How to Pop Your Ear? (Naturally & Fast)

It’s a very common problem as many people experiences ear blockage when they travel by air or train. Many people report they feel it when the they are traveling in a tunnel. It is very irritating and feels abnormal when all the people around you do not feel any uncomfortability but at the same you do. Before summing up with some effective solution for how to pop your ear, let us know the reason behind this problem.

Causes of Blockage of Ear:

Our human ear structure has an air pocket, which is responsible to make a balance between the air pressure inside the pocket and the outer air. This balancing make us capable to hear. As the air pressure will change, usually thinner at high altitudes, the air pressure reduces when you’re on a plane, which disturbs the balance of the air. Ear wax is also one of the reasons behind this problem.  Do not worry, this article includes a number of effective ways how to pop your ear.

Best Ways to Pop Your Ear:

how to pop your ears

1.) Chewing-gum to Pop Your Ear

Chewing gum is the best solution for how to pop your ear. This will really help you to get rid of this problem instantly. Make a habit of chewing-gum this will prevent this problem. This will also help balance the air pressure between the outside air and the ear pocket. You can also try some hard candies for the same purpose do not chew the candies just keep on sucking it.

2.) Yawn to Pop Your Ear

Yawning is also the best remedy for how to pop your ears. So just simply open your mouth and yawn with a full force. This will really help to pop your ears. Keep your mouth in a O shape and yawn. As soon you find changes in the blockage stop yawning. If you do not find any change at first attempt or twice you can repeat this for some more times.

3.) Use Your Finger to Pop Your Ears

Using fingers is the easiest way to pop your ears anywhere any time. You can simply use your finger to balance the air pressure inside and outside the ears.  Place your finger across your ear and move it on and off to solve the problem. Do not stick your hands inside the ears.

4.) Nose Therapy to Pop Your Ear

All the four senses are interconnected internally. So blowing the nose can help instantly to pop your ears. Simply blow your nose, start with one nostril at a time. It will help to neutralize air pressure changes to unblock the ear.

5.) Do not Afraid to Consult a Doctor

Don’t wait to get it worst consult your doctor soon possible. If you suffer quite frequently  go to the doctor. This can be because of an underlying sinus or cold, cough that misbalances the air pressure. The doctor may recommend an OTC pain drug, an anti-toxin, or a nasal spread to solve the issue.

6.) Drink a Large Glass of Water to Pop Your Ear

Drink a large glass of water with full force. Try to finish it at once. Drinking a  large glass of water is one simple way to  how to pop your ears. The drinking movement will help to regulate the air pressure, but you can make it more fruitful by tilting your head to bring your tubes in a good position.

7.) Hot Compression to Pop Your Ear

Take a warm shower or hot compression. Take a hot glass water bottle  and wrap it with a pad or cloth to make it warm. Apply this cloth to your affected ear and  lay back with your ears under the surface of the cloth. Wait for 4 to 5 minutes to pop your ears.

  • Take a hot water in a glass bottle.
  • Wrap it with a cloth or pad so that it becomes warm.
  • Once it gets warm apply it on affected ears and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat this for 5-6 times in a session.
  • Do it twice a day.

8.) Hot Water Gargle to Pop Your Ear

A pinch of salt in hot water gargle can do a lot to pop your ears. It will also help to solve the relative problems. The gargle session should be between 5 to 6 minutes. Repeat this thrice a day. Try to use warm water.

  • Take 1 cup water in pan and boil it
  • Mix 1 spoon of salt in boiling water
  • Gargle for 5 to 6 minutes
  • Repeat this for 3 times a day

9.) Olive Oil to Pop Your Ear

Olive oil can solve almost every problem related to our body system. Olive oil is full with nutrition and important agents that help to cure diseases. Olive oil is the best remedy to pop your ears all you need to take one simple step.

  • Put 2 -3 drops of lukewarm olive oil in an ear with the help of ear dropper.
  • Repeat this twice a day, especially before going to bed.

10.) Yoga to Pop Your Ear

Yoga has some breathing session, which enhances the working of four systems. Especially nose, ears and eyes. Try meditation and breathing exercise to improve this problem. This remedy is the best effective because it can get you rid of this ear problem for the whole life.

To Prevent it from Getting Worst Follow the Instructions:

  • Consult doctor if remedies at home are not working.
  • Do not use any medicines at home.
  • Prevent yourself from getting cold and sinus.
  • Practice breathing exercises for example yoga.
  • Do not take medicine until that is recommended by the doctors.
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