Fish Oil Benefits (Benefits of Fish Oil)

This article is about fish oil benefits. Fish is loaded with various vitamins, proteins and nutrients and thus is a healthy diet. Some people are not aware about its health benefits. Since, many people don’t like eating fish, but fish oil can be easily taken in the form of pills or capsules. Fish oil pills are full of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids are very important for the health as they help in the lowering of triglycerides. The extra triglycerides in the body cause various health problems like stroke, heart disease and asthma attacks. Fish Oil is used together with exercise and diet to help decrease triglyceride levels in the blood. Fish Oil is only a part of a full program of treatment that also includes exercise, diet and weight control. Follow your exercise, diet and medication program very closely. There are numerous fish oil benefits, but in this article we have written the major fish oil benefits. Read the article to know about various fish oil benefits.

Deficiency of Fish Oil causes:

Fish Oil Benefits (Benefits of Fish Oil)

Fish Oil Benefits

1.) Fish Oil Improves Heart Health

Fish oil is a very healthy oil for the heart. It helps to lower the factors that cause problems in the heart. The extra cholesterol in the body chokes the arteries of the heart. The fish oil helps to clear out the cholesterol from these arteries. They help to reduce fat inside artery walls, stop uneven heartbeat lower blood clotting, lower triglycerides, boost HDL and stop inflammation. This function of fish oil is counted among the best fish oil benefits.

2.) Fish Oil Improves Hair Health

Everyone likes shiny and strong hair to flaunt. Fish oil helps to improve the hair health by providing it proper protein and nutrients to grow. Fish oil also stops split ends and remove dandruff from the hair. The major reason of hair fall is weak roots and lack of proteins in the body. The omega acids present in fish oil helps in healthy growth of hair and improves their strength.

3.) Fish Oil for Glowing Skin

The cells in the face skin are uncovered and generally deals with pollution and ultraviolet rays. These cells become and lose their strength causing a dull skin. A glowing skin is liked by everyone as it is a sort of confidence. The omega acids in fish oil help to regenerate these dead cells making skin glowing. The protein present in the fish oil helps to make skin oil and dust free. The omega acids help to cover the face by making a layer. This layer protects the face from the pollution and ultraviolet rays.

4.) Fish Oil for Treating Arthritis

Arthritis is a major problem faced by numerous people crossing the age 40. Arthritis is a very painful sort of problem. All the joints start to inflame and lose their strength. The reason behind this inflammation and pain is the lack of grease in the joints. The grease is a fatty substance that makes the joint flexible and powerful. When this grease gets lower, according to the age, the joints become stiff causing pain and inflammation. Fish oil helps to provide the grease and protein to the bones to make them flexible and strong.

5.) Fish Oil for Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem faced by more than forty percent of Americans in the current date. In a research it has been stated that diabetes is like a slow poison. It destroys the human organs slowly and steadily. The insulin is not released by pancreas during the consumption of the food by the body. The insulin helps to lower the blood glucose in the body. When this blood glucose is more than enough, it does not allow the organs to work properly. Diabetes affects the bones, heart, hair and eyes also. Fish oil helps to lower the blood glucose in the body. The omega-3 acids present in the fish oil helps in proper functioning of the pancreas. Fish oil reduces the harmful effects of the diabetes.

6.) Fish Oil to Boost Immunity

Immunity is one of the important part of our life. If your immunity is strong you can fight with any sort of bacterias, viruses and infections. Since, weak immunity can cause various health problems, a small infection can cause you serious problem. Fish oil is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that helps to boost your immunity. If fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are taken with fish oil will multiply your immunity. Fruits like bananas, oranges, apples are a rich source of antioxidants. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, potatoes and tomatoes are a good source of antioxidants. Taking healthy dies and fish oil pills will increase your immunity. There are numerous benefits of fish oil but it is one of the best.

7.) Fish Oil for Eye Disorders

It was earlier stated that as you grow older, your eyes will start to become weak. The scenario has changed small kids are seen putting spectacles. The reason is the lack of a healthy diet, continuously watching television and other major factors. Teenagers as well as adults can improve their eyesight by taking fish oil pills, a major source of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins.

8.) Fish Oil for Depression

Depression a major cause of your low confidence and under performance. In todays, hectic life people are not able to give time to themselves and their closed ones. It is one of the major cause of depression and its side effects. Taking fish oil pills regularly will help to improve your health as well as lower your depression. Depression is caused by the depression hormones in the brain. Fish oil helps in lowering down the depression hormones, making you free from depression.

9.) Fish Oil for Cancer

Fish oil is one of the major selling supplements in the U.S. A recent research has shown that consuming fish oil helps to prevent the occurrence of cancer. If a person is suffering from cancer, it helps to destroy the cancer virus. A study proved that DHA not only removes colon cancer as an individual treatment, but also boost current medicine therapies.For cancer patients it is one of the top fish oil benefits.

10.) Fish Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a nerve disorder in a person loses its memory due to the death of brain cells. The disease starts slowly and gets worse after some time. There are around 5.1 million Americans of all age groups with Alzheimer’s disease.  An estimated 5 million people are age 64 and older, and approximately 100,000 individuals are under the age of 64. Every 60 seconds someone in the US comes in contact with the disease. It is the only cause of death in the US top 10 that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed. Almost one third of Americans with this disease are women. 1 in 4 adult dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Drugs Affecting Fish Oil

Before taking fish oil consult your doctor, about all these drugs if you are taking.

  • Warfarin
  • Estrogen
  • Chlorothiazide
  • Metolazone
  • Chlorthalidone
  • Nadolol
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