Home Remedies for Backache Treatment

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for backache treatment. When was the last time you played your favourite outdoor game? Do you remember the time when bending was not an issue? If you can only recall all the good times but haven’t done anything lately,without straining your behind, then you are a common sufferer of back pain.

Today a large part of the world’s population suffers from back pain. Something that was earlier related to old age has now become a reality among adults as well as youngsters. Back pain causes immense misery to the sufferer, making it uncomfortable to go around with the normal day to day work.

There are obviously many solutions to the same from expensive operations to unreliable medication. That’s why they say that the answer lies inside you, only this time it lies inside your home. So to make it easy for you we present to you home remedies to get rid of back ache.

Causes of Backache:

1.) Strain in the Muscles:

This is one of the major causes of back pain. This normally occurs due to over stretching or tearing of muscles. This can mainly occur due to uncoordinated movements or by performing tedious activities. When the muscle reaches its breaking point it may finally rupture. Based on the pain and healing time, it is graded into three levels, from moderate to extreme.

2.) Posture:

If you walk with a hunch, then back pain is bound to happen. A good posture results in less strain to the spinal area. It is a common phenomenon to see people with an improper posture being victims of back pain.

3.) Internal injury:

If your back pain is persistent even after medication, maybe it’s time you visit a professional. Many times back pain is a direct result of some underlying injury. It could be anything from an old underlying problem to something that went unnoticed. Take the necessary steps to ensure that it gets checked before it transforms into something severe.

4.) Obesity:

People with excess of weight can be sufferers of back pain. Overweight people tend to strain and accordingly put more weight on their spinal area. An unhealthy diet or an underlying disease could also result in obese people complaining of back pain.

Symptoms of Backache:

  • Pain in different parts of the back area.
  • Difficulty in lifting heavy weights.
  • Difficulty in bending down.
  • Problems with urine disposal.
  • Sharp pain in the leg and groin area in extreme cases.

Home remedies for back ache

Home Remedies for Backache Treatment:

1.) Olive Oil as a Home Remedy for Backache

After great amount of research, olive oil has been noted for its healthy qualities. The Spanish beauty is good for cooking as well as to treat back pain. The oil has stress releasing properties. It can get rid of all the locks in your joints whilst relieving you of the pain. Merely apply the oil over the back and massage the same for immediate results.

2.) Ice Pack as a Home Remedy for Backache

This is one of the most renowned and effective techniques to get rid of back pain. The cold treatment helps relax the back muscle, soothing up the pain.

  • Just prepare an ice pack using ziploc or a cloth.
  • Apply the pack over your back for a minimum period of 15 minutes.
  • Continue the ice treatment after every 2 hours.

3.) Epsom Salt as a Home Remedy for Backache

The salt mixed with warm water can relieve your pain. Epsom salt is specially known for its medicinal properties. Mix the salt in warm water and take a bath with the same. If that’s not viable then the other alternative is to apply it with a dry towel.

4.) Ginger as a Home Remedy for Backache

Well I can understand that you cannot consume it raw. No you’re not going to do that. Are you? Anyways ginger has been known for its anti inflammatory properties. Guess what it even cures back pain. I know that does not make much sense. A good idea would be to drink it. Boil a piece of ginger in water. Drink the ginger tea after every two hours for effective results.

5.) Exercising and Stretching

For this one we suggest you consult a professional beforehand. Doing any movement can lead to the pain deteriorating to a different level. Common stretching exercises can help, if you perform them every day for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. There are times that the back muscle back tightens up; stretching actually helps loosen them up.

6.) Rest as a Home Remedy for Backache

Relieving pain is not only about complicated procedures or medications. It can be as simple as giving your body some rest. Like everything if you abuse your body with constant work, it is bound to give up. So it is important to rest and help rejuvenate your body for the tasks ahead.

7.) Heat Therapy as a Home Remedy for Backache

The power of heat is something we all know. In many cases heat treatment is known to relax joint and muscles. Just place a heating pad where the pain exists. Keep it there for at least 15-20 minutes. Do it on a regular basis to see fast results. Relaxing in a sauna bath may also prove to be beneficial.

8.) Cabbage as a Home Remedy for Backache

One of the essential ingredients to form a perfect salad; cabbage can also relieve back pain.

  • Boil cabbage leaves with milk or water.
  • Heat until a paste like solution is formed.
  • Apply the paste with the help of a clean cloth on the affected area.
  • See the results.

9.) Sleep as a Home Remedy for Backache

Having a proper sleeping pattern can yield great results. One of the major causes of stress or anxiety is lack of sleep. The same can result in back pain. Make sure to be in sync with your biological clock. Back pain also occurs due to an improper sleeping posture. If that is the case, make sure you improve your sleeping posture or spend some money on a good quality mattress.

10.) Milk as a Home Remedy for Backache

There is a reason why you’re told to have a glass of milk as a child. Milk contains calcium, which is essential for strong bone development. Drinking a glass daily can not only cure but may even prevent any kind of body pain from happening in future. It is one of the simplest of home remedies for backache.

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