How to Kill Gnats?

Gnats are most annoying pest found in the world. It is quite hard to identify them, but they are enough to cause a big trouble inside your life. They are basically the pesky insects that are very common in the world. They are tiny flying insects like flies, mosquitoes. In the weather of June and July, you can easily find the Buffalo gnats. They look like bugs and they can bite human very badly. Their bites are painful and causes swelling on the surface of the bitten area. They are mostly found in the farms. It is not easy to control gnats, but you can easily kill gnats by using various ways.

How to Identify Gnats?

Any flying pest or insect can’t be a gnat. All the gnats look exactly same because of their size. Well, they are tiny black insects that are black in the appearance. But, if you will examine them closely then you see the minor differences in their appearance. The most common gnat that creates the problem in almost every home is a house plant gnat. The lifespan of such gnats is approximately 7-8 days. You will find them due to the poor quality of the soil in the garden or at home. They reproduce so rapidly that it becomes simply difficult to control them. The only way out to get rid of them is to kill gnats.

How to kill gnats

Various Ways to Kill Gnats:

Here are few important ways that you may follow to kill gnats at home.

1.) Kill Gnats with Vinegar Trap

It is one of the best homemade technique to kill gnats.

Things You Need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Container

How to Prepare this Trap?

  • Take a container and add two tablespoons of vinegar in it.
  • Now, add one liter of water in the vinegar.
  • Mix few drops of dishwashing soap and one tablespoon of sugar in the mixture.
  • Now, your trap is prepared.
  • So, use it to kill gnats.

How this Trap Really Works?

The gnats will be attracted towards the smell of the apple cider vinegar and they will come to consume it. They will die because of the soapy solution present inside the vinegar. Put this container in the different parts of your home where gnats occur frequently. It is one of the best ways to kill gnats.

2.) Buy a Gnat Trap to Kill Gnats

It is one of the most easiest and convenient ways to kill gnats. Try the Gnat Stix to trap and kill gnats. It is designed in a way, that it can easily catch the gnats and kill them from the soil. It is one of the best ways to get rid of fungus gnat.

3.) Pour Bleach into Sink to Kill Gnats

This method is the most convenient way to trap the drain flies. Just dilute bleach with water and pour it into the sink. It is one of the easiest ways to eradicate gnats. Few people also add ammonia to kill the gnats found in the drain.

Note: Don’t mix bleach with ammonia as it may cause a chemical reaction. It will generate the toxic fumes. Also, don’t forget to wear mouth protection mask and eyeglasses while applying this remedy.

4.) Kill Gnats with Red Wine Trap

The gnats are highly attracted towards the smell of the red wine. The red wine acts as a bait for this trap. You don’t need to buy expensive wines the cheap one will also work. You can even use the wine bottle having less amount of wine. Take a small container and add red wine to it. Now, wrap the top of the container with the help of plastic cover. Poke hole in the plastic covers with the help of the toothpicks or needles. Set up this trap near to the places where gnats occur more frequently. Mix a bit of soap solution so that the gnats can’t fly easily. You will find that after consuming the red wine, the gnats will be intoxicated and they will die after consuming it.

5.) Kill Gnats with Rotten Fruit Trick

Just like vinegar and red wine trap you can prepare this trap as well. Just use the ripe and overripe fruits in a container. Now, put a plastic wrap at the top of the container and poke a hole at it through the needle and toothpick.

6.) Kill Gnats with Fogging Products

It is one of the most convenient ways to kill the gnat swarms. Use Burgess Insect Fogger and the Hot Shot Insect Fogger to treat the gnats. This is most cost-effective and best way to treat the gnats.

7.) Kill Gnats with the Help of Vegetable Oil

To know whether gnats are at your home or not. Just pour vegetable oil in your sink and drains. Once they will come near to the sink, they will be coated with the oil and it will become difficult for them to breed.

Other Ways to Prevent Gnats Infestation in the Future:

Though, you get rid of gnats then don’t think that they will not come in the future. Here are few ways to prevent them from coming in the future:

1.) Keep Your Dishes Clean

If you will keep the dirty dishes in the sink, then you will find that the gnats will automatically come into your home. Make a habit of cleaning your dishes after you finish eating.

2.) Always Use a Covered Trash

The garbage attracts the gnats. So, always use the covered trash. Use recycle bin having a cover to prevent gnats. When the garbage bin is covered, it will no longer attract gnats. Thus, it will prevent the infestation of gnats.

3.) Change Your Pot Spoil

The other reason that gnats occur is poor gnat quality. So, change your pot spoil at frequent intervals. Always use top quality of soil in the garden and in your flowerpots.

4.) Keep the Damp Areas Dry

It is good to keep the house dry and clean. Always dry up the damp area. The gnats mostly live in the damp areas. So, keep the damp areas of your home dry. Keeping the place dry and clean will prevent the infestation of other insects as well.

How to Keep Gnats Away from Home?

Use these ways to keep the gnats away from your home:

  • Keep your house clean.
  • Fill the holes in the walls and other parts of the home with the help of gypsum and cement.
  • Don’t keep rotten fruits and vegetables in your home.
  • Put curtains on the doors and windows of your home.

Few Facts About Gnats:

It is really important to keep in mind that gnats reproduce rapidly. You may see a great gnats infestation in an area just because of their ability to reproduce. They usually lay their eggs in the damp area esp. in the soil that is overwatered. they us

  • You may see a great gnats infestation in an area just because of their ability to reproduce. They usually lay their eggs in the damp area esp. in the soil that is overwatered. they us
  • They usually lay their eggs in the damp area esp. in the soil that is overwatered.
  • They usually feed on the roots and root hairs of the plant.
  • They are very harmful to the small plants.
  • If the population of gnats is very large in number then it is really important to control it, as they may cause a huge destruction to the large plants as well.
  • They may destroy both edible and ornamental plants.
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