How to Quit Smoking? (Naturally & Fast)

It really takes a lot of courage and strong determination, if you want to quit smoking. Do you believe you can quit? You need to ask this certain question before you can decide to give up smoking. Almost every person knows that smoking is hazardous to health. It affects nearly all the organs of your body. If you smoke, then you may also raise the risk of developing various diseases. The body organ which is adversely affected by smoking is your lungs. The smoke contains the chemicals like hydrogen cyanide that may cause swelling in the lining of your bronchial passages. It may also cause an infection in your lungs that may lead to coughing. You are highly at the risk of developing the diseases like lung cancer if you are a smoker. Therefore, it is really important to quit smoking.

Symptoms of Smoking:

There are various symptoms of smoking. They are as follows:

  • It increases the risk of developing heart diseases like stroke.
  • It may increase your blood pressure levels.
  • It can raise the risk of developing diabetes.
  • It may affect your mental capacity and memory of your brain.
  • Reduces fertility
  • It reduces the ability to smell and taste.
  • It may increase the risk of getting depression.
  • It can increase the risk of getting obese.

How to quit smoking

Tips to Quit Smoking:

1.) Stay Firm to Get Rid of Smoking Addiction

First make a serious vow that no matter how many problems or obstacle may fall  in your way you will stay determined. This is one of the most powerful decisions you will ever make in your life. Just stay firm and committed towards your words. This is the very first step of quitting smoking. Once you have made a decision, just stay focused towards it.

2.) Stay Busy to Stop Smoking

It is really important to stay busy in your life. At many times, when we are idle we make the wrong choices. So, it is really important to keep oneself busy while doing some productive work. It is one of the best ways to stay away from cigarettes. There are plenty of things to do in your life. You may simply get out of your house and explore some restaurants for a dinner or a lunch with your friends. You may  also watch some inspiring and informative movie or you can simply spend some quality time with your family. Just keep yourself busy so that you can easily forget this habit. Once your mind is busy in doing some work sooner or later it will not get diverted from smoking. So, use this way to quit smoking.

3.) Do Not Keep Cigarettes with You

If you do keep the packets of cigarettes with you, then it simply means that you’re doubting your decision of quitting smoking. Non-smokers do not need any cigarettes. The moment you light up your last cigarette, just believe that you are non-smoker from now. It is also very important to stay away from the people who keep cigarettes with them. If you will stay in their company, then it is simply impossible to avoid nicotine cravings. It is one of the best ways to quit smoking.

4.) Start Chewing to Get Rid of Smoking

Give your mouth something to do so you may resist a tobacco craving. Chew on sugarless gum or any mint candy, raw carrots, celery, nuts or sunflower seeds. Just try out something crunchy to keep your mouth busy. You may also eat oats as it is considered to be a great meal that may help you to live a healthy life.

5.) Change your Daily Routine

Though having a cigarette is a part of your daily routine. Hence is really important to make a little change in your daily routine, if you want to get rid of the habit of smoking. Whenever you get the nicotine craving, just divert your mind. You can do exercise to stay refreshed throughout the day. You can’t control the thoughts of your mind. But, you may find an alternative of ignoring such thoughts by keeping yourself busy and following a healthy daily routine. It is a great way to quit smoking.

6.) Stay Away from the Company of Smokers

This is another great way that can turn out to be a great decision of your life. You just need to avoid the company of smokers who are causing hindrance in your way. All you need to avoid those fellow smokers who are forcing you to smoke again. Such people can never quit smoking nor even they allow others to do so. It is your life and hence it is really important to live it in your own way by relying on your decision. You need not take the advice of the people who mislead you. All you need to get rid of unethical and negative people in your life who causes hindrance in decisions. It is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking.

7.) Find a Good Company

A company of good people can change your life. Sometimes, you make the wrong choices in your life just because of a wrong company. So, be wise while choosing your companions. It is really important to keep on taking the advice of good people. They will guide you in the right way by acting as a support system in your life. Just stay in the company of such fellows as they will never mislead you. Also, they will show you the right path by building your self-confidence. They will always help you at times and keeps you motivated. It is the most amazing ways to quit smoking.

8.) Stay Positive to Quit Smoking

When you take some important decision in your life, then it is always accompanied with some negative thoughts that will try to brainwash. Hence, it is really important to stay positive at that particular moment to avoid such thoughts. You can’t control such thoughts, but you may find an alternative by thinking positive in your life. A positive thought is much more powerful than a negative thought. So, always make a balance in your life and stay positive towards your goal, if you want to achieve it. It is one of the best methods to quit smoking.

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