Home Remedies for Gallstones Treatment

In this article we will discuss gallstones and different home remedies for gallstones. Gallstone is a very common problem in today’s world. It mainly affects women (and people over the age of 40). Native Americans are more prone to gallstones. Gallstone is formed under the gallbladder (an organ under the liver). The gallbladder helps with the digestive system by storing bile and releasing it into the smaller intestine when food comes into it. Bile is a fluid generated by the liver. It is mainly consist of bile salts, cholesterol and bilirubin. Gallstone are the solid materials which develop because of the cholesterol and pigments forming solid particles in biles. Normally, gallstones are not harmful, But, sometimes they block the passage from the gall bladder which make the gall bladder to go into spasm and become inflamed. It can cause bacterial infection of the inflamed gall bladder. A little change in your lifestyle along with some simple home remedies for gallstones can help overcome this condition easily and effectively.

Types of Gallstones

  • Cholesterol Stones: These stones are generally green or yellow in color. Around 80% of gallstones are cholesterol stones.
  • Pigment Stones: These types of stones are tinier and darker. These are made up of bilirubin (a yellowish pigment produced in bile).

Causes of Gallstones

  • Obesity
  • Genetics
  • Cholesterol drugs
  • Diabetes
  • Estrogen
  • Ethnic background like native Americans and Mexicans are more prone to gallstones.
  • Speedy Loss of weight
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth control pills

Symptoms of Gallstones

Home Remedies for Gallstones Treatment:

Home Remedies for Gallstones

1.) Peppermint as a Natural Remedy for Gallstones Treatment

Peppermints are known to be one of the best home remedies for gallstones. Peppermint helps in encouraging the flow of bile and other digestive fluids in the body. It has a substance known as terpene which can efficiently help in dissolving gallstones. Peppermint provides relief from severe pain in the gallbladder and also helps in relaxing spasm.


  • Take one cup of water and boil it.
  • Add 1 tsp of peppermint leaves (dried) to the boiling water.
  • Steep it for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, strain and mix 1 tsp honey to it.
  • Drink this tea when it gets warm.
  • Drink peppermint tea twice a day for 2 months to get better results.
  • You can also drink this tea in between of your meals.

2.) Lemon Juice as a Remedy for Passing Gallstones

Lemon is another fine ingredient which helps in preventing gallstones and keeping it under control. It is considered as on of the best home remedies for gallstones. Lemon juice helps in preventing liver from producing cholesterol. This prevention helps in quick healing. Lemon contains a substance called pectin which helps to get rid of pain in the gallbladder because of stones.


  • Add 2-3 tsp of lemon juice in a glass of warm water.
  • Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Follow this treatment unless the gallstones vanish from the body.
  • Alternatively, everyday in the morning, consume freshly squeezed juice from 4-5 lemons on an empty stomach.
  • Have a glass of water over it.
  • Repeat this remedy for a week at least, to get rid of gallstones fast.

3.) Castor Oil as a Remedy for Dissolving Gallstones

Castor oil is considered very effective because of its essential healing and therapeutic properties. It can be very helpful in reducing the amount of gallstones present in the gallbladder. Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help counterbalance inflammation and minimize pain. It has positive effect on immunity and the lethargic body system.


  • Warm 2 cups of pure, cold-pressed castor oil in a vessel.
  • Take a piece of cloth and soak it in the warm oil.
  • Squeeze out excess oil from the cloth.
  • Hold this squeezed cloth on the right side of your stomach where the gallbladder is located.
  • Cover the soaked cloth with a plastic sheet.
  • Now place a hot water bag over the plastic sheet for 1 hour max.
  • Thrice a week application of this remedy will help to get rid of gallstones quicker.
  • It is also one of the easiest home remedies for gallstones.

4.) Pears as a Remedy for Curing Gallstones Naturally

Another good ingredient which can be effective in curing gallstone is Pears. Pears offers a great relief from paining gallstone and various other symptoms associated with it. Like lemon, pear also contain pectin compound. Pectin helps in softening cholesterol-sealed gallstones.


  • Peel and remove seeds from pear.
  • Cut these de-seeded pear into smaller pieces and boil them in water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Let it cool down a bit before consuming.
  • Have a bowl of warm cooked pears 2 times a day for 2 weeks.
  • Alternatively, Mix half glass of water with half glass of pear juice.
  • Add 2 tsp of honey in this mixture.
  • Drink this juice thrice a day for 2 weeks for best results.

5.) Vegetable Juice as a Remedy for Gallstones

You must limit the intake of fried and fatty foods if you are suffering from gallstones. Even if you are not having gallstone, following a healthy and balanced diet is must. Follow a proper diet which includes fruits and vegetable in abundant quantity. Having Mix veggie juice is very essential and effective in gallstone condition. Consuming beet-root, carrots, cucumber as a mixed juice is one of the most excellent remedies for gallstones.


  • Extract juice from 1 beet-root, 4 carrots, 1 cucumber and mix them in a mixer.
  • Drink this delicious juice 2 times a day for 2 weeks to experience a significant change in your condition.

6.) Apple Cider Vinegar as a Remedy for Dissolving Gallstones

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is acidic in nature. It helps in preventing cholesterol formation by the liver which is mainly responsible for the most types of gallstones. ACV plays an important part in minimizing gallstones and reducing pain.


  • Add 4 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp of lemon juice in a glass of warm water.
  • Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Following this remedy (drink it once a day) for a few weeks will help soften gallstones and ease pain.
  • Alternatively, mix 3 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of apple juice.
  • Drink it if you feel a gallstone attack.
  • This will also help in easing the pain.

7.) Milk Thistle as a Remedy for Curing Gallstones

Milk thistle is another effective remedy for treating gallstones. It contains a compound called silymarin, which encourages the production of bile. Increased production of bile prevents gallstone accumulation and helps to get rid of it fast.


  • Grind 1 tsp of milk thistle seeds in a grinder.
  • Add this grounded seeds in 3 cups of water and boil it for a few minutes.
  • Let it steep for 15 to 20 minutes before straining.
  • You can add honey for taste and added benefits.
  • Drink this tea 2-3 times a day for a couple of weeks to get rid of gallstones fast and naturally.

8.) Dandelion as a Remedy for Gallstones

Another one of the most effective home remedies for gallstones is dandelion. Dandelion contains a substance known as taraxacin. Taraxacin helps in bile stimulation from the liver. It also helps in detoxification and, metabolizing collected fat in the liver. Proper function of liver helps better gallbladder functioning.


  • Add 4 tsp of marshmallow root and 2 tsp of the oregano grape root in 4 glasses of water.
  • Allow it to simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove it from heat, add 4 tbsp of dandelion leaves (dried) and 2 tsp of peppermint leaves (dried).
  • Allow it to steep for 20 minutes.
  • Finally, strain the tea and drink it.
  • Drink it daily for a few weeks to get rid of gallstones naturally and fast.

9.) Vitamin C as a Remedy to Get Rid of Gallstones Fast

Vitamin C is essential for removing gallstones. It helps cholesterol to be more water soluble, which in turn helps the body to eliminate gallstones instead of letting it to collect in the gallbladder. Daily intake of required Vitamin C can be effective in getting rid of gallstones. Citrus fruit like lemon, oranges, grapefruits, limes can be consumed for curing gallstones fast.

10.) Rosemary to Get Rid of Gallstones Naturally

Rosemary helps in reducing the acute pain caused due to gallstones. Rosemary promotes the production of bile and controls spasm in the bile duct. It also helps in breaking down of food.


  • Add 1 tsp of rosemary herbs in 1 cup of water.
  • Steep it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Take it out of heat and let it cool before drinking.
  • Daily 3-4 cups of rosemary tea will help in getting rid of gallstone naturally and fast.
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