat is one of the oldest remedy that is used to quit smoking  The oats will detoxify your body and flush out all the toxins from your body. In simple words, it helps to cleanse your body. Also, it helps to treat the symptoms felt after quitting smoking.  In a bowl mix a tablespoon of oats with 2 cups of boiled water. Mix it thoroughly and leave it for a night. In the next morning boil this mixture for a few minutes. Make sure that the consistency of the mixture should be thin. Consume this mixture after every meal. However, avoid it in the night.

5.) Multivitamins to Stop Smoking Weed

Smoking results in the deficiency of the vital nutrients in the body. The deficiency can be countered by consuming multivitamins. You can also consume supplements of A, C, and E. These supplements will replenish the depleted nutrient level in your body. In addition, they will also help you to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms. Healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet help you a lot in getting rid or to stop smoking weed. So include  green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, fruits, juices in your daily diet.

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