How to Get Rid of Bunions?

In this article, we will discuss some top home remedies to get rid of bunions. They are generally described as a bump on the side of the big toe, but they are more than that. The visible bump usually reflects the changes in the bony framework of the front part of the foot. If you have bunions then the big toe leans toward the second toe which actually points straight ahead. This makes the bones out of alignment, forming the bunion’s bump. Bunions are a progressive disorder. They begin with a leaning of the big toe. After that, they gradually change the alignment of the bones over the years. They slowly produce the characteristic bump, which continues to become prominent. Usually, the symptoms of bunions appear at after some time, although some people never have symptoms.

How to get rid of Bunions?

Remedies to Get Rid of Bunions:

1.) Massage to Treat Bunions

Simply, massaging the affected area regularly is a popular way to relieve as well as prevent this problem. Massaging helps in increased blood circulation to the area and provides great relief from the general discomforts. Daily massage will reduce the size of the bunion and make the affected area less responsive to corns and calluses. Rub some warm olive, coconut or castor oil on the affected area. You should do deep-friction massage for ten minutes. Repeat the process two times daily for best results.

2.) Epsom Salt to Cure Bunions

If the bunions are due to arthritis then you should try an Epsom salt soak to relieve the pain. Epsom is actually magnesium salt that helps regulate the pH levels in the body. Balance pH level in the body is essential to fight inflammation and pain. A warm water and Epsom salt soak will also take care of calluses and corns, common symptoms of bunions. Add a handful of Epsom salt to the warm water and stir thoroughly. Keep your foot in the water until the water is cold. Let the foot dry thoroughly, then massage with warm coconut or olive oil.

3.) Red Pepper to Get Rid of Bunions

Red pepper  is a wonderful pain reliever which has properties that work on the irritation and calm the swelling too. It contains capsaicin, a compound which helps in remove the aggravating pain caused by bunions. Take red pepper and cut it into the half.  There would be irritation on the surface as red peppers are exceptionally hot. These juice help in soothing the intense pain and give alleviation in a few seconds. Creams made of capsaicin are easily available in the market that can be used to get rid of bunions fast.

4.) Baking Soda to Remove Bunions

Baking Soda has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that will help keep your skin free from contaminations. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to a bowl of warm water. Absorb your feet this answer for ten minutes. Rub the affected area with a pumice stone to uproot the dead skin. Another choice is to combine one teaspoon of baking soda, a little lemon squeeze and water to make a glue. Apply it deliberately, just to the affected area. Spread it with a swathe and leave it on overnight. In the next morning, wash it off with normal tap water.

5.) Garlic to Get Rid of Bunions

Garlic is a natural antioxidant and hence very helpful in treating bunions. Also, its antibacterial and antifungal properties will prevent infection. Rub half of a garlic clove on the affected area. Let the skin dry, cover it with a bandage and leave it on overnight. The next morning, remove the bandage and wash your feet with warm water. Do this every night until the bunions disappear. Alternatively, cut two to three garlic cloves into small pieces, add a pinch of salt and then make a paste of it. Apply the paste on the affected areas, secure it with an adhesive bandage and leave it on for three days. On the third day when you remove the bandage.  If needed, repeat the process.

Another option is to make a paste of two garlic cloves, add a little vinegar to the paste and then apply it directly on the bunions. Put a cotton ball over it and secure it with tape. Leave it on for two to three hours and then remove the tape and clean the area. Repeat the process daily for several weeks.

6.) Cold Compress to Treat Bunions

A cold compress is another effective way to cure bunions naturally. An ice pack is best for this purpose. Take ice cube and cover with a thin cotton towel or cloth. Apply on the bunions for ten minutes. A cotton towel can be made wet with cold water to try it around the bunion. This is another great approach to relief pain from the problem. Be make sure that you have enough cotton towels for this purpose. You should use this method throughout the day.

7.) Foot Exercise to Get Rid of Bunions

Activities can help moderate or even end the movement of your bunion, keeping the need to in the long run get surgery.  Try the accompanying activities consistently, particularly in the wake of evacuating your shoes. Stretch your huge toe. Use your fingers to maneuver your huge toe into a legitimate arrangement with whatever is left of your toes.  Stretch whatever is left of your toes. Just point them straight ahead for 10 seconds, then twist them under for 10 seconds. Rehash a few times. Flex your toes. Press your toes against the floor or a divider until they are twisted back. Hold them for 10 seconds, then discharge. Rehash a few times. Hold with your toes. Work on grabbing a piece of attire or a towel with your toes, dropping it, then lifting it up once more.

8.) Aloe Vera to Treat Bunions Naturally

Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies for bunions. Take gel of the fresh aloe Vera leaf. It is extremely intriguing to scoop out thick gleaming and straightforward gel. You can snap a little bit of its leaf for us, the rest of it can stay with the mother plant to be used  later on. The cut piece of the leaf ends itself and, in the end, seals the cut. Apply this pulverized gel on the influenced part and wash after 30 minutes. Use it twice per day.

9.) Chamomile to Get Rid of Bunions

Chamomile is an effective herbal remedy that can provide relief from bunions. It has great anti-inflammatory properties that aid reduce pain and inflammation naturally. Steep one teaspoon of chamomile in boiling point water for five minutes. Drink a cup of tea using a chamomile tea bag. You can directly apply the used tea bags of chamomile herb to the bunions. Repeat the treatment three times a day.

10.) Warm Soak to Get Rid of Bunions

Soaking the toe and feet is another great way to keep the aggravation under control. Take a bucket filled with warm water and soak your feet inside of fifteen minutes. This can also be repeated throughout the day without stressing over any side effects.

11.) Ginger to Cure Bunions Fast

Ginger diminishes the pain related to bunions and improves the blood circulation in the affected area. In this way, it decreases the real size of the bunion, making it really smoother and softer. You should include ginger in your daily cooking for other health benefits. Rubbing ginger oil on the bunions ten minutes daily can be useful to treat the problem naturally.

12.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of Bunions

Olive oil is one of the best home remedies to cure bunions naturally. Warm some olive oil and directly rub the bunion, toes and lower foot for fifteen minutes twice every day. Rubbing olive oil improves the blood circulation to the foot and toes. Repeat the process two times a day for a week to get rid of bunions fast and naturally.

13.) Turmeric to Treat Bunions

This is one of the best natural remedies to treat bunions. The curcumin present in turmeric helps to reduce the inflammation and blocks the pain. You can either use it topically or take it orally. Here are some instructions to use turmeric to treat bunions.

  • If you want to take it orally, mix one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and drink it.
  • To use it topically, in half teaspoon of turmeric powder add a little amount of olive oil.
  • Apply this paste on the bunions.
  • Repeat this treatment 3 times a day for several days.
  • Alternatively, consume curcumin capsules of 400mg thrice a day. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking the supplement.

14.) Aspirin Foot Soak to Get Rid of Bunions

You already know about the magical properties of aspirin when it comes to headache. But do you know it is an amazing remedy to get rid of bunions. It helps to get relief from the discomforts caused by bunions. It also reduces the pain and inflammation. Aspirin keeps the affected area soft and prevents formation of corns. Here are some instructions to use aspirin to cure bunions.

  • Fill a small tub with lukewarm water.
  • Add 2 to 3 tablets of aspirin and stir the water.
  • Soak your feet in this water and don’t take it out until the water turns cold.
  • Pat dry your foot with a towel and apply warm olive oil.
  • Repeat this remedy twice a day to reduce pain.

15.) Anti-inflammatory Foods to Treat Bunions

There are certain food items which contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the pain and inflammation while there are those foods which contain inflammatory properties. The foods which have inflammatory properties increase the pain and inflammation. Here is a list of anti-inflammatory and inflammatory foods.

 List of Anti-inflammatory Foods

  • Olives
  • Ginger
  • Protein
  • Garlic
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Blueberries
  • Walnuts
  • Strawberries
  • Salmon
  • Tart cherries

List of Inflammatory Foods

  • Refined sugar
  • Red meat
  • Refined grains
  • Corn oil
  • Whey proteins
  • Refined salt
  • Eggs

16.) Calendula to Get Rid of Bunions

This is one of the best home remedies to cure bunions. The anti-inflammatory properties present in calendula minimize the pain and inflammation caused by bunions. It is wonderful herbal remedy for bunions. Here are some instructions to use calendula to get best results. Calendula prevents the formation of corns.

  • Crush a few calendula leaves and extract its juice.
  • Apply this calendula juice on the bunions.
  • Leave it to dry completely.
  • Do this atleast 3 to 4 times a day to get quick results.
  • Alternatively, buy a calendula ointment from a nearby store and apply it on the bunions. Do this 3 to 4 times a day for promising results.

17.) Proper Footwear to Get Rid of Bunions

Proper footwear is very necessary if you want to prevent or get rid of bunions. So, next time when you choose a footwear make sure it is comfortable so that the chances of bunions decrease.

  • Make sure that footwear you wear has wide front and soft soles.
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes.
  • Avoid wearing footwear with heels more than 2 inches.
  • Don’t wear tight fitted socks.
  • Make sure you remove your shoes in every few hours during the day.
  • Don’t wear high heels for more than 3 hours.
  • Choose footwear according to your foot shape.

18.) Castor Oil to Treat Bunions

This is one of the most effective home remedies to treat bunions. It is a natural analgesic and also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by bunions. The best thing about this remedy is that there are no possible side effects. Here are some instructions to use castor oil to treat bunions.

  • Warm 1/4th cup of castor oil on a low flame.
  • Soak a cotton cloth in this oil.
  • Place this soaked cloth on the bunions.
  • Now, cover this cloth with another thick cotton cloth.
  • This will make sure that heat is retained for a longer time.
  • Repeat this remedy more often to get significant results.

19.) Lavender Oil to Get Rid of Bunions

This oil is very popular to induce relaxation. Lavender oil helps to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by bunions. Lavender oil also contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The best thing about this remedy is that there are no harmful side effects. It soothes the area and reduces the pain. Here are some instructions to use lavender oil to get rid of bunions.

  • Add one teaspoon of almond oil and 3 to 4 drops of lavender oil in a bowl.
  • Mix the oil well and apply it directly on the bunions.
  • Massage the area for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Wrap a cloth over it.
  • Leave it for half a day.
  • Repeat this remedy every day until your condition improves.

20.) Bay Leaves to Treat Bunions

This is one of the best home remedies to treat bunions. All you need to do is crush some bay leaves into small pieces. Add these leaves to a cup of water. Heat this water on low flame for about 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure that the water is warm till morning. Next morning, strain the water. Take small sips and drink this tea throughout the day to reduce the discomforts caused by bunions.

Tips to Prevent Bunions

  • Wear the right kind of shoes.
  • Exercise your feet to prevent bunions.
  • Use a bunion guard to protect your skin.
  • Loop hair elastic over your big toes. Now, gently pull your toes apart.
  • Use a toe stretcher to take strain off toe joints.
  • Avoid wearing shoes with pointed toes or high heels.
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