How to Treat Bronchitis?

This article will help you to know the ways to treat bronchitis. Bronchitis is a kind of respiratory disease that is linked with your nose and lungs. In simple words bronchitis is caused due to inflammation that leads to swelling in the bronchial tubes (mucus membrane) that connects your nose to lungs. When there is some kind of viral infection in your mucus membrane, it results in coughing that has inflamed your bronchial tubes. The bronchitis is of two types, the acute bronchitis and the chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis stay for maximum of three weeks. While chronic bronchitis last from three months to maximum of two years. All you have to do is to take the preventive measures to treat your bronchitis. There are medications to be taken but only when prescribed by the doctor. The ones who are suffering from chronic bronchitis will need to undergo a long medical treatment depending on the terms of recovery.

Acute Bronchitis: It happens very often to people when they are suffering from. It may also lead to fever. But you need not worry about it. It will be cured within a few days. But you will need to take care of it with any minor medications if it’s bothering you. Else you can opt for the home remedies.

Chronic Bronchitis: The chronic bronchitis is mostly noticed in those people who are into smoking. And it will remain at least for three months in a single year. When you suffer from chronic bronchitis, you will need to avoid the exposure to pollution, dust, exhaust fumes and painting areas.

General Symptoms of Bronchitis:

  • Too much of cough.
  • The color of the phlegm changes to white, yellow or green after forty eight hours of the start of your coughing.
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Feeling of tightness in the chest.
  • Sometimes pain occurs near the breastbone.
  • Shortness in breath.

treat bronchitis

Home Remedies to Treat Bronchitis:

1.) Drink More Water to Treat Bronchitis

When you are suffering from any kind of disease it is always recommended to have more water. Thereby, your body needs to be hydrated always to keep you well. And drinking more of fluids will be at your advantage. It will help to clear your cough easily. Else, if it will lead to dry cough which can further aggravate the situation by making you feel uncomfortable. So, try to drink more the eight glasses of water in a single day.

2.) Use Garlic Clove to Treat Bronchitis

Garlic is counted among both herbs and spices. It is known to have the anti-viral and antibiotic components. Therefor using a garlic clove will prove to be beneficial for you to acute bronchitis. You will need to take two to three garlic cloves and peel off the cover. Then pour it in milk and bring it to boil for five to seven minutes. After boiling the milk, try to keep it aside to cool down and drink it everyday before going to sleep.

3.) Take Salt Water to Treat Bronchitis

The gargling is the ancient remedy that is in use from the ages to the recent times. Gargling will soothe your throat by giving you relief. When you are suffering from any of the acute or chronic bronchitis, this is a useful remedy. Apart from that, gargling with salt water will heal your other symptoms also that is caused due to bronchitis. You will need to add one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Then try to gargle two times a day. That will be one in the morning after you woke up and the next at night before going to bed. Try to use precise amount of salt, else it might cause you irritation in your throat.

4.) Use Ginger to Prevent Bronchitis

Ginger is the excellent home remedy that is in used from ages too. The small amount of spice will heal your bronchitis. The ginger remedy is often used when one suffers from cold. Ginger contains the anti-inflammatory properties that can heal your sore throat and the swelling. You have to make a solution mixing few ingredients. Firstly grind the ginger and mix it will cinnamon and cloves powder in a hot glass of water. Keep the level of water in the glass till half. Mix it well and drink it daily to get relief. You can also opt to make an herbal tea by adding ginger in it. Apart from that you can also have ginger tea.  And the other option is to mix ginger, pepper, cloves and consume it once day.

5.) Take Onion to Treat Bronchitis

Onions are also a great source of home remedy. It is helpful in types of health and skin related issues. The onion has the capacity to dissolve the phlegm and the mucus which will come out of your body through cough. Thus, it gives you relief from the inflammation. You can consume onion in variety of forms. You drink the onion juice one in a day. Else in the morning in an empty stomach, consume one teaspoon of a raw onion. Apart from that, try to add raw onions in your salads and sandwiches. While, you can use it in cooking.

6.) Use Raw Honey to Cure Bronchitis

remedies to treat bronchitis

Raw honey is mostly recommended as the best home remedy. You can get hold of raw honey in the local farm markets. Honey has the antibacterial and antiviral properties that works on any type of infection from skin to stomach infections. Honey also works well to boost up your immune system. You can also consume honey in a variety of ways. Try to add one teaspoon of honey in your daily morning tea. It will bring much relief to your sore throat. Also drink warm lemonade that is mixed with honey in it. Try to repeat these processes till your bronchitis is cured. It has no side effects with its consumption.

7.) Apply Eucalyptus Oil to Treat Bronchitis

Eucalyptus oil is the essential oil that is very helpful for your mind and body. There are two ways to using eucalyptus oil. One way is to use through steam and the other through topical appliance. Eucalyptus oil will work to soothe your sore throat or the inflamed mucus membrane. It is an herbal healing medical. Thereby you can use it at home. For use of eucalyptus oil in steam, try to add few drops of the oil in the boiled water. And cover your head with a towel and take the steam. It will provide much relief.  And for appliance take few drops in your palm and rub around your neck and chest area. After that, keep the massaged area covered for a while.

8.) Use Epsom Salt to Treat your Bronchitis

Epsom salt is another useful remedy that can heal you from bronchitis. Epsom salt is suitable for those suffering from acute bronchitis. You can opt for the Epsom salt bath. For that add two fifty to five hundred grams of Epsom salt in your bathing water depending on the amount of water take for bath. Always take bath in Epsom salt before going to bed at night. You can easily rely on Epsom salt because you will relieved from the pain and other symptoms once take bath in it.

9.) Use Turmeric to Heal your Bronchitis

Turmeric is the excellent spice to heal you both internally and externally. Turmeric has the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal you quickly. You can use it through consumption and inhaling purpose too. Take one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk. Drink it everyday either in the morning or at night. Consuming it at night will be more effective. For inhaling purpose, add two to three teaspoons of turmeric powder in boiled water. And take steam from it as mentioned in point seven. This is one of the best remedy to treat your bronchitis.

10.) Use Sesame Seeds to Treat Bronchitis

Sesame seeds have few medical qualities to heal you from bronchitis. It will help you from to get relief from the chest pain during coughing and generally. You will need to mix few ingredients with sesame seeds. Take one teaspoon of sesame seeds, one teaspoon of flax seed or linseed, a pinch of salt and one teaspoon honey. Mix it well and have it daily once before going to bed. There is another way of using sesame seeds. For that you will only need two teaspoon of sesame seeds powder and add it with two an half teaspoons of water. Blend it well and drink it once daily.

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