How to Stop a Nose Bleed?

This article is about ways to stop a nose bleed. Nose bleeding is a problem that can hit you anywhere and at any time. It is bleeding of nose which is marked by light-headedness, confusion, dizziness and fainting. Some are more prone to it while some are less vulnerable towards to it. They are mostly marked in winters and dry climate. Anyone can fall victim to it but it is more common in children from age group 2-10. This articles deals with ways that are used to stop nose bleeding.

Types of Nose Bleed:

Nasal bleed is of two types

Anterior Nosebleeds – 90% of the nasal bleeding falls in this category. It this, blooding is from the fron part of the nose.

Posterior Nosebleeds – In this type of nosebleeds, bleeding is from the artery in back of the head. They are less common and can be critical also. You need hospital treatment for that.

Causes of Nose Bleed:

It is generally caused by a dry climate. When the environment around you is dry then it hits your nose and the nasal membrane becomes dry. Dryness leads to the crusting inside the nose. It itches and if picked or scratched than it can bleed. This is the main reason for nasal bleed, but here are other reasons also that causes nasal bleed:

  • Cold air
  • Picking at nose
  • Entrance of foreign object in the nose
  • Injury to the nose
  • Allergic reaction
  • Chemical irritants
  • Large doses of aspirins
  • Repeated sneezing
  • Respiratory infection

how to stop a nose bleed

Methods to Stop a Nose Bleed:

Though nose bleed is not a very serious problem always but it can look scary. Treating it is easy. You can use the easily available remedies that are there at your home. Nasal bleeding occurrence is sudden as it does not show any symptoms. There are many remedies that are kept in your kitchen and will help to stop nasal bleeding. Remedies to stop nose bleed are:

1.) Onion to Stop a Nose Bleed

Onion is one the best remedies to stop the nasal bleeding. Inhale the onion fumes and your nasal bleeding stops immediately. Not a many know about the remedy but it is a very effective one. You can use it in tow different ways:

  • Take a large onion and chop it well.
  • Take a muslin cloth and keep the chopped onion in that cloth and tie a knot.
  • Squeeze it extract the juice from it.
  • Now, pour the juice into nostrils.
  • You will have the immediate effect.


  • Take an onion and cut it into thick slices.
  • Take the slice near your nose and inhale the fumes.
  • You will get instant relief.

2.) Cold Compress to Stop a Nose Bleed

This one is the most easiest way to stop nasal bleed. It will show the immediate effects. A cold compress causes the loose blood vessels to stop. Give your nose a cold compress externally and it effects internally. Follow the steps for for the purpose:

  • Take one ice cube in a handkerchief.
  • Press it on the nose unless the bleeding stops.
  • Process does not require much time and will give you instant relief.

3.) Salt Water to Stop a Nose Bleed

As discussed above, dryness is the most common cause of nose bleed. And, thus it is used to moisturize the inner membrane to stop the bleeding. There are nasal sprays available in the market that can also help. Here is the way you can use it:

  • Take half cup of water.
  • Add a pinch of salt and mix.
  • Now put the drops into your nose.
  • You have immediate effects.

4.) Vinegar to Stop a Nose Bleed

Vinegar is an effective remedy that is commonly found in the house. You can use any of the vinegar. You can either take apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is the one that treats a number of amazing problems. It repairs the nostrils walls and stop bleeding. Use it in the following.

  • Take a bowl of apple cider vinegar and dip cotton ball in it.
  • Place it in the nostril.
  • Hold it for 10 minutes and the bleeding stops.

5.) Nettle to Stop a Nose Bleed

Nettle is one the most successful remedies to stop nose bleed. It has the properties that helps in blood clotting and thus stops the nose bleed. If you are prone to frequent nose bleed then have the tea with nettle leaves daily. When your nose is bleeding, simply inhale the dry and powdered nettle leaves. It will work instantly. Or else,

  • Take a few fresh leaves of nettle and crush them to extract juice.
  • Now pour the juice into your nose.

6.) Basil to Stop a Nose Bleed

This home remedy has a number of qualities that are used for clotting of blood. It helps with nerves. What you can do is chew a few leaves of basil when the nose bleeds or else, there is another way as well. You can use the basil juice. It should be a fresh one, not the packaged one. Another way to use it is:

  • Take a few basil leaves and extract juice from it.
  • Now pour the juice into your nose.
  • It will immediately stop the bleeding.

7.) Coriander Leaves to Stop a Nose Bleed

Coriander leaves are known for the cooling and soothing effects. It is great stopping the bleeding. You can use it by pouring a few drops of coriander juice in the nose. Make sure that the juice is fresh. It works immediately. Or you can also go for a out of blue way:

  • Take a few coriander leaves.
  • Grind them to a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the forehead.
  • It will heal the bleeding internally.

8.) Cayenne to Stop a Nose Bleed

Cayenne to is one of the most amazing remedies to stop nose bleed. It works immediately and will give you instant relief. Cayenne stimulate the functioning of the cell and regulate the pressure of the blood flow. If you are prone to nasal bleeding problem then eat spicy food. When you are hit by the nose bleed then:

  • Take a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Add one teaspoon of cayenne powder.
  • Stir it and drink it.

9.) Petroleum Jelly to Stop a Nose Bleed

Petroleum jelly also maintains the moisture and treat nose bleeding as nose bleeding is caused by dryness. It is on the most helpful remedies to stop nose bleed. This is more like precaution. Take some petroleum jelly on your fingers and apply it inside your nose. If you are more prone to nose bleeding then this is best to use.

10.) Humidifier to Stop a Nose Bleed

This remedy is also a precaution. Use humidifier in the room. It monists the air and eliminates the dryness in the room. Nasal bleeding is mainly caused by dryness. So when the air is moist, chances of nose bleeding decreases. It is one of the best methods to use as it simultaneously protects you from other nasal and chest problems.

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding in Children:

Nose bleeding is the problem that is very common among children. We discussed remedies for nasal bleed, now its time to learn the remedies for nose bleed in children. Now, we will let you know the remedies that are used to treat nose bleed in children.

1.) Nasya Oil to Stop Nose Bleed in Children

Nasya oil is one of the most effective remedies to stop nose bleeding in children. It provides the moisture to the nostrils. What you have to do is:

  • Heat some nasya oil in a bowl.
  • Now pour it in your nostril and apply it outside the nose.
  • Massage gently with you fingers.
  • Do it in the morning after saline wash and before going to bed.

2.) Vitamin K to Stop Nose Bleed in Children

Vitamin K can prove to be a really successful remedies to stop nose bleed in children. It is helpful as it improves the blood clotting. What you have to do is increase the intake of vitamin K in your diet. Include the green leafy vegetables in your kids diet.

3.) Vitamin C to Stop Nose bleed in Children

Vitamin C contents is also helps with nose bleeding. What you have to do is include some citrus fruits in your kids diet. What else you can do is give orange or pineapple juice to your kids. Also include bell peppers, apples, garlic, onion and watermelons in their diet.

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